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gingersnaps 01-22-2014 10:50 PM A disorganized mess. LONG walks between the national and international terminals. Dirty waiting areas and unfriendly, surly employees. Pray you don't have a connecting flight, because that makes the odds of your luggage being lost exponentially higher. Run almost as badly as the national carrier, Iberia.
wester10 09-27-2011 12:31 PM Seems this airport is suffering from a dispute with ATC controllers and the goverment cousing inbound delays. The reason I missed my connexion to Brazil and had to stay 2 night in a hotel for the next flight. Changing form terminal 1 2 or 3 to terminal 4 is very inconveniant specially carrying luggage. There is a busservice and takes about 10 minutes to change to the IB/Oneworld terminal. after checkin is takes still about 30 minutes to reach the terminal S4 for all intercontinental departures. If changing terminals don't be afraid of long walking distances stairs and trains.
Amjen 05-22-2011 2:31 AM They did not take the time (although they had it) to transfer our bagage on EACH way and they did not bother telling us that our luggage would arrive 2 days later (altough they knew it) ! 11-2-2010 3:26 PM Best Airport in the World
BonjourEurope 06-6-2009 4:49 AM jamais de la vie!
jcsjcsjcs 06-6-2009 4:43 AM Spanish arrogance, no hablar english! It is one of the smaller european airports, but it has the disadvanteges of the large ones. If I need to fly to South America, I go via Amsterdam. Efficiency is clearly not a spanish invention......
Brigata 09-4-2008 1:30 PM Very nice airport, specially Terminal 4!
efletcher 02-1-2008 10:05 AM Any review of Madrid Barajas airport has to be divided into two parts. You have two very distinct airports in one. The old building (Terminals 1, 2 and 3) and the brand new building (Terminal 4). Terminals 1, 2 and 3 Theses were progressively constructed over the last 50 years and this shows in some of the layout. The good thing about these terminals is the walking route - in the majority - between check-in and gates is very short. The airport operator AENA is just finishing a large-scale cosmetic renovation of the main terminal 1 and this does make it look a lot better. Terminal 1 is for many international flights. All transcontinental and ex-schengen area flights that are NOT operated by Iberia or OneWorld airlines leave from Terminal 1. The walk from the taxi or short-term parking area to the check-in gates is very short. It is worthwhile knowing which door to ask the taxi driver to drop you off, since this will save you time. EasyJet is from door 3 (the last one) and most US/Central/South American operators are from door 1 (the first one). The exeption to this is US Airways, who operate their PHL service from the middle of the Terminal. There are three security entrances. The one in front of door 3 is for Schengen area flights and the ones from door 1 are for transcontinental/non-Schengen flights. If there is a large queue for the transcontinental flights, you can go through the schengen area security check and then turn right to go through passport control into the other areas. This will save time at busy periods. Terminal 2 is for flights operated by AirEurope, Spanair and some Air France flights. Many charter flights leave from this terminal too. Parking is close to the terminal and taxis (as for Terminal 1) are found right outside. Illegal taxi touts are rare and can be easily ignored if approached. Terminal 3 is for some Barcelona flights handled by Spanair or AirEuropa. The boarding gates are in zones A - E. If you check in at Terminal 1, then you will be in zones A, B or C. Zone A is in a separate building linked by a moving walkway. Zone B is in centre of the cluster and is the easiest to get to. A and B are for non-Schengen flights. Zone C is for the majority of international carriers (Air France, KLM, Lufthansa). They are very close to the security areas. Zones D and E are in a newer building and may take a little time to walk to the gate - especially zone E. All the zones can be walked between (with passport control between A, B and the others). In all Terminal 1, 2 and 3 areas, the distance between the gates and baggage reclaim is quiet short. There are many baggage halls, so please ensure you follow the signs to the correct one for your incoming flight. The distance between baggage reclaim and getting taxis is very short - just follow the signs. The subway is in a central section that links to Terminal 2. From Terminal 1, it is a 10 minute walk (with moving walkways). Trolleys are not allowed on many of the walkways. Terminal 4 This is the new OneWorld terminal that is some way from the other terminals. An internal bus links the the two areas. El Al and budget airline Vueling also operate from this terminal. Unfortunately Terminal 4 is a disaster of form over function. Very pretty to look at, but very large distances between check-in, security, boarding. If your boarding pass indicates 4S then this means you are in the satellite building that is linked by a train. Please check-in at least 60 minutes before your flight - especially when travelling to the UK or outside Europe as you will need to go through passport control and this is very slow. Wear comfortable shoes, since you will be walking a lot in either Terminal 4 or Terminal 4S. The main baggage hall is very large and there are no moving walkways to get from place to place (except in the departures area). The baggage takes anywhere up to 1 hour to arrive - especially if you arrive in 4S, since it has to be transported from 4S to 4 and this takes a long time. Taxis are available from the main exit to the airside areas. Just keep walking forwards and once outside, turn right. During peak hours there are assistants to indicate which taxi you should take. Make sure you have euros! Taxis do no usually offer a credit card payments and if you wish to pay in another currency, then you will be ripped off terribly. There are exchange facilities on arrival, although if these are closed, it is usually a good idea to get euros from the ATMs that are available. In summary - if you want to be quick, get an airline that arrives or departs from Terminals 1, 2 or 3. If you want to see pretty architecture, then go to Terminal 4.
Ronnie821h 01-18-2008 8:38 AM I live in Madrid and use this airport frequently, however, the security for baggage is very poor. I have had my suitcase broken into and know of numerous over people with similar experiences. Also there is no wireless internet access, in fact there is no internet access at all. There are only 2 ATM machines close to terminal 1 and none in departures. There are a wide range of low cost flights and are 9/10 very good in this department.
rnoblejasp 12-26-2007 6:33 PM Probably the best airport facilities in Europe.
cc0769 12-25-2007 5:45 PM It's the best airport where i've been
DDF 11-26-2007 11:45 PM Beautiful architecture but poor consideration of passenger movement Check-in closes 60 minutes prior to departure!
roger43 09-27-2007 3:33 PM Terminal 4 is really good - pleasant environment and superb architecture
FinrodFelagund 01-12-2007 6:11 PM MAD is great but the handling of my baggage was horrible in an AirPlus Comet flight from BOG to MAD.