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aj1954 08-2-2014 08:36 dirty smelly toilets,, inadequate number of seats in waiting areas,, rude and abrasive shop assistants,, lengthy waits at security lines,, a large number of security staff with a poor command of English,, grossly overpriced eating facilities,, not a pleasant travelling experience at all..
krewquest 05-31-2014 14:56 you cannot charge people for a service that they cant have like short stay car parks, they are already full and drivers are just driving round aimlessly waiting for a space they are never going to get, you take the token at the barrier to the car park and then you have 30 mins to find a vacant parking space, if you overrun your token by 1min you find when you come to pay that it has leaped from £2.90 for 30mins to £5.20 for 31mins this is unacceptable as you are unlikely to find a space to park. Rip off M/C Airport 12-12-2013 18:23 Terrible airport! There are almost no toilets, no trash bins. No Wifi (paid only). The security is overwhelming and the personnel overbearing. Hard to find the gates among the rampant consumerism. Finally got on the plane and we sat in front of an empty runway for 25 minutes, in order to wait for our "time slot" to leave.
kthtl 09-14-2013 07:53 There is no way that I would use this gateway again. I will find an alternative. The security line staff need retraining in basic manners and courtesy towards pax.
Centurions 03-7-2013 11:29 One of the biggest rip-off airports I have ever encountered.
swhamer 01-4-2013 10:42 No fast-track (at a premium) option for security. Security appallingly slow with long queues, few staff - allow 45-60mins. Site signage poor adds to confusion of a poor layout. Dop-off/arrivals by road is confusing and expensive.
rjb2001 12-21-2012 00:32 Arrival baggage handling is appalling - don't bother rushing off the plane as you'll just have even longer to wait in baggage claim!
lutzi1 11-8-2012 18:12 Security/screening and passport control at Manchester are appalling. Not enough staff with NO sense of urgency and highly invasive screening equipment make this one to avoid if possible. Sadly it often isn't. The toilets are also not nice and not very clean. What impression this makes on visitors to our shores I can barely imagine. I live here, English born with a full UK passport and I certainly don't feel welcome when I return. For Gods' sake, start with a few pleases and thank yous on your rude SHOUTY notices. It's not rocket science.
stuart.kerr 08-9-2012 22:14 This airport was badly let down by its security process. Unbelievably slow. The rest of the world is so far advanced in people processeing. It was like I had gone back in time. Ove an hour to wait in the snaking queue to be screened. When it looked like you might be getting closer, there was another hidden snaking line. Once through I had to run to my gate to catch my plane. If I can avoid this place I will. Vast improvements needed at this airport.
16 brantwood 04-29-2012 08:54 nice but distance that people have to walk a problem everywhere in the world today without walkways especially as people are getting older is not good I can have to walk 15 minutes and that with a crutch is not good Disabled person help not good at all
m_grizzly 04-14-2012 11:16 This airport i amazing ! love the atmosphere of kindness and general help attitude ! all staf are brilliant starting from checkin and ending on baggage help desk on return jurney where indyviduals like Gaz, Greg, Dave or Martin. I have been travelling all over the world and has seen some wicked s&@#t and airports which look like fishing shacks (LAX) but MAN is top class
itsmeinnit 03-24-2012 11:29 Manchester is my local airport, I always use it as its the best one in the UK. I will never use Heathrow due to it being poorly laid out and hard to get to, but Manchester is just a couple hours by train from my home, very convenient & a joy to use.
sirjamesb 12-12-2011 16:50 "Duty Free" is a joke - cheaper in Aldi. I object to having to walk through overpriced goods areas to get to my flight. Cleanliness is not good as operators are clearly lacking motivation.
pfholt 12-2-2011 12:52 overall ok but over priced in shops n bars
Nik-W 08-9-2011 16:41 Easily the worst airport I've been to - especially in terms of arrivals - baggage collection ALWAYS takes an eternity!:/
Juicylucy56 04-21-2011 09:31 Compared to other airports, this ticks all the boxes.
cjtan 12-2-2010 20:21 The distances between terminals are far too long. Services (restaurants, chemists) are very poor and expensive. But access via train is good. I would prefer LHR any day!
Dizzydogs 11-2-2010 17:41 British airports are an indication to unsuspecting foreign travellers on what they will find when they leave the airport and venture into the wider world beyond. Essentially that is welcome to free market capitalism where the customer is not king but is there to be screwed whenever it can be. Although not one of the worst UK airports ( I will leave others to decide between Heathrow and Stansted) it suffers from poor investment, shoddy workmanship, surly customer service representatives, poor maintenance and value for money. Someone has already pointed out the unreliability of the moving pavements, at least one section is always out of order. Then on some departure gates you have to negotiate two staircases one down and then one up along with cramped and claustrophobic cattle like conditions. Just who designed this mess? At least there are good public transport links but you have to walk half a mile to reach them. And then there are the endless shops selling over-priced luxury goods that no one seems to buy, how do these shops survive? There are Boots and WH Smiths which is a saving grace where you dont get ripped off quite so much, handy for a sandwich, bottle of fizzy drinks and medicines. When the security regulations came in where you have to put small bottles of fluids into a sealed bag, these were given out for free. Now you have to pay £1 to receive two, even though you only need one ! Other airports I have visited give these for free as they only cost pennies to produce. Welcome to Rip-off Britain traveller get out your wallet and be prepared to give up your cash .
SHAWP 07-27-2010 12:41 Very smooth departure and arrivals, pick up time is very short and expensive for relatives picking you up though.
morris.fc 04-20-2010 23:18 Rate as one of the safest airports in Europe
DRicherby 03-3-2010 20:44 Fine for departures. Security queues can be a bit long but seem to move fairly quickly. Annoying for arrivals because the immigration facilities are completely inadequate for non-EU citizens. If you have an EU passport, the queue will be long but move quickly. But, for example, for an arrival from the USA, having only two people doing immigration for all non-EU citizens makes it incredibly slow -- I've waited over an hour after landing to meet a US citizen coming off a plane in Manchester. That, and Terminal 2 is a loooooong way from the railway station and there's always at least one section of the moving pavement that's out of order.
critical_thought 01-3-2010 08:27 poor signage; security staff have attitude problem; drop off and pick up areas almost non-existant, treats passengers like sh*t; authoritarian management
dirtylad1975 12-12-2009 05:11 Some major improvement at Manchester recently with secutiry fast flowing getting to be a great airport
rallison 09-17-2009 05:53 A Great Un-typical UK Compact Airport with all the reliable amenities that today's business traveller requires. This airport has successfully grown from a small regonal airport to a sucessful international air travel facility.
Angry business man 06-28-2009 13:23 Angry Business Traveller:
andrewdalgleish 06-19-2009 10:47 Improving each year, older bits of T1 are poor, but most areas are good.
eezier 01-2-2009 22:25 Meeters and greeters pay £3.30 for up to an hour, baggage is often delayed in T2 meaning you can pay up to &.50 for one hour and one min...and it is their fault you were waiting so long..robbery
Andeecee 11-2-2008 20:03 Cost of car parking is way too high eg Up to 30 minutes - £2.00, Up to 1 hour - £3.50 !
jalabang000 06-3-2008 13:03 Have flown recently from MAN twice, and had a pleasant enough experience. The new T1 security area is prob one of the best I've experienced in a long while. Some of the staff seemed a little worn down and fed up, but were helpful when answering my enquiries about prohibited hand luggage items. Did witness a staff member being rather off-hand with another passenger, though I think that may have been to do with the stupidity of the passenger's statement. Apparently, it was Monarch's fault that she couldn't check-in for a Thomas Cook flight at a Monarch desk. She was given very short shrift! Don't blame the staff in a way. The new airside area was under construction, so was a little haphazard. The unclear route through the duty-free shop was annoying, like it's designed to force you to purchase something, better signage or an alternative route in the next building phase, please! Lack of seating, non-WiFi internet access, and tiny info screens were my major bugbears. An internet café wouldn't hurt, Manchester! Larger plasma screens for departure info or a return to the clackerboards would be amazing :) The empty space by the Man Utd gift shop is ideal for seating too. The arrivals area was a bit "in-your-face", maybe transfer some of those seating benches upstairs? The Meeting Point sign in neon pink was very out of place too. Immigration was no problem, a short queue but processed very efficiently. T3 was good when I flew out too. Departure lounge was a little cramped and again, no internet café, but bearable. Other facilities were ample (though only one hot food outlet, that charges £6 for a filled jacket potato, bad, Manchester, bad!) and seating levels were about right. Security queues were long but staff were attentive and segregated domestic passengers (off to another security point for them!) to try and ease congestion. Not flown from T2, so no comment there.
ieuanfawr 03-28-2008 21:45 This airport gets worse. It's getting more expensive just to park, the seating areas have been given over to tacky shops and fast food, and information/service is poor. The security staff are unwelcoming, and the queues long, spilling out in the public areas, blocking the way. The planes may be speedy, but the airport isn't. Public transport to the place is poor, and the train service a joke. T2 is the best of the 3 terminals. The place has been a building site for years. It's prime advantage is that flying from there avoids Heathrow which is even worse.
jaz 12-30-2007 07:54 the cattle queing is getting worse with overpriced coffee shops even before you get into departure lounge..the planners must be the same company that put white lines on our roads..the corporation has again put profit before pleasure...common sense must prevail..
woden666 12-20-2007 14:12 Filthy, long queues for security, surly staff, an awful drive there, public transport is rotten. All in all a terrible place to travel to/from.
JAR4365 12-19-2007 11:47 Used Terminal 3 - V. Clean, V. Pleasant
fletchni 12-9-2007 20:49 Manchester is a great airport, but since it hosts a large number of "package holiday" flights, security lines can be hectic at peak times. If you are Frequent Traveller, then a gold card for most airlines will get you Fast Track through security... at which point the airport becomes pretty damn good. T1 is not as bad as one user comments... it may be the oldest, but Terminal 2 is far worse... it certainly has the longest walks of any of the terminals (it's just one long councourse with the gates off only one side) and has limited seating room, etc. But it's a very efficient and friendly airport... Sometimes being owned by the MAG (a consortium of city councils in the Northwest) can make them a little parochial, but compared to BAA (British Airports Authority) they are just outstanding! Stay away from Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stanstead whereever possible! In fact, don't fly domestic to London from Manchester whatever you do. Take the train. Period. Sometimes, even for a connection in Heathrow, I will take the train instead. Better still, fly to Paris or Amsterdam and change there. For the USA, fly direct to Newark or a variety of other US airports and change there (Chicago / Boston / Philly / JFK / Orlando).
keanesec 11-23-2007 17:05 Security lines in Terminal 1 are dreadful. Staff are rude and ignorant. 11-19-2007 19:52 Most of seating prior to departing now taken up by shops, not very useful if flight delayed.
tulsablue 10-16-2007 03:33 T1 baggage handling can take well over 1 hour, very poor performance. Passport checks on arrival at both T1 and T2 can have very long lines
bobapcoed 09-9-2007 21:39 Flown from T1 a few times lately. It is dirty, deshevelled at the gate areas, and as for baggage claim, it is a joke. MAN considers itself a big player but try looking at Schipol, Dusseldorf (like a palace) or Cologne.
James Postlethwaite 1 08-26-2007 14:37 Excellent Airport! Love going to Manchester just got that proper airport feel!
apu200 07-18-2007 16:00 FANTASTIC INT AIRPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCRSEINGL;Y GOOD
DeanP 04-13-2007 10:28 Far better than most - especially those two London dumps! Avoid LHR & LGW and use MAN for connections instead - the baggage is sorted correctly, and actually gets to final destination successfully, it does not sit in LHR for four days!
maesydderwen 02-14-2007 22:41 Very good airport. Clean. modern and well laid out. Excellent public transport connections. Relaxed atmosphere 12-29-2006 21:53 This airport has expanded dramatically in recent years, unfortunately its services such as baggage handling have not kept pace with the rest of the operation
kalamitsi 11-22-2006 00:52 Experience depends on Terminal. Terminal 3 is the best - smallest, cleanest and best designed. T2 is the newest, T1 the oldest and despite revamps is still the worst.