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Tapi727 11-27-2007 4:10 PM This airport is served by Cape Air with Nonstop flights from SJU 3-5 times a day (depending on the season). From San Juan, it's easy to connect to pretty much anywhere in the world. The terminal is spacious, air-conditioned, and fairly attractive, considering that it's a VERY small hometown airport. The terminal is too big for the amount of service that they receive (this terminal was built back when American Eagle used to serve the city with multiple ATR flights to SJU and SDQ as well as other carriers that are no longer in service). Today, the airport is almost dead, except for a small rush when there's an inbound or outbound flight every couple of hours a day. Still, the airport has several car rental companies represented. There's no food establishments. Only some vending machines. Parking is free. The Agriculture/Security checkpoint is no longer manned, so if you will be connecting to a flight outside of Puerto Rico when you land in San Juan, you will need to claim your luggage take it through Agriculture inspection, check in again and go through security.