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lpflier 02-17-2014 6:07 PM MCI is the most convenient airport I have ever used. Brilliant design.
fezzysdad 08-10-2013 1:43 AM If you get lost in this airport, you are a moron. KCI has 3 Terminals. You don't change terminals unless you are changing airlines. There is a terminal shuttle. Rental car shuttles stop at designated stops in the median, you MUST look for the marked shelter (4 in each terminal). Three off site parking facilities - Air Park Express (3.5 mile ride), The Parking Spot - only offsite with covered parking (2.0 mile ride) and Economy - walk to a shelter and wait (1.5 mile ride). KCI sits 20 minutes north of Downtown. It is an older (1972) airport. Has one international flight from AeroMexico (codeshare w/ Frontier) non-stop from Cancun. Southwest and Delta are the largest a busiest carriers and have all of Terminal B. Terminal A is closing at the end of 2013. US Air and United will be re-located to Terminal C. Plans are in the works to build a new Terminal to house all airlines. Don't come hungry, very few choices. Terminal B can be a mess to get through at peak travel times. The airport was built in 1972 and the thinking was people would move to the north. Well, they moved to the south. So yes, it does sit in the middle of the country pretty much if you look north. South of the airport is a large shopping district, hotels etc. Marriott Hotel on airport grounds and the only hotel located within the airport boundary. The gas station on airport grounds is high. Go to one in Platte City or 112th St if returning a rental car.
MohammedAmeer 04-27-2013 7:05 AM This airport is clean and modern also it has free Wi-Fi also I forgot to mention that once I missed the flight to ATL all because the people at the Check-In counter , they took too much time to Check me in for the flight , and when we arrived at gate B57 we learned that the flight has departed !
RowlandNTumblin 02-9-2013 3:33 AM Wow! What a dog. In the middle of nowhere, just like KC. Had to have been designed by a committee. Who on earth likes this idea? Lousy food, not sure who would fly here but very few flights so must not be many people. Dumbest layout I've ever seen. Confusing as hell. All in all, if I have to come back for business ever again I'll find some fool who hasn't been there before and lie through my teeth.
jbmeans 08-27-2011 2:46 AM Initially built for TWA when it was headquartered in K.C., the airport can handle anything flying and is amazingly convenient for passengers. The only significant downside is its distance from downtown K.C.
dmassion 08-2-2011 12:16 AM Extremely high taxes on car rental, almost equal to car cost with NO TERMINAL SERVICES. Once through security no decent sitting/eating/resting area. Will avoid MCI in the future.
rj97123 02-8-2011 12:34 AM Aging airport, probably only 50% of the passenger gates are being used actively. After passing security, passengers are corralled in confined area with bare amenities, poor bathrooms. Southwest terminal B gets overcrowded at peak hours, 10 gates have single security entry, point, one water fountain, two bathrooms with 1 and two stalls, sandwich food service. Terrible food service choices in the main terminal area too. Baggage handling tends to be slow and crowded. Located a long haul from city center, awful public bus schedule (no weekends). Brand new very nice Airport car rental facility, adds expensive taxes and fees to all airport rentals (like $25/day extra), use the bathrooms there. I can't rent for less than $70/day net with LDW insurance and airport fees. Taxi ride to nearest non-airport suburban car rental is $40. Offsite parking is cheap, terminal parking is close. Shuttle bus stops make you wait out in the weather with minimal cover.
lbuerge 02-1-2011 9:48 PM This is an airport for people who fly alot. It is very accessible and efficient.
frequentflier09 12-19-2009 6:16 PM Kansas City International is my home airport. I have flown all over the US. I find this airport to be the easiest to use. They have updated the terminals in the last few years, getting rid of the lovely 70's decor. They have also added restrooms and food vendors inside the secure areas which is a huge plus. Having to leave the secure area to use the restroom was a major drawback. Lines are usually relatively short and people are usually pretty friendly. Shuttles are easy to find. Parking is inexpensive and easy to come by. I don't mind the unusual layout of the terminals. Even if you do have to walk from one end of the terminal to the other, it isn't much of a walk. I have had to walk(or should I say RUN) MUCH farther at other airports just to catch a connecting flight on the SAME airline! I have never had relatively few issues with delays out of and into Kansas City other than a few minor weather related delays. The fact that it is outside the city doesn't bother me. It makes getting to the airport easier (less traffic congestion). The only downside is that there are very few eateries. They have added a few in recent years though, so maybe that will improve. I don't spend much time at the airport other than to get where I am going so lack of restaurants and shopping has never been a problem for me.
MrMap 04-3-2008 3:19 AM As a person who flies every week for work, Kansas City's airport is probably the best major origination and destination airport in the US. The layout allows passengers to park or be dropped off/ picked up about 75 feet from the gate. This also results in light automobile traffic around the terminals because the check-in and baggage claim areas are very spread out. Each group of three to seven gates has its own security checkpoint, typically resulting in very short security lines, even during peak hours. Lines that look long are rarely longer than 10 minutes. The three runways are separated by enough distance to prevent weather- or air-traffic-control-related delays that plague some other airports. KCI sits well north of the city and is ~20 minutes from downtown, ~35 minutes from the Plaza, and ~45-60 minutes to the key business areas in the Johnson County suburbs. It doesn't sit as far outside the city as Denver's airport, but it's a bit of a drive to the south side of the KC metro area. If you like hanging out at airports to enjoy their fine dining options or their premier shopping opportunities, you won't be impressed with KCI. However, if you're looking for an airport to efficiently arrive at or depart from, KCI is - by far - the best major airport in the country.
jamesreb 02-2-2008 6:52 AM Sure, the airport has its issues, like the layout, being almost half way from Downtown to St. Joe, but I've seen worse. Every time I fly out of KCI, its usually with little to no delay, clean, and not overcrowded. Money isn't everything for an airport. I've flown through Atlanta on a connecting flight a few times on AirTran and it was horrible. Dirty restrooms, no seating, overcrowded restaurants, and delays delays delays. I had a better experience of of La Guardia than ATL. It may not be what we exactly want but those cities who spent tons of money on big hubs usually suck. They pack in every single flight they can so they can get those user fees to pay for an airport they can't afford. And one positive about the location is that most of the population doesn't have to deal with too much noise and we have room for expansion. The city wants to overhaul the three-ringed circus with a unified terminal layout to be built on the south side of the property. I just hope that we don't end up with a big mess like I see often when I go through Atlanta.
SWFloridaAl 12-31-2007 4:48 AM Poor MCI so empty...Too bad for this facility.
JacBnimble 11-18-2007 10:39 PM This airport is in a field. Seriously. It takes forever to get to. The people there are rude, and the place is just weird to navigate. If you fly out of MCI you're likely going to have to connect somewhere. If you can fly out of Lambert in St. Louis, do it. You can probably get a direct flight and even under construction, STL is easier to use.
nikki545 11-13-2007 8:35 PM Good luck if your connection is close. Due to the layout of the airport you'll likely have to go through security AGAIN to catch your connection at a different gate.
varnold 09-12-2007 1:04 AM Have used MCI for 7 years. Much better than Lambert. Although I am a frequent flier up there with the best of them, I don't spend much time in airports as a life goal so can't figure what all the griping is by other posters. The key to MCI is that the airfares are reasonable, access good and ease of moving through the 'process' superior to most.
USData 09-2-2007 2:53 AM Kansas City is a third-tier city with a tenth-rate airport, and deserves something at least as good as Tampa, Salt Lake City, or Cincinnati. Almost any seasoned traveler is going to find MCI extremely annoying. The terminals are not designed for post-9/11 security procedures, and the airport has failed to make even the most basic accommodations (e.g., access to toilets) for people who have passed through security. Oddly, the TSA personnel at MCI are a mean-spirited bunch, which aggravates and already-bad situation. Airport amenities (restaurants, shops, etc.) are ultra-basic at best -- this is definitely not a place you want to spend a minute more than you need to. Fortunately, MCI is not a "Hub" for any major airline, so there is relatively little connecting-flight traffic here -- mainly, just those for whom K.C. is the destination city. Changing planes between airlines can be a major hassle because of the three-terminal system that are too far apart to walk between when toting luggage or children. MCI's location is convenient to only a small minority of Kansas Citians, and visitors going to Plaza-area or Johnson County locations will have a lengthy trip. The airport's only good feature is its parking, situated quite near the terminals. The Kansas City Metropolitan Area is definitely hindered by its pathetic airport -- designed for a mid-century era that is long gone. Too bad they can't bring at least the smaller commercial flights back to MKC, the city's wonderful "downtown airport" -- even closer to downtown than Boston's Logan or D.C.'s Reagan National.
fritzy 09-2-2007 2:10 AM Not designed for connecting flights, nor for modern security procedures. It is located a long way from the principal residential areas of K.C. and adjacent Johnson County. It is not a "Hub" airport. It is not a pleasant place to spend very much time. Not a very impressive "entry" to K.C.
kgkhoury 07-25-2007 8:34 PM Yes, pre 9/11, this was a great airport (location notwithstanding). I remember the days of getting there 20 minutes pre-flight with nothing to worry about. Now, we have to get there a hour in advance and sit and hope we don't have to go to the bathroom or get a drink or something to eat. Speaking of bathrooms, even the updates haven't helped much. The towel dispensers are terrible making it a surety that the counters will be sopping wet nearly all the time. Gross. Because of the curved concourse, you can't tell what is down the hall and they have not figured out that "food" may not be an adequate sign when trying to figure out which direction to head. I have lots more to say but will stop. Sadly, this is my home airport and not only do I get the joy of driving 20 miles out of town to get to it but I have to go back and forth usually once per week. Coming soon: restroom foot baths for the Muslim taxi drivers! Should be one way to wake up our security screeners.
kschendel 07-25-2007 5:27 PM Poor MCI. It was a clever airport that has been utterly ruined by the post-9/11 gestapo. Thanks to the layout, security is at each group of gates, cutting you off from services (even bathrooms). And, unfortunately, the TSA goons at MCI are the nastiest, meanest, most petty in the country, possibly even worse than Boston-Logan. The airfield is fine and the layout is clever, but the TSA has turned MCI into a thoroughly unpleasant experience.
FlyGuy1971 07-6-2007 7:54 PM What is going on in Kansas City? This is a STRANGE airport. Good luck finding the exits to the parking lots with all the detours. The security/restroom/food service situation is jacked up. NEVER fly through MCI again. No way.
keyera 06-22-2007 2:19 PM this airport is very clean. also,the signs and maps that show you around the aiport are great. i never get lost because there is alot of information to show you were you need to go. THANKS
radziu.z 06-12-2007 10:17 PM Nice and comfortable. Not very modern but friendly.
jhwnmo 06-2-2007 2:04 AM This airport is in the middle of NOTHING! You can't go to the bathroom after you've cleared security because of the way the place is layed out. Pre-911, it was an efficient layout, but post-911, this airport is one to avoid.
jeffsshuttle 05-22-2007 4:36 PM I love coming in and out of MCI, Their web site does not show you how to contact Shuttle companies that are still in business, Have to exit the secured area to get food or use restroom.. Curb site parking Police are very unhelpfull and rude. Very easy access into and out of the airport, very nice layout , People in the area are friendly.
CBRn2 02-9-2007 1:03 AM We love the three terminals in the circle layout. MUCH superior to a centeralized terminal area.
flygurl07 01-18-2007 10:18 PM This airport needs updating. It's stuck in a 70's rut!
nativegirl8733 01-1-2007 5:44 PM I have flown all over the world and this is by far the worst airport I have ever flown in or out of. The check-in and security personnel are rude, arrogant and confrontational. The restaurant help ignores you and huffs and puffs when you ASK for service like you are inconveniencing them; at $8+ for a hamburger. Correct signs for directions to restrooms and restaurants are either non-existant or confusing. There are no concourse amenities i.e. coffee carts, snack bars or restrooms! It is required to leave the secure area to obtain these services and then be RESCREENED through security. I only fly into this airport if I am forced to! On a scale of 1-5 with 1 being worst, I give the Kansas City International Airport a -0.5.