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LongHaulLynn 10-18-2014 9:17 PM It's one of the most beautiful airports in the world!
marycv 01-27-2013 7:53 PM This airport is beautiful and everyone is kind. When I got off the plane, it was like walking into paradise! Exotic plants everywhere and wonderful atmosphere. 01-10-2013 7:18 PM A very LARGE airport with a nice layout, just be prepared for lots of walking and arrive early to avoid delays, the invasion of tourists and convention groups frequently overwhelms the TSA checkpoints which can prolong wait times and cause for a nightmare security experience, TSA seems to be getting better with increasing staff for these peak periods. Otherwise, a great airport with lots of seating areas, shops, restuarants, and scenery to let time go by during layovers
ZachLagops 03-24-2012 1:21 AM Other than the long TSA line this is the best major airport in the US. I'll take it any day over ORD,JFK,LAX,PHL,etc.
introvable 02-28-2012 12:50 PM Excellent airport other than security lines, these have to be the longest in the world. When they dip below 30 minute wait, they send staff home!!
Juicylucy56 04-21-2011 9:36 AM This is a very busy airport, and handles customers very well. We love coming to Orlando airport, because it has a nice happy feel to it. We always feel safe aswell.
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sp4301 04-10-2010 8:27 PM Great shops in the Orlando Airport! Lots of variety and decent prices too. I found Orlando easy to get around and comfortable to spend a long layover in.
lawrence3178 02-24-2010 12:46 PM living in the UK and traveling to the US a lot, i find MCO one of the best airports around. staff are friendly and welcoming, the overall environment is good and the standard of customer service is excelent. i have traveled through MCO about 15 times now and would happily do so again.
wlok 02-16-2010 5:53 PM Being one of the busiest airport in the US, it has a very good on-time performance & service. I fly here a lot and it has always been an excelent experience.
redles 01-30-2010 3:39 PM One of the worst airports in the country! Average wait time to go through TSA ia OVER 1 hour just to get to the TSA inspector. Get to the airport 3 hours before your departure. Picking up luggage? Good luck in finding the correct luggage carosel. Want something to eat? Get there 5 hours before flight departure
mlonam 12-7-2009 3:38 PM Basically a great airport EXCEPT for world-class POOR arrival services. It can take 45 minutes to get your checked luggage to the carousel for pick-up!
WACKIEDON 08-24-2009 9:10 PM Good airport grared toward the tourist in all of us but note to the rental car co. stop the CROSS SELLING AND HUSTLING we are all not tourist
SmithyScotty 07-14-2009 2:45 PM This is a very good airport. i live in UK and i have been there 8 times
adbtesh 04-1-2009 12:24 PM Good airport to arrive because the lines are not so long.
JimH73 03-26-2008 2:55 PM They are listening to the gripes of arriving Int'l passengers. In 2006 they used to re-screen arriving passengers just to be able to enter the airside to get to the tram to the second baggage claim. In 2007 they stopped that and would escort the arrivals thru the airside, but you still had to recheck your checked baggage. In 2008, they have added a new stair right near the tram on the airside and are now allowing you the OPTION of rechecking your baggage or taking it back yourself on the tram. Very nice. Nice to see airports listening to their customers.
KevGuy 03-5-2008 6:53 PM Pretty nice modern, clean airport. A pleasant place compared to my Logan.
edvin 11-26-2007 9:04 PM pain to get to unless you use the Beeline toll road (528). security lines can be long but move quickly.
wwwilkie 10-3-2007 6:20 AM All I can say is this airport defines "average".
CL24 10-1-2007 11:51 AM great
United737522 09-30-2007 4:29 PM There is a decent food court in the terminal and plenty of shops. MCO is an airport where you can go and just hang out there. There is an awesome Hyatt hotel in the terminal with great views of the airport.
terryea 07-21-2007 1:03 PM In Orlando, they make you claim your baggage, go through customs, and then RE-CHECK your bag to claim it back outside the secure area. This introduced an additional ONE HOUR delay before I could leave the airport. I was one of the first off the plane and through immigration, claimed my bag quickly and cleared customs. But then they made me re-check my bag since it was not a carry on, and I had to wait for an hour to claim it again on the regular baggage claim. People who had carry-on bags did not have to re-check their bag! Horrible experience. Lastly, the security lines when departing from MCO are managed poorly - make sure to get there with PLENTY of spare time.
garyhymes 06-27-2007 2:29 AM One of the best rental car locations still around. I love the airport. The security lines seem long at first, but they are very efficient.
Caniche 06-27-2007 9:52 PM Quick bagage pick up. But everything's in a wierd spot. Terminals don't match airlines, like many others will. It could go Delta, AA, Southwest, United. NO rhyme or reason. Security lines are insane, but htey do a very good job at checking for EVERYTHING! Many options for food too. It's a lot of walking though.
fnunesqui9 06-12-2007 7:13 PM Best mid-size airport in the US.