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wazee13 07-2-2010 3:22 PM Besides the short security lines, you aren't missing anything by not flying in or out of here.
buckbrown97 08-26-2008 8:58 PM The Pros: easy to get to. Security lines are always short (flew out of there for over 3 years and the longest wait was 15 minutes). Not crowded, newer , brighter facility. Easy access to gates. Free wireless internet. The Cons: expensive flights, always delayed, lots of small aircraft, limited routes. Also, on many airlines the agents act as agents, gate agents, bag handlers, etc. so customer service suffers. Weekends are abysmal for help. Remote parking lot is a big open lot. Lack of food choices. Taxis are impossible to find, especially if there are major delays - they are driving everyone to BWI (even if you have pre-reserved). traffic is not too bad there. I think also because it sits next to a mountain approaches tend to be very bumpy in planes. Heck of a view of Three Mile Island coming in...
blackhawk68 10-21-2007 12:10 PM Do not schedule to depart or arrive on a weekend (Sat or Sun). Airline personnel are not available to answer questions about flight delays or cancellations. Airport employees (weekends) are clueless and uncaring. As a frequent flyer, I hate to fly into or out of Harrisburg. It is one of the worst managed airports that I have experienced. Whatever convenience is gained by flying into Harrisburg (location) is offset by other issues such as higher fees, delayed / cancelled flights, lost or delayed luggage (assume your luggage will not arrive with your schduled flight) and lack of personnel that have a clue about anything. I am back to flying into / out of PHI or BWI. I will drive the 90 miles to avoid this airport