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pelon4746 05-26-2014 1:28 AM Take the CTA Orange Line to Downtown! Quicker than streets!
Dalydalo 09-4-2009 6:07 AM What a dumpy place. It's small and overcrowded. Not enough space for the volume the airport does. With the raise of low fare carriers, Midway has boomed. 30 years ago, this airport wasn't even a "real airport". In the 90's, Chicago invested a few bucks in the place and it's had a good return. There really isn't anywhere for the airport to grow. I know there has been talk in the last 10 years of building another airport in the Chicagoland area - sounds like an interesting idea - eventually it could replace Midway and lighten some of the load at O'Hare. Perhaps use some of the revenue from Midway to establish a survey and get an architect - if it looks good - well it would be great for the area. Midways and O'Hare's revenues can get the new airport built then once it's built, slowly faze out Midway. Interesting idea and should be done. Funny - municipalities are so quick to build arenas, football stadiums and baseball stadiums but when it comes to airports - they balk (unless there is corruption like at MIA but that's been going on for 50 years).
decommman 04-8-2008 7:33 PM Everything costs more at an airport location and in the city.
jondefazio 03-25-2008 6:44 PM I love this airport!!! It sure beats O'Hare by a landslide!! I have been here on a southwest layover and southwest was really smart in choosing their hub airport. There are never any delays here!!! Much nicer than O'Hare nice and small. You can land and be downtown in less than 15 minutes. Restaurants are a little expensive, but overall a very nice airport.
jeffw41 03-9-2008 3:48 PM If you are flying to Chicago - fly to MDW. Many times when O'Hare has separation or weather delays of up to an hour or more - MDW is less than 15 minutes.
dude500 12-27-2007 2:39 PM Best airport among the two in Chicago. Clean and well laid out. Security lines and staff are fast here - 15 minutes to your gate area once you get your ticket at the counter, so long as you are efficient in putting your stuff in the x-ray machine. 25 minutes from the Loop via the Orange Line subway, versus the 40-minute+ unreliable Blue Line to O'Hare. Driving time is equivalent to O'Hare but you'll drive through the ghetto on your way to Midway. And for some reason, even if there's a rainstorm/snowstorm and O'Hare has closed its operations for the day, Midway is still flying its planes on-time! I half-wonder why, but anecdotally, last winter there was a plane landing on ice and skidded off into the adjacent 6-lane street...
kkrout 10-26-2007 3:21 AM Chicago loves to stick it to the traveller (captive audience) when it comes to the prices in the restaurants, bars and concessions
mlinder 08-16-2007 6:01 PM If you are travelling by CTA, Midway is a breeze from downtown Chicago. It is only a hassle-free 35 minute ride.
wwwilkie 08-5-2007 8:36 PM Not as bad as O'hare is really all I can say. Overpriced parking and the wait times for a shuttle to the lots can get pretty long.
southwest125 07-29-2007 9:06 PM I live near Midway so it is my home airport. I have flown into and out of many airports around the world and by far Midway offers the best of everything. The best parking, the best airline in the air today Southwest has a hub at Midway, and it is so convient.
FLguy96 07-25-2007 6:51 PM It is not fun to experience an emergency landing here trust me
kschendel 07-25-2007 5:19 PM The same old miniature airfield, but the terminals are brand new and quite nice. Very, very different from the old train-station-with-runways that MDW used to be. If you're a nervous flyer, though, you probably don't want to look out the windows on final...
nboblie 06-19-2007 3:44 PM Very nice convenient airport and gets travelers in and out to their destinations
devilsfan71 05-23-2007 3:28 PM If you haven't been to Midway in a few years, you wouldn't recognize it. In comparison to the dull, bland airport it was before expansion, this is heaven!! Restaurants galore in the main gate area, and I've had maybe one flight delayed out of my last 15-20 through here - - - and that one was because of weather elsewhere.
Duncanrare 05-15-2007 1:55 PM Great in and out. No hassle airport.
Verzy 02-26-2007 6:12 PM Nice little airport. They have made major improvements the last decade. Ticketing can be a nighmare in busy times. Fly here if your going to downtown Chicago. Bag area can be crazy. In the middle of a neighborhood so there is no room for error on the pilots part. I would equate it with trying to land on a postage stamp.