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eostefano@yahoo.fr 12-12-2013 6:15 PM Terrible! Awful! Hardly any toilets, can't find the gates for the rampant consumerism, and the snotty, overboard security checks really take the cake. Never go here! I will never choose to fly through Manchester again.
jtntlh 12-11-2013 6:01 PM CBP is horrible, after getting my luggage and with 5 lanes open, I picked the slow lane,I watched the other lanes process twice the people, while the officer doing the lane I was in barley processed 1 person in 5- 7 min. And then TSA only had 3 lanes open and 1 was for people about to miss their connections. Terrible at moving people through security. I will look at all other oprions before I go through MIA again and only as a last resort. When will charging for WIFI stop, It's available for free at all the airports I've traveled thru this year.
Joey1954 07-28-2013 8:31 PM Good airport, room for improvement
mauro33156 06-18-2013 3:39 PM TSA, Immigration and Customs personnel are very rude. NO customer service at all.
esoto 03-20-2013 6:39 PM Customs: Unprofessional with poor language command. Help Desk: Rude Avoid this airport
Katmanify 12-23-2012 2:21 PM The most miserable staff I have ever encountered anywhere
weco 08-26-2012 2:09 PM Kind of like this Airport. International Departure area concourse H,J, but also concourse D with American Airlines seem really nice to me. The outer part before security tough, is a little old, dark and should be renovated. All in all really good Airport, perfect Hub to fly in the Caribbean.
StephenWilcox 01-31-2012 6:15 PM The walk from the baggage claim to the car rental train is ridiculous. This airport is in need of some serious improvement for such a gateway.
Retired Army Engineer 09-27-2011 7:35 PM The international arrivals area is very confusing - never really knew where I was. The personnel encountered were on a scale of impatient to rude (documents, luggage transfer, etc.). Will always avoid this airport in favor of Dallas-Fort Worth for travel to and from South America.
manueljsoler 07-8-2011 3:14 PM I have flown through MIA since 1962 at least 5 times a year. Ever since it was renovated it became the most traveler unfriendly airport IN THE WORLD. The architects put too much emphasis in the beauty and forgot the airport is a transfer point that above all must be functional for the passengers. Now the challenge is for those architects to make it functional, otherwise the verdict is simple: just a giant piece of crap.
nautica777 03-28-2011 8:24 PM The airport itself is nice but the so-called "cast of the show" like the immigration officers suck big time and make Miami one of the worst ports of entry for me (and I rarely have a choice). they just try to appear macho and treat you like you are idiots, especially the folks in the "visitors" line..I hate this airport because of that. Atlanta was a little better in my experience..
crodee 01-7-2011 1:56 PM I haven't been through MIA in about 5 years and although I'd read negative reviews I took all those in stride as people with some individual bad experiences griping. Connecting through MIA on AA from the Bahamas was one of the worst, confusing experiences I've had at airport. Baggage recheck amounts to throwing your bags under a rope in the hopes someone will pick it up. There is no TSA for transiting passengers so you have to exit on the ground floor from the sterile area, take an elevator upstairs, and enter the general TSA line. On a Tuesday afternoon this line extended outside the roped area into the halls. Signage was confusing to non-existent. We had to ask a limo driver where to go. I volunteer for Traveler's Aid at a major east coast international airport so I know how to get around an airport. This was awfull. Our connecting flight was on final call when we got to the gate and we had nearly 2 hours to get through Customs, TSA, and baggage recheck. MIA is a mess. Go through FLL if you have a choice.
ramiros98 12-17-2010 2:09 AM have flown in and out on Delta plenty of times and never had any problems smooth departure and very smooth arrival can not complain about it //have seen worst-ever been to New Orleans Charlotte or DCA, what about PHL-was stuck in Phl for 9 hours and everything was closed after 10pm worst ever
jadeseahorse8 12-6-2010 3:06 PM VERY SAD that they have staff that steal from bags on more than one occassion. Very sad that they seem to target 81 year olds for full body searches that fly here more than once a year from England and own property here for over 30 years. Yeah real criminals to watch out for. Keep them in a room for 3 hours without their medication and strip seach just to let them go with no explanation. Now they have to fly through other airports just to avoid the harrassment. SHAME ON MIAMI AIRPORT. Customer service is in need of real overhaul for sure. Shame
mikeorszag 11-13-2010 9:59 AM The worst major airport in the US, particularly for international arrivals (for which Miami is the biggest airport in the USA). Construction is slow and expensive and in the meantime the physical plant of the airport remains weak. This of course is nothing compared to the appalling customer service in immigration as well as the terrible baggage handling (particularly American Airlines). A disgrace.
guyryan 08-17-2010 7:18 PM pretty nice airport but security lines are very overwhelming at times
steve.moniker 08-9-2010 9:16 AM Miami is a town of deviants including the piss poor county running this. There are better airports in a third world country. The people are rude and uneducated.
Bobsailsfast 04-23-2010 9:17 PM This is the worst airport in the world. First of all, if you are flying from an international location you have to collect you bags, go through customs, recheck them and go through Miami airports HORRIFIC security line, which does not have a special line for elite airline loyalty program passengers and/or Business and above. Flying internationally and returning "home" to the US through Miami is one of the most horrible experiences you will ever encounter. People are far nicer in airports ALL around the world and I literally have been to many of them in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and others. There ARE other options for flights to Latin America... except you will have to switch airlines, you cannot fly American.... as I will do after I was harassed and interrogated like a criminal by customs agent VASQUEZ. Please. If you get customs agent VASQUEZ at Miami customs, ask to see a supervisor immediately !!! - It is your right!!!! According to the Customs and Border Patrol website, if you are selected at random for a customs screening, you have a RIGHT to be treated with dignity and courtesy. You are NOT to be treated like a criminal or presumed guilty. Their website clearly states this. VASQUEZ apparently has not been trained yet and/or has a HUGE chip on his shoulder. He is out to teach a lesson to people who he believes do not normally get screened. He will harass you and waste your time asking you the same pointless questions in various manners and speaking to you in a despicably condescending manner and may cause you to miss your connection. You are warned - if you have to fly Miami and you get VASQUEZ - ask for a SUPERVISOR immediately!!!!!!
mmmatt_16 03-8-2010 8:39 PM I have only flown through American Airlines so I cannot comment on the other terminals but I can say that the American Airlines terminal is possibly the worst airport terminal in the United States. The layout is horrible, there are no moving walkways except upstairs in the immigration maze - that's what it is, a maze. It is HORRIBLY laid out. The international baggage arrivals & customs area is completely inadequate and you end up waiting forever for your luggage. Best of luck if you have a connection. Security lines are always long. The staff is HORRIBLY rude and seem to especially hate dealing with people in English. The restaurants are expensive and mediocre at best - for a long layover I'd like to eat something other than cold sandwiches or greasy fast food (airport food is not known for being all that tasty but I find the slop they serve at MIA especially bad). Every flight I've taken out of Miami has been delayed anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours for no reason at all other than incompetent scheduling. I would say avoid the Miami connection at all costs, but unfortunately, for many Caribbean & South American destinations, you don't have a choice.
Marcel TPA 02-27-2010 5:20 PM Layout, immigration/customs/Security check points are very efficient
panama1314 02-6-2010 12:16 AM Being an AA Platinum member and going to Central America, I'm stuck with this airport. It is improving with the renovations but it still is a bad airport. The biggest issue is how slow they are getting bags out after flights. Nothing is on time. I can count on leaving 30 minutes to 120 minutes late. I don't dare book a connection less than 2 hours. The Admiral Club is nice but the and the seats in common areas are improving. They don't have the selection of restaurants inside the secure area. Most of the good sit down restaurants are on the public side. So if you are connecting choices for eating are limited.
pasky2112 01-31-2010 7:02 AM Truly the 'Turkish Prison' of US Airports. I actually prefer JFK over MIA for Intl. flts (EU mostly). JFK is probably a few steps up from MIA...maybe a 'Mexican Prison'. I echo the sentiment of those who feel for the 'first-timers' to the US
rcminor 12-20-2009 10:09 PM Worst Airport in the US. Avoid it if possible. Unfortunately if you are going to fly to South America, you don't have much choice. Never put anything valuable in checked baggage. You will either have it stolen by baggage handlers or damaged by customs people with ice picks who are too lazy to open the bags or think that it is funny to puncture 2 liter soda bottles, The people are rude and annoyed if you don't speak Spanish. Parking is a nightmare and probably the most expensive of all airports. Good luck!
Dalydalo 09-4-2009 4:48 AM Living in Miami (and working in the Financial Services world that works with the Municipal Gov't), I can tell you if you ever wonder about the corruption in Miami-Dade County - look no further then MIA. Ever notice the shortage of "name brand" restaurants and bars? Well the Commissioners often give the contracts to "family friends and supporters". That's just an example. Besides the fact it's a poorly designed facilities and you may actually walk 1/2 mile to your gate (perhaps more - and there are no people movers) - especially Concourse D (American Airlines main concourse). If you want to fly somewhere out west domestically - forget it. For a major hub - there are virtually no non-stop flights west of Houston (Continental) and Dallas (American), north to Chicago (American). If you are flying to South American or Western Europe (flying to Europe non-stop is very expensive due to lack of competition - so it's actually cheaper to fly to NYC then Europe). Location is great but locals tend to use Ft. Lauderdale because of the cheaper flights and it's a more pleasant experience. Security Line - well it's a Debacle - I've learned which gate to through to avoid the lines but I can't share that.
WACKIEDON 08-24-2009 8:59 PM This airport is too big and impersonal ... but I guess you have to work with it if it cannot be avoided..The New York city of airports
rcane 07-23-2009 12:25 AM The only two happy experiences were: the helpful American Airlines people and one welcoming Immigration guy, otherwise a horrible experience, with some of the rudest officials we've ever encountered traveling. The uniformed security folks especially need training and retraining until they learn how to deal with the public. The transfer from International to Domestic is total chaos. Endless windowless walkways for miles will wear you out. Avoid this airport if you can!
steve Dau 04-9-2009 9:51 PM To provide additional information on the Customs and Border Protection Port Director, Chris Maston. A few years ago, Chris Maston was involved in two concurrent extramarital affairs (involved in two affairs at the same time) with employees who worked at the CBP South Florida Field Office. Chris was Maston the Assistant Director of Field Operations working in the field office during this time and one of the employees he was having an affair with was married to another Department of Homeland Security employee. Currently, Chris Maston is the CBP Area Service Port Director in Miami. With one of the extramarital affairs, Chris would have drinks with the employee at a local bar, such as the Tobacco Road in downtown Miami, and then take her to a public park in Davie, Florida, where he would have sex with her in his red Toyota pick-up truck. Having sex in a vehicle in a public park is a violation of Florida State law (Lewd and lascivious conduct) thus Chris engaged in criminal sexual conduct. When it got lighter outside during the spring, Chris would meet the employee at the Wesley Inn Hotel located by Sawgrass Mills Mall during and after work. Both the public park and the hotel are located close to his house in Davie, Florida. Chris seems to have a preference for employees with names that begin with “J” such as Jill or Jennifer. Chris is married and has two children. His wife is aware of the affairs but seems to tolerate them. All the information in this narrative is accurate and factual. The purpose of this post is to 1) advise of a senior manager working in the federal government who has engaged in criminal sexual conduct, and 2) warn CBP employees, and their spouses, of Chris’ past conduct so they can protect themselves from any possible sexual advances or harassment by Chris. Defamation, vilification, slander, or libel is the communication of false claims expressly or implied to be factual which in turn may harm the reputation of an individual. If Chris Maston or his wife believes this narrative contains false claims, they may pursue criminal or civil legal action against the author. The author is not responsible for comments posted on this narrative.
lbnyatl 02-8-2009 2:16 AM The WORST airport I've ever been to. One would never guess they had landed in the US, but rather, some other planet. English is probably the tertiary language, the food selection is terrible, restrooms dirty, and security unbelievably slow. This unwelcome greeting in the airport is only the prelude to the rest of what one can expect in Miami in general...it SUCKS. MIA needs to take lessons from the busiest airport in the world, Atlanta Hartsfield.
farrish11 12-19-2008 11:42 PM Crap. Avoid if possible.
michaelmog 11-24-2008 11:17 PM I am a constant user of MIA out of necessity, on flights to Latin America. The airport is far worse than many new, user-friendly airports in Latin America. If you are frequent flyer, you learn to avoid the problems - making sure you have AA priority access, swiping passport in new machines to avoid long lines, flying with only carry-on, and speaking Spanish (yes, almost everyone speaks Spanish, however most if not all employees also speak English). The worst is arriving at the airport on international flights - immigration lines are almost always long, lines for foreigners are far worse, staff are often rude (although I have never been mistreated by those checking passports), baggage area is a real nightmare. The airport is old, ugly and often not clean, but the new terminal is much better, although still not going to win any awards. Unfortunately, for those going to Latin America and Caribbean, this airport is unavoidable. Hopefully, management will improve one day, it has had a long history of corruption and was a jewel in the crown of the old Cuban power brokers.
florrie 10-29-2008 8:59 PM It`s the only place in US where I asked something in English and they answer in Spanish, not only one but several times. Horrible, dirty airport
sean82 09-9-2008 12:47 AM This place is a dump. Processing through Immigrations and Customs was a pain. Long lines and rude government employees. I guess that is to be expected since I was told while waiting in line that the Port Director for Customs is a sex offender. Apparently rather than running the office, the port director (Chris Maston??) is having sex in parks and in cars in the area. I was not told if the Port Director is having sex with men or women but nevertheless...this guy is not at the airport supervising his people. Amazing the incompetency in the federal government.
doncas84 07-8-2008 12:27 AM What a Shithole
Fritzie1 05-10-2008 10:02 PM Traveled this past week ORD-MIA-GCM and back. The flights arrived MIA on time, but both arrivals were delayed because they could not find somebody to operate the jet bridge; 20-30 minutes delays both times for such a rediculous reason. Once inside the terminal, I enjoy mingling with so many foreigners. But that is where the fun ends. The walk from one gate to another can be very long. The immigration process is pure chaos. They have you follow colored dots on the floor that end at brick walls, and good luck asking for help. Our connecting flight to ORD was not even posted on the monitors. I asked two airline employess for the departure gate of 1693. They did not know, nor did they care to help. I told them that the flight was not posed on the monitor, and they told me that is the airport's responsibility. A bad day? Perhaps. A thunderstorm had just passed through which probably did cause problems. But in the future I will try to avoid MIA. You spend a lot of money on vacation and you just don't need to put yourself through that grinder called MIA.
hushome 04-26-2008 1:21 AM MIA=missing in action, the worst
godfromsunandsea 04-13-2008 12:40 AM Be ready to fight the crowds and the rudness of this third world country airport.Going thru custumes is a nightmare and the employees are the rudest i have ever experience.For those who arrive in the usa for the first time can make them think of the most unfreindly nation of the world.Dirty halls,concourses and over crowded everywhere..A shame to the nation
Ferdfish 03-31-2008 5:01 AM Survivors of Auchwitz would relate to the 'service' of Miami Int'l. I refuse to repeat my experience there.
zathris_cm 03-30-2008 1:59 AM This has to be the worst airport in he US, I just came off a 40 minute flight from Freeport Bahamas and I had to wait one hour and fifteen minutes for my luggage. This is not the exception it's the norm. When I go to europe I try to travel through Newark then take a flight to Ft Laud just so that I don't have to go through the Customs and luggage handling at Miami so I take a connecting flight when I could get a streight through flight a little cheaper, go figure!!! If you can avoid Miami airport do so, and if you need answers there, be prepared to speak Spanish.
jfb_world 02-5-2008 1:23 PM Travelled through Miami en route from London to Mexico. Baggage handling areas were chaotic with bags strewn everywhere. It seemed to be an older terminal we arrived at and it looked liked there were new facilities under construction so maybe things will improve. On the plus side the airport seemed to be well located for access to the city. Immigration queueing time seemed average for the US but the security staff were a bit loud.
wilkins99 01-7-2008 10:27 PM Probably the United States' worst international airport. What a poor way to receive our international visitors. I've worked with the US government in the region for two decades and MIA has probably done more singlehandedly to damage our international relations that any one factor. Don't know who stroked their fur the wrong way, but the Homeland Security agents at MIA (INS, CBP, TSP) are the worst collection of foul-tempered, uncaring, and callous individuals our government could assemble under one roof.
rlasanta 01-5-2008 5:22 PM A must-avoid airport if you can!!!! Make sure you have plenty of time if you are making a stop at this airport. For example ; usually you arrive on gate A and your connecting flight will be at gate Z so that means that you have to be in good shape and be a very good runner to catch your flight if you don't have enough time. Also bring some clothes in your cary-on if you are checking your bags cause about 75% of the time I stop at MIA my bags end up somewhere else other than where I land and its always blamed on security checks and baggage handling at MIA. A must avoid airport if you can!!!!
SWFloridaAl 12-31-2007 4:35 AM Way over crowded not the worst in America and PHL is much better than this joint...I will try and use FLL more often but MIA has good hot dogs LOL
chuxmix65 12-20-2007 3:08 AM Wear your walking shoes! It takes forever to walk through this place!
viking45 12-19-2007 1:26 AM Not a pleasurable airport to visit whether connecting or originating/terminating. Many of the foregoing comments pretty much describe its distinct unpleasantness. Need to train security personnel and finish up their never-ending construction.
MegJoy 12-13-2007 10:35 PM I had to spend nine hours there, mostly during the middle of the night. I sat on the floor and leaned against my backpack, because there wasn't any available seating. I feel asleep for a few minutes and woke up with fleas biting and crawling all over me! This is the worst airport I've ever been to.
dsgdds 12-12-2007 1:25 AM I routinely fly DCA-MIA and it is very clear that MIA is an international aiport. The crowds are large and security is always overwhelming. If flying American Airlines, try to fly first if for no other reason than to save you lots of time in security. D terminal has a separate first class security line
fly747a300 12-8-2007 11:32 PM If you can avoid making a connection here..do it. Rude people, and if you need a question answered, better learn spanish fast. Dirty, terrible terminal layout, and food pricing ( after being in line for an average of 20 minutes or longer) is way too much for the quality/quantity. Thunderstorm in the area?? Be prepared for long delays. Definately the worse airport I have ever been in either here in the States, or abroad. Airlines take note..we are Americans..hire staff that can talk it correctly!!!
Lisa99 11-16-2007 7:51 PM Ugh! I agree with all of the other comments. What a nightmare going from International to Domestic for a connecting flight, we were literally directed to a construction barrier at one point. Not to mention having to wait for the idiot young people in the security line that tried to put - I am not making this up - McDonald's food through the xray machine. And the airport food selection? Repulsive at best, pizza is really your only option. And those signs reading "10 minute walk to terminal D" make me lose my will to live! Unfortunately, it's a major route to the Caribbean.
nboblie 11-8-2007 12:32 AM Very dirty and scummy in terms of hygiene. Lack of english language by airport personel, and it's pretty lame how they have "10 minute walk" signs from one concourse to another. Just depends how fast or slow you walk. I made a stop with American Airines from ORD-SJU via Miami and man was that hell. This airport has huge potential but unfortunately they're not taking advantage of that currently.
rahay 10-17-2007 11:37 PM Overall the WORST Airport in the United States and worse than many internationally. Several areas are damp. The rental car buses are so slow it takes an hour to get to the off site locations. The baggage claim is the slowest in the entire network and American Airlines seems to only have 2 or 3 belts stacking 4, 5 or more flights per belt.
e3151110 10-9-2007 2:10 PM Construction & terminal transfers at American Airport caused me problems
wwwilkie 09-3-2007 5:08 PM Car rentals here are a real pain, especially after hours as there are no clear instructions as to where to proceed. Older airport with very small seating areas. I can't imagine how bad it is during the busier flight times trying to find a seat. The Crown Room is small and cramped but it is better than fighting for a seat in the terminal.
ssinai 09-3-2007 7:56 AM Super crowded, it's hard to find your way around, and it's hard to find a place to sit. Most conversations are in Spanish, rather than English, which is both neat and irritating at the same time.. Other than that, it seemed to function well every time I went through. The one thing I really like about the airport is that all the little Caribbean Island airlines (most of which seem to consist of only one plane.) fly here, and their planes tend to be very colorful and fun to look at.
iklinger 08-23-2007 6:40 PM If you are flying to the Caribbean or Central America, avoid MIA! The distances from gates to the baggage and customs areas are exhausting! The TSA security check areas are confusing and the employees are not at all pleasant. Customs was not handled well, and was extremely crowded and loud. Airport administrators need to take a long hard look at improving the airport.
1sasha 08-7-2007 8:04 PM This is the worst airport every. I live an hour away and choose to fly out of PBI and connect for international flights. Dirty, overcrowded, poorly designed and security and customs are below third world levels.
CRoigk 08-7-2007 1:34 PM In international comparison not really an airport you want to be in. The TSA staff is very unfriendly; definitely ot an airport you want to change international planes. I like the art deco design
bistrojack 08-6-2007 4:04 PM An old airport that is the subject of corruption, patronage, and cost overruns. Great if it's your home airport, horrible if you have an airline transfer. Roofs leak when it rains. New terminals added are bringing MIA into the late 20th Century. What can you say? It's like ORD, but in Spanish.
rafdoc 07-23-2007 3:57 PM It's impossible to use the few amenities this airport offers, since so many international flights arrive at the same time, making immigration a 3 hour ordeal.
gkennedy 07-14-2007 4:27 PM Travelling via MIA is an indignity. The airport is an absolute disgrace to the US air transportation system. Its operators should raze it and start over again.
weji13 07-2-2007 8:30 PM We avoid this airport at all costs. After travelling the world, we've seen all kinds of airport security. The customs and airport security people at MIA appear to break all records for rudeness. Hot, weary travellers are subjected to barking orders, disorganization, and needlessly long lines and/or delays. I am embarrassed that initial entry into the US (via MIA) is such an unpleasant experience for so many. Hopefully, as others find alternatives to MIA, the folks in charge of this airport will begin to address its many problems.
pedler 06-30-2007 5:14 PM Definitely seen an improvement as the new terminals have come online.... Great airport if your lucky enough to be flying out of these new areas, pretty bad otherwise.... As for the people who say that this is the worst in the USA you have obviously never flown from PHL...
joselema 06-30-2007 11:07 AM Whenever I fly I do anything I can to avoid this airport. It is not well organized, security processes are horrible and the employees seem to be on their first day on the job always. They are rude and inneficient.
Caniche 06-27-2007 10:01 PM Way to confusing. God forbid you ask for Help.
punjabijatt 05-12-2007 8:52 PM very nice airport especially the short distance to city centre is convenient
Ivy 04-29-2007 8:08 PM Worst airport in USA! Juan Santamaria airport in my country Costa Rica is more organized, more clean and more efficient. I hate the security area especially. It is always full of people running without their shoes!!
dwmathes 04-8-2007 10:51 PM I agree MIA is one of the worst aiports in the united states. The food selection is terrible. Getting there is a pain due to very poorly designed approach with single roadway that is always backed up. Did I mention that many parts are musty.
mkinerk 04-7-2007 10:40 PM Worst airport in the USA
djmorgan 03-22-2007 7:57 PM Most third world countries are better organized than MIA.
amcooper001 12-10-2006 1:12 PM Arreiving was excellant,customs/immigration were most efficient, Departure on a Sunday ,only one small quick food vendor open.