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projmgtpro 12-10-2013 5:17 PM Chief complaint is rediculous amount of time it takes to get baggage and number of routes offerred, especially by Delta.
RazzW 10-20-2011 8:27 PM Vastly superior to O'Hare for ease/access to airport from Lake County, Illinois, with far better cost for parking. Could have better international flight options, however I can get pretty much wherever I need to go on the east coast/southeast non-stop without the hassles of O'Hare. By and large, I can expect to arrive the same day I depart from MKE vs who-knows-when if flying out of ORD. Additionally, Renaissance Books is a nice find, as is the Mitchell Gallery of Flight.
sorniejoyce 12-27-2010 11:20 PM Easy access and very helpful and friendly staff. Makes traveling easy - rather fly out of Milwaukee than Chicago. Sometimes the rates are within $30 - worth not having the headache of going into the Chicago traffic. GREAT LOCATION!
srose1210 07-23-2010 4:37 PM I love flying to Milwaukee when Chicago is my destination. As a causal, not business, traveler, I look for things like on-time performance, easy in check-in, and terminal layout. My home airport is Newark, and it's HUGE, which means a lot of walking and long lines at the screeners. I've yet to have an issue with MKE. The airport is tiny, so it doesn't involve walking miles to get to baggage claim, the screeners are friendly although they tend to be a lot more anal than larger airports (a good thing, but it makes me nervous about the larger airport security), and the convenience is just astounding. I don't need a lot of dining options or internet access, so I can't speak to that. But if you are looking for an easy, casual airport in lieu of the major Chicagoland headaches, give MKE a try. If you don't want to rent a car there (although it's painless), you can hop on the Amtrak to Chicago Union Station, which has departures about every 2 hours. Caveat: If you're flying anytime between December and April, don't be surprised if you get caught in the snow. Overall, this is an excellent option for the leisure traveler who loves to fly, but hates to be overwhelmed by a huge airport. Use a larger hub instead if you don't like a limited schedule.
wiflyer 07-16-2010 3:58 AM One of the best in the country. MKE is one of the fastest growing airports with some of the most competetive fares in the US. Southwest Airlines recently added low cost service to popular destinations including their hubs to connect travelers with the rest of their network with only one stop. Southwest's presence has driven down fares on airlines like Airtran and Frontier who have hubs in Milwaukee. Mitchell is not as busy as its sister airports, Midway and O'Hare. The checkpoints are short, baggage claim is organized and the entire terminal is compact and easy to navigate. There are some good shops and places to get food outside and inside the checkpoints. However, I do wish that there was more of a variety. From the gate to baggage claim to parking can take only 15 minutes. The airport is located directly off the interstate connecting Milwaukee to Chicago. I even saw some Cubs fans (boooo!) (just joking) traveling through Milwaukee to an away game. Airlines are constantly adding new routes. Whether you are flying to and from Milwaukee or just connecting the experience is very low cost and efficient.
Dalydalo 09-4-2009 5:26 AM I did not have a good experience at MKE but the airline has something do to with it. I had the first flight out on a July Sunday Morning - there were some storms on the horizons (hadn't hit yet and it wasn't going to hit for a while). The airport decided to stop flights on the threat of bad weather (the threat - that's a first). Well my flight was cancelled and I had a connecting flight in O'Hare. Well. I asked AA what am I supposed to do - they said there is a bus to O'Hare leaving over there and it turns out I HAD TO PAY FOR IT AND I WAS NEVER REIMBURSED BY THE AIRLINE. I actually sent a note to the airline - I've never done that before. I did catch my connecting flight in O'Hare but I was lucky - others weren't. Ironically on my way to Milwaukee, my flight was delayed 4 hours from O'Hare to MKE. Anyway - the taxi from MKE to the Suburbs cost me way to much - around $50 (I mean this is Wisconsin - city center from MKE is a good 20 minute ride and were talking about Milwaukee). It's obviously a small market airport and doesn't really offer comprehensive domestic service. Unless your flying Midwest Airlines - your better off flying to O'Hare and driving - trust me, remember Midwest is just about the only airline that fly's into MKE (I believe Atl, NYC, Chicago, Dallas, Minn/St. Paul are the only direct flights from other airlines). So if you were going to rent a car in Milwaukee anyway - just do it in Chicago - you will save yourself a lot of time. It sounds strange but I learned the hard way (about an hour drive).
wwwilkie 11-14-2007 8:59 PM Once past security options are very limited for dining. In the main terminal options are still limited and the prices at the sit down places are very high.
flymke1200 03-10-2007 4:34 PM Good:Nice Airport, Nice Staff at Checkpoint. Lots of places to sit. High on Security. Airport Police allways walking around. Checkpoint times OK. Flights 97% all on time. Depends on the weather where your landing. Very Easy to get around the airport. No big crowds. concourses easy to get into. Bad: Bathrooms really dirty time to time. i say use the ones inside the checkpoint. .Checkpoint wait times can go up alittle on the watch it.get to the airport on time..... I just think the airport should re-model Concourse C. Looks alittle crappy.I dont know when the last time they re-did something here. I think the best is Concourse D. .. The airport is bigger then i thought (well the concourses) So i give MKE a Average score.
prowe 03-1-2007 4:53 AM I have been flying out of Milwaukee for 18 years. I cannot remember a time when some part of this airport was not under some renovation be it terminals or runways. There is internet access but it is pay as you go. If Milwaukee provide free wireless internet like Phoenix and other airports do that would be a big plus! Milwukee takes Security very seriously so Don't leave your car in the baggage claim curb side or it will be towed! I agree the rest rooms need some help, More cleaning would improve this condition. Travelers are in a hurry and don't clean up their Mess! The airport is very easy to make connections even if changing wings. Parking has increased in price but is still a much better deal than most airports! Shopping and food have improved over the past 2 years but the food prices are still higher priced than in town for the same food. This is a small airport and I hope it stays that way!