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vangine 10-11-2013 2:10 PM 4 terminals,hard to connect for each one if transit .Airport taxi overcharged and cheated,shuttle bus between terminal is awful enroute into crowded city area makes you crazy ...atm doesnt work and hard to find a proper use one...
raian villareal 03-18-2013 8:37 AM this airport is so beautiful and worst airport
Flyer800 01-29-2013 6:07 PM AVERAGE
stuart1956 01-13-2013 10:26 AM the worst airport i have ever visited. on the 2 nd of january in the departure there was no water in the toilets they only have one toilet.when i mentioned this to the many personal standing around they just laughed. also there is no security you can take what ever you wish on the airplane a disaster waiting to happen-.
Traveling_shinobi 01-8-2013 6:52 AM Direct International flights to most locations and not just located in one airport such as this one.
tdi12721 10-6-2012 2:24 PM yes, very best airport in the world.... I have been to a lot of places, and have seen probably 1000+ airports. ;-) try to avoid this place at any costs. not even a 1mio miler will enjoy. theres simlply no service offered. YOU Filipinos are so proud of your country, you dress well, you are kind people. Your airport ist the first and last a visitor sees from the filipines PLS BUILT a NEW AIRPORT! .. not to mention the airport usage tax on arrival and departure. thanks for not naming it security tax....
headhoncho 08-28-2012 4:58 AM The International airport has improved a lot during the past few years. The system in use for passport queuing on departing is more efficient than many airports - single queue and you go to the first free desk, of which there are many. During my stay here I have used all three terminals and find it amazing that the Domestic Airports are far more modern and efficient than the International one. The most unbelieveable thing is that there is no official website! How can the Philippine government not see this is so vital and sets the tone for a visitor? The staff here are very helpful and friendly.
mattw1009 06-14-2012 3:44 AM I spent 8 hours here on a layover once. Why is there no food in the international terminal? The one sandwich shop had sold out of sandwiches. I survived for 8 hours on coffee and croissants. At least the internet was free. And the airline paid for my croissant. And Philippine Airlines is a surprisingly nice flight.
ChristianHindsley 05-28-2012 11:16 AM With out a doubt my LEAST favorite airport in the world. . . It should be avoided at all cost. It is just line after line, security checks after check, and very poorly done compared to other airports in the world. The airport is old and if you have any connections, you must change to a different airport, which is a minimum of a 45 minute process. Good luck in getting your bag in less than an hour. . . Everyone is packing in things from the countries that they just visited and the belts will be full. (Doesn't even matter if you have a Million Miler tag and first class. . . You will wait). If you can avoid this one . . . avoid it.
michaelsteer62 05-2-2012 5:45 AM Terminal 1 is very tired and seriously in need of updating. There are too few immigrationgates for the through traffic and the airport lounges are terrible
heskey101 02-26-2012 5:52 PM Arnaqueurs. La douane, l'aéroport et les taxi. Une horreur.
freqgodhf 01-28-2012 6:45 AM The most horrible international airport that I have ever utilized worldwide, and I have traveled extensively. Totally confusing for connecting flights. No immigration forms readily available. Only two lines to pay departure tax. Line for this tax melds into ticket counter lines. Rude airport personnel. Final security check is nothing more than a means for corrupt screeners to take items from your luggage that they desire. If you can gateway into Philippines via CEB vice MNL, do so by all means.
guy_huysmans 01-26-2012 2:26 PM This airport is by far the most chaotic and dilapidated I have ever come across.
jmy888 12-23-2011 5:32 PM very good airport. Don't know what the complaints are all about
klaastilma 12-6-2011 3:35 AM This is not an airport. It's à hell and you have to pay almost 20 us $ to enter THE hell.
vkyeie 11-20-2011 5:15 PM i had to pay 750php at immigration!!!! worst airport i have come across
SherwinMendoza 11-16-2011 5:47 AM NAIA Terminal 3 rating
John Klaas 10-19-2011 3:29 PM Dirty old airport with long long waiting lines when you go trough immigration. Waiting times 1 hour or more. Connection with other terminal is very poor, wil take you 30 minutes or more. Taxi scammers all over the airport. Try to avoid this airport
dstroyer71 10-7-2011 2:08 AM WARNING TO INT'L TRAVELERS - SECURITY STEALS YOUR UMBRELLAS IN CARRY-ON LUGGAGE - PACK THEM IN CHECKED-IN LUGGAGE ONLY! Totally outrageous and unacceptable, a great introduction to crime and corruption in the Philippines :(
Sibu73 05-19-2011 8:28 AM Manila Airport is a very shoddy and has no image of an international airport for a moment of truth experience to visitors, I would love to see a better high class airport like the many in the region which include Changi, KL, HK, BKK etc.
simbasonie 03-29-2011 10:23 PM embarrassing (last visit 03.12.2010) !!
justvisiting 12-4-2010 5:11 PM I am a Filipino but was only in Manila twice , once when leaving for abroad and the latest was when I visited family. The airport is one of the worst. On Arrival, the waiting area is dilapidated and I just felt scared thinking someone might rob me or cause me harm or take advantage of me. On departure, I paid lots of fees. Terminal fee was (750.00 pesos) and travel tax was 1600.00 pesos. I have visited other countries but never forked out money in their airport. Also, we have to fill in departure card swhich I think are just going straight to the bin. Manila Airport authorities should read all the reviews here and move their asses to improve the airport and the services. In addition you should give information in your website where this terminal fee and travel tax are going.
rbpamintuan 10-19-2010 8:35 AM all of the previous comments pretty much sums up everything. A showcase of corruption in the Philippines.
miken28 07-27-2010 11:57 PM This facility should have been mothballed years ago. Everything about is beyond despicable.
ChicagoBoyRN 05-16-2010 2:02 PM I am a Filipino American and i am ashamed to even pass by this airport. Extremely poor service, VERY CORRUPT!!! I am going to take a detour and take Cebu's Mactan International Airport instead. Please avoid Manila International Airport at all cost...
john508 03-10-2010 1:21 PM Terminal One is pathetic, the worst in Asia without question-old, dirty, smelly no shopping, the food is disgusting and the officials are corrupt, Dont even try taking a box like the filipinos do, they see a westerner with a box and it is pay day. The taxi queue at the airport is the newer yellow metered cabs but comes with an added price. Guests cannot meet you anywhere close to the terminal nor are they permitted inside on departure. Terminal 2 is for PAL only and is newer the only drawback is that Philippine Airlines truly sucks. Terminal 3 is for Cebu Pacific which is like a ghost town, good luck trying to buy a ticket online with a foreign cc. All in all the airport is terrible, but so is the destination---MNL has no culture, the food is beyond terrible, the people are the walking dead. I guess it is a nice place to be from, but not a nice place to be going to. Just my opinion but I hate the airport and the country.
hgc2360 11-8-2009 3:26 AM Corrupted officals For 200 peso the custom agent just let you pass by without checking the your bags you can carry bombs and weapons to the plane without anyone knows about it The worst airport in the world
absoluc 08-2-2008 4:57 PM ... not an airport ... more like an abandoned barn in the middle of nowhere
congress 07-1-2008 2:44 AM Security is very weak. I have watched passengers pass with multiple visible metal objects, full pockets and nothing more than just LOOKING at luggage as the passenger passes by when entering. There are multiple check points, the only serious check of people occurs after you are standing at the actual boarding gate which is overflowing with passengers. The little trick they pull with the "terminal fee" is ridiculous. You are charged an entrance fee to enter the terminal area after you have paid for your ticket. If for some reason you are not caring 700 pesos on you when you decide to leave the country, you will have to pay a fee to exit the check-in area to access the ATM machines which have all been removed and placed outside.
kingbaby 02-23-2008 9:59 PM This has got to be the worst airport in all of Asia at the moment and the corruption that has held back the opening of the new terminal is a disgrace. Security, while grossly overdone, is useles. And multiple checkpoints for payment of fees and security exams are merely an excuse to create jobs and milk the traveler of money. Avoid this airport at all costs.
railways 01-23-2008 8:47 AM Such a shame the LRT (light rail) has not been extended from Baclaran. Terrible variety of shops and especially restaurants and cafes in the older of the two international terminals, airside.
drexaltzflightstats 12-1-2007 4:23 AM Terminal 1 is the worst in the world, most corrupt, best to avoid and use davao or cebu, both of which are not the best of airports but tolerable enough. Manila Terminal 2 works, but then again, corruption is rife - to a slightly lesser degree than T1. Ninoy Aquino must be growling in his grave.
mbquart22 05-20-2007 5:41 AM this is the best airport in the whole world!!! two thumbs up
mike8057d 03-23-2007 9:19 AM This airport should be shut down. There are many security check points for checking in but it is useless. After you go through the x-ray gate, body check again (what for?) - does it mean that the x-ray gate is not working? or the security just want to "molest" the passengers. The immigration officers should not have their mobile phones with them while they are working - very frequently, they chat on the phone while processing your immigration processes. No wonder the queue is slow. The guy who put the x-ray machines right after the immigration (departing) should be fired! It jammed up!
bryankhalid 02-5-2007 7:44 PM I'm just expecting to open and see the new terminal 3. Hopefully, my rating would turn now to al least good to excellent!
Luosechi 11-29-2006 4:43 AM Overcrowded, dark, and with insufficient standby power to run air conditioning during a power outage. One of the worst airports I have ever used.