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Yooperboy 06-17-2014 12:39 AM The main terminal resembles a mall, which is nice if you have time to stroll through it. Be warned though; if you fly Delta, you may have a VERY LONG walk between flights.
mattw1009 06-14-2012 3:41 AM Gates are far apart but that's what moving walkways are for. It's clean and pleasant.
VirgilWilliams 07-27-2011 3:23 AM I strongly dislike MSP. If you're making a tight connection, it's a nightmare because gates, especially if its an offline connection, are usually miles apart -- almost literally. The signage is bad; the rental car desks are very difficult to find quickly; and the staff are hardly "Minnesota nice." If I didn't have to come here (the Twin Cities) occasionally, I wouldn't.
EdIA 07-22-2011 12:35 PM Clean, not too big nor too small, MSP is an excellent airport. Well planned access from commuter terminal to the rest of the airport by tram or walkways. In fact, you can get between A and G (opposite ends) in less than 10 min if you must - I've tested that. Enough shops to keep you busy but fewer of the truly high-end stores (Hermes, Hugo Boss, etc) if you're looking for those. Overall, a great place to fly into and through.
MurphyDanJ 03-28-2011 3:27 PM A nice airport to spend a lengthy layover, plenty of shops, etc. Terminal layout may be confusing for those unfamiliar with airport. Clean, inviting terminal. Good number of flights to many Delta destinations. Also a home base for Sun Country Air.
lawrence3178 02-24-2010 1:13 PM connected through MSP several times and always been very happy there.
bjnibbe 12-25-2009 8:16 AM I have seen almost every airport in the USA and MSP is one of my favorites. I would rather spend my layover at MSP than anywhere.
ironlight 12-22-2009 5:04 AM Great Airport - cannot book connections as tight as DTW though. Overall it is very clean, great options for sit-down dining, and above average shopping. I also take advantage of the two "quiet" sitting areas (note to fellow travellers - using your cell phones in these areas is RUDE). I have taken light rail to both the Mall of America and downtown Minneapolis to kill time. It can seem a bit complicated to find, but follow the signs or simply ask.
northwestairlines13 03-5-2009 5:25 AM MSP is most probably the most clean airport I've ever been to. The layout can be a disadvantage for NWA travelers, but overall it is my favorite airport to go to.
wwwilkie 01-11-2009 11:10 PM Layout is a negative, if you have a tight connection between the A terminal and any of the DEFG terminals you can pretty much forget making your flight. Nice airport otherwise.
daviddmoore 05-12-2008 8:41 PM As noted elsewhere, excruciatingly long wait time for baggage / luggage offload (Domestic or Int'l) - take your time strolling to carousel, no point in hurrying - has deteriorated significantly in past year or so... Layout is OK - better than many in US. Newer, cleaner, more appealing/comfortable than many in US. Need more seating (esp Int'l), power, wfi-fi, etc.
vpango 03-29-2008 10:40 PM This is a nice, clean airport but parts of the terminal layout make absolutely no sense and are tiring/tiresome. The light rail transit to town is an excellent option, but only after you walk a mile through a labyrinth inside the terminal - down an escalator, underground walking, up another escalator , walking walking walking then down again to the metro level- after picking up your heavier luggage. For check-in, the only "curbside" counters I saw were inside (unless they're at a different spot than where hotel shuttles drop off, which is a problem in itself) and after getting my *checked* luggage tagged at the counter, I had to take it myself to the security scanning area before taking myself and my carry on to the TSA checkpoint. There are a nice vairety of shops and restaurants here.
Rahfat 02-15-2008 9:16 PM Immigration officers are slow and and do not have experience with international travellers.
London07 11-23-2007 6:22 PM The light rail to Downtown Minneapolis or the Mall of America is an excellent value at either $1.50 or $2.00 depending on if it is rush hour or not. I have never had issues with security. It always take me longer to get from the light rail to security then it does to get though security.
deia 10-10-2007 7:48 PM A great selection of restaurants and shops. The French Meadow Bakery (F Terminal) is a local joint that has quality food (not just bakery) that won't make you feel disgusting. The terminal layout is sprawled but manageable with the moving walkways. If you think you are going to get your luggage off the carousel in a decent amount of time, be advised that there is but one baggage handler for the entire place - and he is decrepit. And disgruntled. And forgetful. So...try to get away with just a carry-on. Zeno Royal's Shoe Shine set me up right so I can once again show off my shiny black Mary Janes! While sitting in the seat, enjoy pictures of Jesus and Mohammad Ali on the wall. ___HHH or Humphrey Terminal has a healthy food option at it. Yum!
BSimplyours 10-10-2007 4:31 PM I was connecting flights here, and my experience was good. The flight was on time, and there were no problems. A lot to keep you busy - a good variety of restaurants and I hooked up to the internet while I waited for 2 hours.
kschendel 07-25-2007 4:50 PM DO NOT schedule a tight connection thru MSP unless you like running. Given time, though, it's a nice place with unusually good shopping and eating. Too spread out. With 3 non-intersecting runways (4 total), doesn't usually clog up from weather or overload.
atctim747 02-14-2007 5:25 PM Minneapolis-St. Paul Intl. has a very clean and well kept terminal. The terminal is spread out over a large area, but moving walkways and trams help reduce transit times. The best part of the terminal is all the food/beverage and shopping choices. Concessions at the airport are changed frequently to keep them up-to-date with changing consumer preferances. Thanks to a new light-rail line, downtown Minneapolis is only 25-30 minutes away. The Mall of America is only 10-15 minutes by light-rail. The light-rail does not connect to downtown St. Paul but a direct bus line does.
michaelgraham2 12-21-2006 5:28 AM have connected through this airport a few times and have found the layout to be poor. Also flew in there are a trip to Minneapolis and finding the hotel area was a long journey. This airport however does have a good number of shops and eateries. In closing I would not connect there unless you are getting a really good fare, but if flying into Minneapolis I guess you have to live with its flaws.