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User Date Comments Rating 05-31-2013 07:01 very well laid out airport.Friendly, helpful and charming staff,easy to get around, good business lounges Our favorite airport.
abholl 08-8-2012 19:19 If you have an early flight be prepared for a deserted airport and few possibilities to have coffee or breakfast. Also there are not enough seats before security control.
muscletech78 07-29-2012 18:46 Very bad Airport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chuckl123 04-14-2012 14:28 MUC is my preferred connecting point when using LH. Very nice public areas. Good shopping and restaurants. The LH lounges are much bettern than at FRA.
wiwi210872 11-2-2011 07:54 unfriendly security stuff
jwaldronrn 09-8-2011 20:13 Nice clean airport. Biggest problem is encountered when transiting from an EU flight to an international destination elsewhere in Europe. Lines at passport control are very long because many people from eastern (non EU) Europe and Turkey connect her. Many have visa restrictions and lines are long and slow while they get interrogated. Beware of Lufthansa's tight connection times which cannot be made with a pass through the downstairs passport line. If you miss a connection you can be subject to a fee and a very unpleasant interaction with Lufthansa's surly Teutonic ground staff. Allow extra time and you will be fine.
punjabijatt 06-13-2011 19:27 MUC is a very beautiful airport. anybody who has time after/before their flight: visit the simulator in Terminal 2 arrival . is think is the homepage.
marwan kasi 12-22-2010 13:00 I recently flew into Munich airport where i had a a six hour layover before my connecting flight to Vienna i was fortunate enough to able to use the First Class Lounge for Lufthansa & other Major Star Alliance Airlines & let me tell you it was the ultimate luxury from the Marble Bath with a Jacuzzi to the five star restaurant & to top it all the chauffeur driven Benz to my connecting Austrian flight .
Namibalex 05-13-2010 21:28 one of my favorites, and one of the best airport ever....only one critic the price value a little to high.
em4o 04-23-2010 13:31 +very comfortable airport +friendly staff +perfect connections +clean +modern +free coffee at T2 +self check-in and automatic baggage drop-off machines -far away from Munich/centre (45-50 min ride) -rather expensive train ride to city (compared to other big cities)
landmstein 02-1-2009 02:42 Pleasant surprise. Except for location, I've got nothing but good things to say.
alin 07-3-2008 08:26 MUC - I like it very much: quick, organised, modern, one of the best in rhe world
Marc Hannemann 06-10-2008 22:21 The best German airport. Excellent, modern, efficient. Security officers work good and quickly, most other staff too. Unfortunatelly the airlines got often not enough staff for check-in. Smokers can find sufficient smoking areas, before departure also. Duty Free stores are expensive, for example cigarettes, in planes much cheaper.
pab 04-1-2008 13:28 the best airport I know
andrew3000 03-16-2008 19:14 Travelled in and out of Terminal 2 last week (the Lufthansa terminal). The terminal itself is clean and spacious. Central rental car desks (between T1 and T2) are efficient, especially the combined returns area. The airport is quite large, but with a simple layout. Supermarket in the central area is better than the one in my neighbourhood at home. Only real drawback was shuttle bus across the tarmac to & from the plane.
empewu 01-26-2008 11:15 best airport in Europe
stephenkmoody 10-9-2007 20:47 an excellent entrepot for Europe, perhaps the best of a shabby lot
igisum 08-4-2007 04:57 The airport was builded in a reclamed area. This and the geographic position sets frequent bad meteorologic condition, thunderstorm during summer and a lot of fog during winter.
IC PLUS 06-5-2007 16:31 My favourite airport when I fly Star alliance flights. I prefer it to FRA without any doubts. Wonderful desing, good manage of the queues at security and customs. Once it has been incredible: I needed 15 minutes to transfer from my LH flight from Montréal to my LH flight to Italy, included customs.
Schnarpsel 04-10-2007 22:35 Love the layout but getting from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 is not fun because one has to actually leave the respective building. More than once have I arrived at MUC in winter, coming from a considerably milder climate, just to scramble to unlock my suitcase and get that down jacket out. Yes, there is a high roof over the square that connects the two terminals but does that help when the wind blows rain and snow? Definitely not. Who on earth came up with this? Other than that: Short distances, good shopping available, modern, clean airport.
zivodal 02-26-2007 19:19 One of the best and nicest airports in Europe.
grahamje 01-23-2007 22:02 This is what ALL airports should be aspiring to!
tkap 01-11-2007 01:47 One of the best airport in Europe