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stappy 05-14-2014 8:59 AM Airport is very clean, the staff where ever you go are curteus and very helpfull and friendly. The food and drink prices are quite high for my liking but over all I would give the my experiences a 4 out of 5.
j.forster96 05-26-2013 12:30 AM spacious check in area (unless you're flying domestic or with EZY or LS). Always speedy security checks and great views of the airfield once through. Gate areas can be claustrophobic.
vikingnewt 12-31-2012 2:03 PM as said in another review, this is an airport that has ideas above its station and ability to cope, the addition of routes direct to scandinavia no doubt helps those of us in the oil industry, but in terms of a place to wait for the obligatory hour before an international flight, it leaves much to be desired. from the charge for dropping off/picking up, to the compressed cattle market feel of the check in areas, little has been alleviated by the addition of new terminal sections, and one of its few saving graces is that there is a smoking area avalaiable to customers of one of the bars. security in particular is pretty overzealous, with absolutely no considerations given, but little better is to be expected. only use if it is genuinely convenient, it is certainly no schiphol.
ChristopherMatthew 05-28-2011 2:35 AM Very poor initial impressions caused by charge for drop odd. It doesn't get much better. Very ill mannered security personel
londontraveller 08-7-2010 6:30 PM This is a small, regional airport which has ideas beyond its station. The scheduled route network is almost exclusively low cost which probably suits the local market but is of little use to many serious business travelers. The departures area is like the ante-room to hell with so much noise it's almost impossible to think. Staff are arrogant and so convinced that they are the best in the business with nothing to learn, they are down with the worst. If they want to see service at an airport take them to somewhere like Singapore, then maybe not, it would be wasted on them and it's way out of their league anyway.
the-spotter 06-6-2010 9:50 AM An excellent airport for travelling through and spotting. Everything can be found easily and staff are helpful.
cockerip 05-12-2010 7:01 PM No free pickup by car - £1 for every visit up to 20 mins Airport looks for every opportunity to take money from people using this small scale regional airport facility. Greedy operators
Chris Trew 04-16-2009 8:02 AM A small regional airport pretending to be a big international airport. No thought given to quality of service or passenger comfort but lots of thought given to getting as much money out of everyone who uses the airport. Parking is extortionate for such a small airport. The roads around the airport are littered with cars waiting to pick up passengers; the airport's recently introduced a 5 minute restriction on free parking in the drop-off zone with no regard to the impact on local residents. The drop off zone is usually empty now. Their response has been to put more double yellow lines around the area, as opposed to reconsidering the restriction (but that would mean losing a few quid a day). The land-side lounge is a disgrace. The display screens haven't worked for well over a year so there is no way of knowing what's happening with flights without walking back to the main concourse. There is no chance of waving to your loved ones from landside as this view was blocked off by the customer-unfriendly management last year. Don't bother filling in the comment cards. It is just a PR exercise and they never respond to them. This could be a great little airport but for management greed and their inability to listen to their users.
steven_r310 07-23-2008 8:18 PM Nice Airport
jalabang000 06-3-2008 1:09 PM Nice airport, really. Good transport links via the Metro and fairly compact. Flight was on-time departing and arriving. Departure lounge was bright and airy. Baggage reclaim was fine, though two belts for international flights could mean a long wait as business picks up over the summer months.
Ray Patterson 01-20-2008 11:38 AM Modern airport constantly updating itself. Good links to NCL city centre. Average/poor catering, crowded and overpriced cafe/bar.
russianwarrior 06-8-2007 5:38 PM Warm friendly feel here from the Geordie Nation.