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pokernebraska 04-17-2013 8:04 PM Probably the friendliest TSA agents you are likely to find. Terminal and restrooms are immaculately cleaned. Convenient to downtown and Council Bluffs casinos.
DRicherby 03-3-2010 8:33 PM A decent little airport but the information screens are invariably wrong. I've seen them say that my flight is on time when it's scheduled to leave in two minutes and the incoming flight hasn't arrived, yet. I've seen the information screens say that my flight is late by one amount and the board at the gate quote a different amount. I've arrived and found my flight completely missing from the arrivals board and, more importantly, the monitors at baggage claim. (This is from, I think, five return trips to/from OMA.) And baggage often fifteen or twenty minutes to arrive, which makes no sense for such a small airport. If you're returning to Omaha and you're in a group, send somebody to get the car from the parking lot and pick you up from the front of the terminal -- you'll save a worthwhile amount of time. No complaints apart from poor information screens and slow baggage handling, though. Oh, and the water from the water fountains is cold and tastes really good! :-)
cynpb 02-6-2008 2:28 PM Easy to find your way around with a north and south terminal. Depending on your airline drop-off point, your flight should be out of the same end of the airport. Baggage claim is easy to find, and the airport has been very quick to home deliver delayed baggage. No way to get lost here. There are also good off-site parking locations, with an advance request, Abbott Airport Parking will give you great discount rates.
bucharic 12-5-2007 5:17 AM Big enough to have a good selection of carriers, yet not so big that it is a hassle to find things or get around.