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hybrk1 02-6-2014 6:44 PM For as big as it is, it does move a lot of people. Situated in the upper Midwest, you come to expect travel delays because of weather. The gate personnel could be a little bit nicer but it is Chicago. LOL
Lee_of_Yooper 01-18-2014 2:46 AM Avoid this hub if at all possible. A third world airport in the burbs of Chicago. Customer hostile, internet fees, dirty, late and cancelled flights... what's to like about ORD? Figure out how to go through MKE, MSP or DTW... ORD is the dreaded option of last resort.
rjgeddes 01-5-2014 4:37 PM Poor ontime performance is excusable due to weather issues, hub status; gate area seating is totally inadequate. Food service is inconsistent. Pretty good in terminal 3, very bad in 1 and 2. Wireless internet is not only not free, it is inadequate. Transit to city center is good value, but slow--15 stops or more between O'Hare and loop.
dwplunkett 01-2-2014 12:48 AM For one of the largest airports in the world, I think O'Hare is excellent. I agree with others that it should have free wi-fi and expand the plugs for charging stations. I think technology has overrun the airport and they need to catch up. Otherwise, flying through OHare is a pleasure. My 13 year old is comfortable enough to layover there without assistance.
lucdevroye@gmail.com 01-1-2014 8:39 PM A useless airport. No free wifi, no seats or couches to rest on, poor food, poor service, eternal delays, awful toilets, and lounges in which you have to pay for drinks.
nir153@yahoo.com 04-18-2013 12:01 AM very poor customer service.There dont have any idea how to pull any passenger details.even not providing accommodation service.Really bad experience with this airport guys.
jgmarkin 04-18-2013 5:23 PM Cancle flights adn send EBRYONE canceled to 1 big line for Customer Services, why not have services lines for each airline or something this Airport SUCKS; the only worse is Newark a NJ and maybe JFK
dallasdave22 04-17-2013 12:27 AM Avoid connecting through ORD unless you have extra time in your schedule. Gates are far apart without a moving walkway, the tram between terminals is outside security, and they delay flights even when the weather is good. Ohare is worse than Atlanta or LAX.
LatinWolverine 03-5-2013 6:50 PM Avoid connecting through ORD if at all possible, especially if you are flying AA!!! Definitely not a "connection friendly" airport!!
HillCountry 03-4-2013 10:59 PM Good airport to avoid.
stcutting 02-27-2013 11:27 AM During bad weather, the regional jets (especially American Eagle) are the first to be cancelled or delayed.
rcarle 12-21-2012 10:44 PM Considering size it is well run
rhpahl 08-26-2012 11:11 PM Not the best but also not the worst airport (that rank is given to LAX)
TwanLaan 08-9-2012 1:21 PM They'ld better call the place O'Horror instead of O'Hare.
KDrap 08-3-2012 9:18 PM O'Hare is a hell hole avoid it at all costs - particularly on Fridays!
mattw1009 06-14-2012 3:46 AM There's way too many people and not nearly enough seats. That underground walkway with the lights and everything between terminals should be destroyed. And EVERY FLIGHT LEAVING THIS AIRPORT IS LATE.
orenride 04-15-2012 12:50 PM after security, there is NOTHING in terms of restaurants, cafes, shops in terminal 5-the interntional terminal.....this is absurd and criminal. I can think of a dozen other international airports which far superior facilities to terminal 5 at o=hare- sfo, del, tpe, cai to name a few
ZachLagops 03-30-2012 1:54 AM One cloud in the sky... AND EVERYTHING JUST STOPS!!!!!
Madinat 03-2-2012 2:15 AM this airport makes Atlanta look and feel like a DREAM!
Joe Barrett 02-23-2012 10:19 PM ORD is certainly busy, I'll give it that. Most amenities are comparable to other large airports, save one: It's as though they are specifically trying to make sure you CAN'T charge your electronics. Most terminals feature only one bank of recharge ports where the pay phones used to be, and then individual plugs intermittently spaced on the large white metal pillars. If you're in the end portions of the terminals, where there's 6 gates crowded together in a semi-circle, best of luck trying to find electricity, my friend.
jem1853 02-17-2012 6:29 PM O'Hare is like a wonderful Oasis in the midst of a long journey thru unfamiliar lands. No airport is perfect- either not fast enough for the harried/hurried traveller, or too much/little of some amenity that we have come to expect in the age of the runaway consumer. Given that no entity can be all things to all people, the way that the people who keep O'Hare running so smoothly and with an abundance of excellent services for the public earns this national treasure the highest marks in this traveller's book. Any time I have occasion to travel long distance by air, and I see that I will be visiting "ORD" en route, I am thrilled. jem1853
Flatliners 12-15-2011 2:17 PM This is a bright, modern airport with easy access. The only drawback for the foreign visitor is the intrusive and downright rude manner in which the entrant (holiday only dear, not immigrating!)is quizzed by the border guard at passport control. Perhaps they should tailor their inquisition towards those they deem to be a risk to their country and not against one who is so obviously there on vacation.
wfreeberg 06-16-2011 4:55 PM Great airport, if you miss a flight another will be available within a few hours. In other cities it may take a few days. You have to realize that any delay at any airport within the USA may impact ORD. If the equipment you'll be flying on doesn't arrive from Seatle because of weather there it may be delayed in Chicago
weco 06-1-2011 10:27 PM I enjoyed the time there.
viokenny 04-25-2011 12:35 AM My daughter's flight to Ottawa was delayed by 70 minutes - and the weather was okay (cloudy) with good visibility. She was just in time to connect to a flight to London (UK). Reason given was "aircraft maintenance". If the airport doesn't have sufficient maintenance capacity, don't operate so many flights! I count my daughter fortunate as this flight was cancelled on two days out of four in the past four days.
Harleyman10 04-17-2011 9:31 PM I will never fly united ever again . This was the worst flight ever had to stay in the airport for a day and a half.flight got cancelled and noone seemed to know what was going on. very little help. then when i did finally get a flight out we got devirted to another airport.and i will be sure to let evryone i know about this airline and not to fly united.
micyang10 03-16-2011 9:22 PM One of the best airports in the world!
chmoss 03-14-2011 9:40 AM ORD is great airport if you live in Chicago. If you have to connect - not good at all.
greg3305 01-30-2011 3:32 AM A truly miserable airport. Plenty of routes served, especially by United, but on-time performance is abysmal. Amenities are sub-par; seating areas are inadequate in number and provide little of value to travelers beyond a mildly uncomfortable seat. Charging stations are sparse and many wall outlets don't even work. Wi-fi is the overpriced Boingo offering normally found in airports. Restaurants and shopping can't touch Detroit or Minneapolis. Even the architecture is garish. Parking is plentiful but expensive (in excess of $50/day in some lots). Accessible by public transportation including Metra and CTA, but not easily. From the Metra, you have to take a bus to the monorail to the terminal. Not located anywhere near city center.
johnsot358 01-27-2011 1:18 PM I travel over 100k miles per year and this is the very worst airport I've been to. It never fails that I land and one end and my connection is at the polar opposite end of this monstrosity. O'Hare is too big not to have some sort of rapid transist available.
johnnyh1982 01-24-2011 8:06 PM The fact that the overall rating for O'Hare is not worse blows my mind. Clearly, people who aren't frequent fliers are rating this airport. I've lived in Chicago my whole life and travel 3-4 times per month for work, and I AVOID ORD LIKE THE PLAGUE. The only areas I'm rating this airport above average on is number of flights and public transport. Everything else is awful. Always delays and cancellations due to the high volume of flights. Traffic to and from the airport to the city is always horrible. (60 minutes to go 20 miles during peak times). Taxi lines are long during peak times. Parking is a rip off. Security lines are terrible. Oh wait...I take that back. Bars and restaurants are decent...which is good, because if you fly though this airport, it's likely you'll spend more time at the bars and restaurants waiting out your delay, than you will spend on a plane traveling. Save yourself the trouble and fly Southwest out of Midway, if at all possible.
lheymans 01-14-2011 8:09 PM very noisy , probably the most noisy airport I know . I do 100K miles a year and I use ORD every week .Now I put earplug even while I'm in the lounge. way to much non sense announcement. Why do we need to hear the security procedure while we are in terminal C?
myermo2703 12-20-2010 8:36 PM I love O'Hara airport!
joekre 12-16-2010 2:27 AM Areas for travelers to wait are very limited, and very small and crowded. By far not the best airport I have traveled into or out of.
marwan kasi 11-24-2010 4:42 AM I fly in & out of ORD few times a year on Jetblue which uses United Terminal & not once had a delay in Arrival or Departure or at the security lines ,
pajorpc 11-17-2010 12:25 AM I'm a business man and against most people's belief that O'Hare has the highest rating of delays wrong. I came in 15 minutes before my flight took off. But I got on with my baggage checked in and through security. It all depends at what time you get there. It's better midday, less people. Flying Colors.
SEAFREAK16 09-28-2010 12:12 AM All I can say is ORD is a nightmare!!! When my work puts me on American Airlines through ORD, they lose my baggage EVERY TIME!! Also, all lines are long and there is a shit load of walking!!!!!
rfmcmanus 07-23-2010 3:06 AM The worst airport in the country for delay risk, Avoid at all costs. Jammed full and no buffer capacity. Here I sit at 11:00 PM still waiting on a flight because of some rain 6 hrs ago. SSDD!!
brewsbee 07-9-2010 5:57 PM I just can't seem to get through here without delays, so I will go to greater pains to avoid. I never fly through here in winter; I used to think summer before 10 am was relatively safe, but no longer. Nope. Shut down at 8 am for heavy thunderstorms, again at 4 pm. 375 flights cancelled. I was lucky to get out with a 11 hour delay, but only to an alternate airport several hours away from my original destination.
GTA 05-29-2010 2:02 AM A very complex, but organized airport.
chefjeff315 05-13-2010 2:15 PM Twice in 2 years on business travel I had the misfortune of having connecting flights departing from this hell hole. gate changes, stuck on the tarmac waiting to deplane, then my luggage was lost and both times it was on AA, and the only 2 times I have ever flown AA! Thats a 100% failure rate for both the airport and AA. I will pay for my own tickets in the future if my job ever again books me on AA or thru O'Hare on any airline! And you have to pay for WIFI??!!!! Get with the program and stop raping the paying public and provide better customer service. With airports and airlines like this it's no wonder the industry is going down the tubes.
resiak 04-17-2010 10:37 PM No Thanks - transferring domestic to international you need to leave the security area, go to the international terminal and stand in the security line again. Once that hour wait if over you are in the international departure area which resembles a ghost town. Stores open = 0 Restaurants = 0 Seating is dismal. Prepare for delays. Of course, you can always leave the security area again to get some food or coffee if you don't mind repeating the security line for a third time.
rchilde 03-19-2010 4:15 AM ORD is by far the best overall international airport in North America (if not the world). It is truly a city within a city and it should be, given the incredible number of flight options worldwide and especially US. ORD is getting better with the runway redesign and more user friendly features. Restaurant options are incredible and not too much higher than outside the airport. All in all, best airport in the US and one of the world's top.
Dr-P 02-22-2010 2:59 AM The website is probably the worst "professional" websites I have ever seen. It's a disgrace. It looks like what a teenager starting programmer would have done 15 years ago (today's teenagers are a lot more sophisticated). Whoever is in chargo of that outfit should be fired, it's not just below standard, it's off the map bad. The lack of professionalism is just astonishing. Any self-respecting CIO could have this website upgraded to look 10x better in 2 weeks with a budget of $10,000.
stioffan 01-22-2010 11:13 PM I have only passed through this airport on 5 separate occasions with 4 different airlines. On each occasion, our flight was delayed due to the airport not the airlines. on two occasions I missed my connecting flight after being parked on the runway for over an hour.
kprzybylski 12-27-2009 9:11 PM this airport is in the 1960s yet way beyond other airports across the country very cold not a warm feeling and the chicago are pest and crooked. tried to shake me down while loading luggage in my car. this mayor needs to wake up and hire responsible people and quite stealing the money and invest in the future not himself , try to avoid if possible its a terrible airport the smaller airport is much better
redcrash 12-4-2009 11:19 PM I don't know how they do it, but every time I fly out of O'Hare I am at the very last gate. If I have to switch planes there it is in different terminals and I end up running. When I do get there and have time, inside the security area of each terminal is a great place to be. A lot of Chicago stores and great restaurants. If it is snowing a little they handle it the best in the country, but when they have to start de-icing the planes, be prepared to arrive late at your destination. Too many planes leaving in my opinion. The signage is good because it is hard to get airport support personnel to help. If you can, talk to some of the airline people. They seem to be a lot friendlier.
e3151110 11-25-2009 10:09 PM Excellent for the person who starts and ends travel at O'Hare.
deindae 09-16-2009 3:21 PM I Hate this airport. It is poorly laid out. If you want anything and are in any high number gate, be perpared to WALK. everything is very spread out and the stores are poorly distributed. There are NO electrical outlits. The food court has a couple by the pillars but they are extremly inconviently placed. Have fun threading your cord in and out of the seats and tables. And by a few I mean there are 5. In the entire food court meant to seat easily fifty people, there are five electrical outlits. The terminals, however. I walked the entire length of K and found 1 Outlit. which is where I am writing from. I am sitting on the floor, underneath some pay phones beacuse this is the only outlit remotly near my gate. There are signs everywhere advertising a terminal wide wifi connection. EVERYWHERE! these ads fail to mention that you have to pay for the wifi. You have to register your credit card, ON A OPEN ACCESS NETWORK to pay Boing a min of $6 if you want to get internet. Really really slow internet. THey have no free wifi. Bradley has free wifi, most airports I have been to have free wifi, and they don't brag about it! There's just these signs. Here you ad's every where for shitty internet you have to pay for. Oh, and the staff. Most airport staff are nice in my experiances. These ones just want you to go away. When I asked if there were any electrical outlits nearby, I reacieved a vauge wave and a "They're around. Just look." Thank you, I tried that, that's why I am asking you. The airline had no answers to my questions, however I realize that that is more the airlines fault than the airports. On one good note, the Janitor's cart had a shark on it, which was cool.
jensprincess 09-12-2009 4:09 PM Terrible layout, many terminals are outdated and cramped (people sitting on the floor everywhere constantly), DELAYS galore on a consistent basis.
Dalydalo 09-4-2009 5:58 AM Volume, Volume, Volume - I think O'Hare is an OK place if your leaving or arriving there. IT ABSOLUTELY SINKS IF YOU CONNECTING FLIGHTS THERE. I believe the majority of the horror stories about O'Hare are related to the connecting flight. Unfortunately American and United use O'Hare as major hubs, so that adds to the misery. The light rail system is fantastic - best upgrade they could of made and should be used. Unless your coming in during the weekend or late at night - light rail is the way to go. It's a huge place and over the years the place has gotten better. I can't remember the terminal I was in - I was flying American, the gate area was huge - little bit to big - hate when you half to walk a 1/2 mile to your connecting flight. It's not as bad as MIA or Dallas or Houston with it's insane distances between gates.
Angry business man 06-28-2009 1:07 PM Angry Business Traveller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQmMHZ8nyyw
sdbenner 04-17-2009 12:44 AM In my opinion, this is the worst airport in the world for on-time departures. I have not flown through ORD yet with an on-time departure. If you want to get where your going on time, DON'T fly through ORD!
mharri08 01-8-2009 5:32 PM The United terminal has almost no electrical plugs to recharge laptops. Terrible for a major hub where many want to recharge batteries for their next flight.
jamesw1387 09-27-2008 2:02 AM Long lines at eateries during peak periods. Expensive
Zuckuss 09-16-2008 6:56 AM Never had a problem at ORD, sure it takes longer to transfer etc due to the increased security post 911. Staff always friendly and helpful if asked except for the odd grumpy bored immigrations officer. You can tell it's an old airport but even at that it has it's charm, number of shops and stuff sucks though. Once passed the security of Terminal 5 you're in for a long haul of boredom because there is virtually nothing on offer in regards of entertainment or food.... Passing back out to the pre-security area offers a small foodcourt and a some shops, but then you have to negotiate the always rather long security line again. All in all not a bad airport...
chrismor 09-3-2008 8:06 PM In Feb. 08 I flew in and out the States through ORD, and after reading a number of bad reports I was pleasently surprised. Getting through CBP was easy and fast. The transfer to T.3 took no time at all. The flight from T.3 was delayed, but the airline staff were very diligent in keeping everyone in the loop. On the way back home I was able to chat with the TSA staff, who were very friendly and professional. It may be an old airport, and it may not look the nicest, but it is not the nightmare that it is made out to be. I look forward to my next flight through ORD.
tm24fan 07-7-2008 1:56 AM Pretty nice, although if you have to go from American to United in 45 minutes like I once did, bring your walking shoes for sure! I made it but my legs still haven't forgotten the walk. Especially since I had to not only GET from T3 to T1, but also had to go UNDER T1 to the satellite concourse.
zonzi 06-19-2008 12:53 PM Worst TSA officers ever met. No help for a mother with 8 months baby - imagine dissasembling trolley with one and no help plus lack of check in priority and stupid TSA not allowing water for baby food on a plane. Never again.
oztraveller 05-26-2008 4:17 AM ORD is the ugliest airport that I've ever been to. It was overcrowded, overcongested and ugly. Security people were rude, and delays are very commonplace. As well as that, departure gates can sometimes change, and as a result, I almost missed a connecting flight running inbetween terminals! I'll try and avoid this airport in the future.
welchb 05-15-2008 7:38 PM As a professional who travels quite a lot, I loathe using ORD. As I am wont to say, a fish can pass gas in Lake Michigan and O'Hare will have an hour delay. Flights are consistently delayed and the flight's status is not updated until it is pretty much already past time it should leave. The latter point may be airline specific, but with the rest of the airport's performance, I'm guessing it's at least partially on the airport.
amsbobams 03-10-2008 9:50 PM ord should renovate ams is #1
rosss2 02-28-2008 12:35 AM Avoid at all costs, always delays, we are talking major delays Uncomfortable seating , But Great characters working there.
eoghang 02-4-2008 11:54 PM Best bookstore in any airport is located in ORD. It's the one between American Airlines terminals H and K.
conradc2 01-31-2008 10:38 PM This is by far the least desirable airport to fly through. If there is anything you can do to avoid it, do it.
ridethestallion 01-29-2008 5:45 PM "Hell" is spelled with 3 letters, O-R-D. It doesn't get worse than O'Hare. If you picture over-crowding in the air and on the ground, a poor layout, beleaguered personnel who have heard it all from righteously upset passengers, and a guaranteed delay for nearly every flight, then you have a sense of the nightmare that is O'Hare. Honestly, book your flight through ANY other airport and avoid this place.
CSN 01-28-2008 2:57 AM This has to be the worst airport ever ! Flights are always delayed when going thru O'Hare often resulting in missing your connections and having to end up staying overnite at an airport hotel. I would highly recommend travellers avoid using Chicago's O'Hare airport as much as possible while making connections. It is poorly planned and is a total chaos trying to make your connections. Plus they keep changing gates on you making you rush from one terminal to another hoping you don't end up missing your flight. Also their duty free shops are ridiculously meagerly stocked. Can't believe this is the airport for a major city like Chicago !!!
727stretch 01-17-2008 11:40 PM O'Hare is a good airport (especially the United terminal), scarred by bad weather and poor on-time performance.
jondefazio 01-11-2008 10:53 PM Didn't reallt like this airport. terminal layout is confusing. the halls are small and dark. not a very enjoyable place. if you can, fly to Chicago-Midway instead
klotzbtl 01-2-2008 2:56 PM the airport that has you sit and think about flying always have to jump from gate to gate - and it's a secret that you have to, unless you're watching the board intently columbus has put in nice round tables for working at near the gates, so you can spread out. this also lets big families gather around and play a card game while they play the waiting game. they also provide free internet, instead of charging a $10 access fee:(
khermann 12-30-2007 10:05 AM Old, over-burdered, over sold, over glorified, always late or on groundstop, horrible layout. People excuse the shame of this airport for it is one of the "busiest airports" but chances are all those people live in Illinois and never travel. I avoid this airport as much as possible. The one positive is the ATC chatter is among the best to listen to if you travel United.
mkyosh7 12-28-2007 3:27 AM This is an overall great airport. I have traveled to many airports around the country any none of them compare th O'Hare. It is run very well and gives you a lot of comfort. There are some bad breaks, but for such a large airport, these bad breaks are expected. It sure welcomes me home when I fly in.
dude500 12-27-2007 2:53 PM The airport is well laid out; unfortunately operations here are silly. Be sure you know your terminal and gate number if you're not flying from one of the big airlines (e.g. if you're flying from JetBlue) because the gate info television screens are proprietary to each airline (and therefore the only display either United or American Airline info). Also, if your flight departs later than 10pm or so, you'll have to go through the vendor screening area (accessed by going through a small door in Terminal 2) because they shut down the main screening areas - I found this out after running around terminals 1-3 and being told "the gates are closed here, go to the other terminal where the gates are open" (they were not open - luckily a maintenance guy knew what was going on). I don't know how one of the largest international airports can close at 10pm. Be careful about taking the Blue Line subway to here; sometimes it can take 40 minutes, sometimes 1.5 hours. And sometimes the train will stop for no reason (the conductor went to the bathroom one time, I guess maybe a large #2).
ndekker 12-26-2007 7:14 AM Not bad for a airport in the USA.
frenchy13 12-22-2007 5:49 AM The combination United and O'hare...what a joke. How many people would pay an extra $100 or more on their itinerary to avoid this disastrous combo ? I would for sure next time
flymke1200 12-22-2007 4:19 PM AHHH A DEATH TRAP OF DELAYS AND GROUND STOPS! Go to Midway or Milwaukee's Airport.(KMKE) Way Better.
normcd 12-12-2007 1:12 AM To many flights scheduled. We have had many a bad experience at this airport. This will be my sister in laws last flight from England as her flight was delayed 196 min. My wife missed the last flight home from Denver because of the long delay on the last flight. This airport needs to do something constructive to help it's image.
SamJ93 12-11-2007 8:47 PM At least it has a direct subway connection to downtown Chicago...so you can go and do some sightseeing after your flight is canceled due to weather and you get rebooked on the next one 16 hours later.
rkapoor 12-8-2007 10:13 PM O'Hare is a perfectly decent and functional busy airport and the terminals have some nice architecture. However, the airport layout is a little strange and could be confusing to new travelers. Delays are HUGE problem and at least 30% of flights are delayed and the slightest bad weather sends the whole airport into chaos. Check-in and security can take forever and some the seating areas have too few seats The only thing I hate about this airport is that your plane may be waiting over an hour to take-off ! However, the airport has plenty of good shops and restaurants and nice views. Overall, O'Hare is slightly better than average, but it needs to expand because the airport is way too crowded.
UnitedAirlines 12-5-2007 4:13 PM I was expecting the wireless to be free, I am disappointed that you have to pay to use this service.
glenmarshall 11-20-2007 10:57 PM Very undependable for weather-related delays.
andy.boro@ntlworld.com 11-6-2007 10:47 PM This was my 7th visit to the USA from the UK but the first time landing at O'Hare and my overall experience was pleasurable.Immigration was the smoothest yet..through in about 10 mins. The train to Terminal 3 was easy. The only downside was waiting for the Atlanta connection at the gate they changed the gate number without warning and made no announcement until 20 minutes later.But will look to fly into O'Hare in the future
kkrout 10-26-2007 3:25 AM Chicago loves to stick it to the traveller (captive audience) when it comes to the prices in the restaurants, bars and concessions The tram from long-term parking to the terminals is abominable For a major international airport to have English-only flight announcements still confounds me (same for the tram between terminals)
autophile 10-26-2007 3:13 AM My God. I'd rather spend a week in hell than a day at this airport. If there's one drop of rain, or a cloud visible on the horizon, everything just stops.
CL24 10-1-2007 11:45 AM Exceptional
adstewart 09-27-2007 1:44 PM I love this airport. I would use it more if it was closer to my home. Cheap and direct flights in / out. MDW is closer to me which add $20- $90 flights, but convince is good. I love ORD more than ATL. The only ATL has is you can smoke inside the airport not have to go through security.
fcloe 09-18-2007 3:52 AM One of the worst airports in America. Constant delays and small, cramped gates. Amazing how limited the shopping and resturant choices are for an airport as large as ORD.
swpratt 09-13-2007 1:08 PM O'Hare experiences frequent weather-related delays during the summer. It is large and hard to move around at times, but offers multiple connections to anywhere in the US.
thogergronborg 09-12-2007 2:30 PM Terminal 5 is so lousy, it is embarrasing. For international flights you have to be there 2-3 hours in advance and the amenities is so lousy that the waiting time feels like 5 hours. Can you not have at least one decent restaurant? And McDonalds does not count as a restaurant! Maybe you should take a look at Copenhagen Airport, see that is a service minded airport.
sstreight 09-6-2007 5:16 AM Many delays and lay overs. Over one long delay, one of the staff was as rude as the person delayed. It became a yelling match. Too many gate changes.
bistrojack 08-6-2007 4:11 PM Avoid ORD at all costs. United and AA cancel flights at the drop of rain, especially towards evenings and the ends of months (pilot hours reached). Even the airline employees tell their families to avoid O'Hare. If you have to go to Chicago, fly in and out of Midway with Southwest or other Midway carriers. SW flies when the others are cancelling flights and walking away from the counters. Midway less congested as well.
wwwilkie 08-5-2007 8:31 PM I hate O'hare, if my choice is to fly there or drive somewhere else out of my way....I drive.
Sabena320 08-2-2007 9:38 PM A too MUCH congested airport!!!
conkli39 07-30-2007 3:32 AM BY far the worst airport in the USA. I have flown through O'Hare many many times, and there has not been one time when trying to fly through O'hare that my flight has not been delayed or canceled...
nestdan 07-30-2007 9:11 PM This place is a crowded mess. It is nice to have a ton of flights everywhere but it would be nice to have them close to ontime. Also this place is huge and I felt like I did a cross country hike when I was done.
southwest125 07-29-2007 8:58 PM Ohare is nice because from here you can access virtually the entire world. The amount of airlines are amazing, it is clean, open, and the staff is welcoming. I hope the expansion plan comes through and is a success.
kschendel 07-25-2007 4:36 PM ORD is above average when the weather is nice and poor when it's not. One can only hope that the OMP will make a big difference operationally; thank goodness it finally got past the nimby's. International terminal is pretty crappy, the others are reasonably OK. I wouldn't even schedule a tight connection here...
blueghia 07-3-2007 7:55 PM The City of Chicago - aka, the Daley Family - have successfully run the airport into the ground while extracting every nickel from the passengers. The price point for this airport is outrageous and probably is due to the many family and connected "skimmers" on the payroll. Most of the time the elevators don't work...parking outrageously expensive and the facility is run by a bunch of goons...the airport is constantly under repair for months at a time and the only change typically is new paint or minor upgrades. The City of Chicago should O'Hare pulled from their responsibility because what was once a good and proud airport now totally sucks. Thanks Mayor Daley...another great job of ruining another feature of a great city.
jmkirschbaum 07-3-2007 5:32 PM Flights are always delayed, gates are often unavailable for incoming flights, terminals are croweded and uncomfortable
nboblie 06-20-2007 1:01 AM Although I prefer Midway over O'Hare anytime, O'Hare is a decent airport if you fly at the right time. Since United and American are the dominant carriers here, fly with them, more destination variety and quantity. I found flying through this airport at night is best. United really made it convenient to have divided Ted flights in gates B18-B22. Terminal 2 is the fastest to get throught seeing that United is in terminal 1 and American is in Terminal 3, leaving Northwest, Jet Blue, Continental, US Airways, and more
qkasal17 06-16-2007 9:41 PM This is a great airport, and although some areas (like the baggage claim) are slightly old, they are currently working on it to modernize many areas.
seanlafontaine 04-27-2007 2:11 PM Found Staff to be inattentive, and for the most part rude and hostile. Flight was ok but as a stop over on an international flight was very very bad. Mostly do to the lack of assistance on finding flight departure gates from either airport staff or airline staff was down right rude and hostile. Not impressed at all.
cat1992 04-23-2007 8:43 PM When flights are cancelled late in the day, which is not entirely rare, the shops and restaurants close and it's just you, 2000 other people, and a lot of very uncomfortable chairs.
raenick 03-29-2007 9:03 PM The airport was jammed but curbside checkin was a breeze. Security moved fast even though the lines were long........20 to 30 min to get through. Baggage arrived fast and location was convenient.
Verzy 02-26-2007 6:08 PM Great airport. Very fluid. Bags can take a little extra time. It's no where near downtown Chicago. Use midway if your headed there.
harvsmith 02-16-2007 1:00 AM the slowest airport in the world. My flight is always late.
atctim747 02-14-2007 9:26 PM This is a very busy airport but it usually works well. O'Hare usually has a bad rap but is fine during good weather. Terminals 1 and 5 are from the 1990s and still in good condition. Terminal 2 and 3 are older and seem more crowded, but they have been renovated.
trtawil 01-23-2007 3:50 PM A great all-around airport. Well designed, bright and cheery from the moment you drive by the welcome sign. A well-oiled machine!
mohsin 01-9-2007 3:18 PM this is the best airport but not best then jinnah international airport(Karachi)
sghaeedan 12-1-2006 8:52 PM International Terminal 5 is the worst terminal I have ever experienced. It is very small and extremely poor designed especially for its incoming flights (passenger traffic) and for its international outbound flights. One of the language carousel in terminal 5 (located at the end of T5), blocks the passengers from exiting the terminal when it is active. It creates a huge fiasco when people get bunched up trying to exit and pick up their luggage at he same time. Someone really should redesign the T5 at O’Hare. Its so embarrassing.