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KavsORK 07-20-2010 7:08 PM Fantastic Airport, The one airport i enjoy flying from! Managment need to get a PMI scheduled route though!
tom o'brien 07-8-2009 1:28 PM Baggage retrieval is a joke
CAPTAIN BILL 07-26-2008 3:31 PM A good little airport being spoiled now by so many Ryanair flights. They sopil everything.
critical_thought 04-30-2008 3:29 PM modern but average in every way, not enough departures to popular destinations and some poor carriers (Aer lingus)
Doyler100 03-9-2008 8:06 PM A good small airport but the right size for the City. Only problem is poor connections to the City other than Taxis.
Conair2 09-16-2007 9:42 AM New but badly thought out airport. One airbridge, which is seldom used. Smoking takes place in toilets even though banned . Walk from short term carpark not covered . Lack of seating outside of the departure areas. Baggage reclaim generally very slow.
portarlington 08-12-2007 3:47 PM Baggage handlers are they even present. Ryanair arrived 20mins after Aerlingus they got their bags about 20mins before us. For a small new airport we need more than a smile and a cead mile failte we expect it to work properly.
cianodo 07-10-2007 5:04 AM A small but welcoming airport. Very helpful and friendly staff. New terminal, either you love it or hate it.