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Victoria Campeanu 09-16-2014 9:45 AM Total lack of communication and misinformation.
Crismarten 07-25-2012 10:08 AM Decent airport.Passport check points and security gates should be multiplied as the area tends to overcrowd.The airport terminal and tower are having a blue color scheme which inspires.. bad taste.How about plain white or magnolia?! Transfers to downtown can be problematic as there is no subway, just cabs(often rip off) and a bus-not very practical if you have big luggage.I liked comparing to few years ago the new enlarged departures terminal.There is no direct flight to nordic countries like Sweden,Norway or Finland nor to NA and E Asia.
Prof.Dr. Robert Soran 04-25-2010 11:02 AM The airport improved a lot in the last years. The readiness of the peopleworking on the airport improved also much, if you encounter them with initial respect and a smile (greet with: buna ziua and thank at the end, in any language). But: they are not flexible and do only their OWN jobs, give you no information about anything else ... For money exchage, use the FIRST exchange counter (on the left, near the first toilet) BEFORE you reach the baggage claims hall. They offer better rates. Don't buy Romanian wine or souvenirs when you leave, they are much cheaper in Bucharest downtown. Have a nice journey and stay!
flyme2 08-2-2007 1:53 PM Tarted up but still not a practical layout for an airport serving one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. Gates are too close together and at peak times its chaos. No duty free spirits or tobacco, probably because prices downtown are so cheap!
grahamfairclough 02-4-2007 7:32 PM This airport is better than it was. It's far from terrible and has always run smoothly enough, but it's not somewhere that provides facilities if you want to spend time there. It's good at getting people through quickly without expecting them to hang around for long. The rating is lower than I'd expect because of its lack of facilities, but its facilities are adequate for the fairly brief time most people spend there before getting on board an aircraft.