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Jayneallen 02-22-2013 3:41 AM Best Airport been in so far.
bowser2266 07-3-2012 5:36 PM I am handicapped & on My receint flight i got to The airport & realized My mobility scooter wasnt working. I got no assistance as i had to push My scooter all The way through The airport it was very stressful to My heart condition
cjtan 12-2-2010 8:24 PM I have no idea what is to love about this airport. As an international airport, I don't see what is so great about it. But as with many N American airports, I can see lots of downsides about it. I'd rate it not far above CDG and DUB (which are the absolute bottom!).
jakemast 08-20-2010 10:49 PM Love this airport! Super clean and nice architecture...Enjoy flying home because of this!
bill.reilly 12-21-2009 2:28 AM Good airport, but among the slowest in the country when it comes to baggage delivery to the carousel. Hard to believe how long it takes in such a small airport. Alaska is the worst offender.
wwwilkie 12-4-2009 1:03 AM Reminds me of a much smaller version of DIA.
rymalia 06-16-2009 7:31 AM I love flying into PDX. Shortest walk from plane to curb I've ever seen, and very fast baggage delivery. You can get out of there very quickly. The scenery is beautiful also, I actually look forward to parking and walking over the footbridge into the terminal. Plus you can't beat airport-wide free wireless internet, I don't know why all airports don't do that. Lastly great, real local restaurants are in there.
greatqueen 12-22-2008 8:20 PM This is my home airport and as I travel more frequently I realize how much I've taken it for granted over the years. It's well laid out, clean, the people are friendly and the flights are generally on time.
oztraveller 05-26-2008 4:12 AM Best airport that I went to during my visit to the USA. Staff and security were very friendly, even when there was a small mix up with a flight to San Fran. Easy to navigate through, clean and well presented. Will go back there in a flash! Well done PDX.
mtnman 04-7-2008 6:58 PM I would rate Portland as good. Long distances between restrooms was our only gripe. After Atlanta, an oasis of calm.
dcbrc2 03-20-2008 7:45 PM Great mid-size airport, international service on the rise
sumtoy 11-5-2007 6:57 PM I use PDX all the time and as I have traveled other airports, I am always glad to come home to our clean, very well lite, well stocked, safe feeling airport. Thanks PDX keep up the good work.
cvamee 08-31-2007 9:14 PM Great airport. I'd use it again in a heart beat.
jjconnell 08-29-2007 5:15 PM A great little airport. Easy to get around and has everything you need.
daym 07-31-2007 5:28 PM Portland Airport is one of the best layed out airports I travel through. There is internet service available. The parking garage is set up very well with lots of access to the terminal. There are lights to indicate the avaibility of parking spaces, this is an awsome thing when looking for a spot to park. There is a need for better restaurants in the concourses. I do find the food very limited and on the lower scale of quality. For kids it is even more limited, not even a McDonald's. Overall, this is a well run airport. I consider it one of the best in the U.S.
NVDesertRat 07-29-2007 2:00 PM I liked PDX for the most part. The agents were nice, and the security wasn't bad. The only thing to complain about is that there aren't enough windows! a 4.5 out of 5 for me.
alwebster 05-17-2007 3:01 PM PDX is very updated airport that stays current with the industry. Very comfortable with excellent signage, road system, parking and terminal. It does seem to be constantly under construction in some or all areas as it moves to keep up with increased passanger flow.
keegmick 12-15-2006 10:38 PM Free wireless internet - has been in place now for a number of years. Every single airport in the country should offer this service for the flying public. Unfortunately, most do not. That in and of itself makes PDX a Grade A airport.
mearapm9999 11-26-2006 7:11 PM PDX doesn't struggle with the same crowds and congestions as some of the larger airports, but they have not rested on those laurels. The team at PDX have done an amazing job of approaching an airport visitor's experience from a whole new perspective. Live piano music, free WI-FI and a sophisiticated array of shops makes your time in the airport more like a stroll in an upscale shopping center. everything is clean, attractive and pleasant and the general mood of the people passing through and working there seems to reflect the thoughtful creation of a space and experience that is far from the onerous challenge of most airports. Good Job Portland!!!!!