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heelinsea 09-27-2010 12:25 AM Why does Penang lag behind Kota Kinabalu, the LCCT in Kuala Lumpur and the KLIA, and other airports. Is the government penalizing Penang for its opposition government? So many other airports so much better.
suhailizan 07-25-2010 4:07 AM 1. Taxi rate quite high. 2. Taxi visual condition need serious improvement. It does not represent international airport at all. 3. The airport should be much better after the major renovation works.
williamyl 06-29-2009 3:14 AM Since it is international airport.It should be provided free WIFI in this area d........ and add more international flight instead of fly to KL 1st and go/back to other place...... extend the length of the landing places is more important for huge plane to land. more direct flight to other country is required.
Buckra 12-7-2006 5:57 AM Has improved a lot but still room for improvement. Getting people through Customs takes ages and the toilets may be fine for those who live in South East Asia but Penang is now an International destination and toilets or at least 50% in the airport should recognise this fact.