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Robert00007 08-22-2014 8:21 AM One of the worst airports I have flown from. Treated like cattle. Staff give no respect to travellers.
Orbit9 08-6-2014 2:20 PM Really do not like to depart from this airport they have a system which I have never seen before where the feed the passengers through what can only be compared to as a animal pen. You leave the departure lounge not to board your flight but to stand in line like hearded sheep before you are able to board, in hot whether really bad in winter freezing cold, I have never come across this in any airport round the world.
flywcm 05-15-2012 6:47 PM Airport staff do not seem to understand that flying should be a pleasure. They do nothing to enhance the experience. They demonstrate a lack of thought. Insufficient quality shops, poor duty free shopping. The "new" terminal is very old hat!
VictoriaJackson 01-18-2012 5:17 PM This is a cute little airport with a few shops and nice food served after security. The seating lounge overlooks the runway and a nice landscape; and when I was there, a beautiful sunset. A note to the people calling Cyprus a third world country - most Cypriots are probably ten times wealthier than you and that's a fact.
alan.l 11-7-2010 10:46 AM Improvement on last terminal but still very limited seating, limited shopping, high prices and too few routes
collierbob 06-1-2010 1:27 PM The new Paphos Airport is a great improvement. seating and all facilities are good - Well done!!
freshairways 08-22-2009 2:59 PM The brand new terminal it a great improvement to the old one. The layout is very nice with the seating area looking out onto the tarmac and the runway. The seating area is also where the gates are so it’s easy to get to the gate. The shops and duty-free are good but the restaurants are very expensive and all the food is just junk food like pizza. But apart from that the airport is much better than before. Would defiantly recommend that you fly from there.
LOWLES 07-1-2009 1:22 PM The new terminal is a great improvement on the old. Some of my assessment may not be accurate as I always use the excellent Cyprus Airways lounge.
girls3 jackie 08-15-2008 7:07 AM not a place u want to e delayed. hot in summer, plenty of staff, but all when asked, say they dont know or just walk off,!
JAR4365 12-19-2007 11:52 AM Expensive shopping - ESPECIALLY DUTY FREE. Used this airport 4 times, and its getting better, slowly, but its an improvement on last year! Very Hot! Even at midnight! I flew PFO-MAN at 02:30 on a Monday morning, and it was VERY busy! 5 flights landed in the space of 30 mins. Great little airport, although, MUCH prefer LCA (Larnaca). More Modern!
VNavPath 09-17-2007 1:05 PM A third world dump in a so called EU country. Avoid at all costs Wednesdays & Sundays - tour group changeover days.
chrismoore 08-2-2007 1:26 PM A nasty little airport with third world facilites and service orientation.Watch out for the hooligan taxi drivers! Bad days, everyday but Wednesdays and Sundays are the worst!
jtuk100 01-13-2007 4:55 PM Current facilities at the airport are very poor. Although, new terminals are being built. Not clean and staff very unhelpful. Taxi drivers congregate in arrivals terminal, smoking and making lots of noise. Baggage handling is OK on quiet days but expect big delays on Wednesdays and at weekends when the majority of flights are scheduled.