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SnowCanyon 09-19-2014 4:21 PM poor overall rating due to generally bad attitude from airline ground personnel, especially USAirways
trilobite01 08-19-2014 1:28 PM This airport needs a major overhaul. It's really filthy, but I guess that goes along with the city of Philadelphia anyhow. Carpets are soiled like a roach motel. Furniture is broken. Signs are misplaced and direct you to the wrong places. Terminals don't match up with baggage claim or check in. For example, if you're flying Delta, you get off of the train at D, you check in at E, you depart from D, and your baggage claim is between C & D. The airport is a mess.
SJPorter 07-17-2014 12:39 PM Immigration is a joke here. A large number of international flights arrive all within 1 hour of each other for which they schedule 8 immigration officers. I usually end up waiting 2-3 hours to get through. Thank God I never have to use flight connections here.
Jcbrph 05-8-2014 10:17 PM PHL is my home base airport and it's really not as bad as all the comments on here. I can think of a few worse ones (Dulles, LAX). I do admit that the airport workers seem to be more concerned about themselves than the flying customer. On the other hand, the airport has many places to east and soon will finally have a Starbucks in the B/C shopping/ food court area
mssgucci2u 03-2-2014 10:32 PM I fly weekly in and out of PHL, and most of the time, I can honestly say that it's no worse than any other airport in the country. I've never experienced any hostility with the exception of the US Airways ticketing counters and TSA has never been an issue. Perhaps if people would have their belongings prepared for the scanner instead of waiting until they get there and asking questions, others wouldn't be forced to stand in such long lines. I've waited in much longer lines at LAX however and it's not the airports fault that unseasoned travelers don't have their act together. My only complaints would be that a lot of shops don't open early enough in the morning and the guys in customs are jerks. I've never experienced more than a 20 minute delay leaving Philly either. Oh and they do offer free WIFI and have for the past few years. It is not slow in my experience. Perhaps it's the reviewers device that is slow.
nicholasridley 02-27-2014 11:52 AM Worst airport in my travels throughout world, esp. security check and baggage.
tkap 12-3-2013 8:29 PM So far I did not have any problems in PHL-I like the airport
CWhiteley01 10-12-2013 2:32 AM PHL is an ok airport as airports go, but there is plenty of room for improvement. First of all, your chances of getting off the ground on time here are slim at best. Also, the lines are HORRIBLE. Worse than Heathrow for that matter and that says a lot. Going through security on the way out was very slow, seeing as they only have two lines... and passport control on the way back in took 45 minutes. They only had 6 out of 30-ish desks open and the officers took their time about getting people through. The shopping is nice though, and there is free wifi! The arrivals hall is pretty nice too.
kevinpanter 09-12-2013 6:38 PM Seasoned business traveler here (at least 4 flights a week) and when i get a client in Philly I always dread the fact that you can never get the heck out of this airport. If your plane does not have US Airways painted on the side of it you WILL take off LATE (23rd in line for takeoff kinda thing) if your flight is scheduled to depart after 3 pm daily... Its very normal to wait on the plane on the tarmac even on a sunny day with no weather between you and your destination. Oh yeah, the airport is dirty and the people are mean. City of Brotherly Love? How about city of the worst airport in the USA (ORD and the NYC 3 are MUCH easier to get in and out of in comparison)... Just saying... 25+ years of business travel and PHL is as it has always been... Slow, Rude and guaranteed to put you into a spiraling delay most likely not making it to you destination. And the internet speed they offer while you sit waiting forever ... Dial up is faster.
firststatemjb 03-25-2013 11:40 AM the people in philly are notorious for being mean, it is the city that hates you back. The airport reflects this. 03-21-2013 5:40 PM 2nd worst airport in America
Centurions 03-7-2013 11:25 AM Can't fault this airport for facilities
ccbetor 10-31-2012 8:21 AM I avoid flying through this airport at all costs, and it looks like the majority of other reviewers concur. The rare reviews that are not negative have wording that sounds like a marketing scam! This airport is a DISGRACE to the USA. I have seen International travelers who speak less than perfect english get berated by TSA to the point of tears. I challenge these same TSA agents to spend one day in a non-English speaking country and get humbled with just how humiliated you feel. Inmates who are booked at a jail are treated with more respect than a traveler connecting through Philly. This airport not only is a sore spot for Philly, but for the USA as a whole. Who would want to visit our country just to be treated like a dog? Decreased travel revenues trickle down to a poor economy. Get a clue PHL and fix this airport for everyone!
rjbinney 10-28-2012 7:35 PM I fly out of PHL at least 45-50 times per year. Flights are on time, and the airport physically is OK (decent restaurants), it's the people working on the ground there that make it a living hell: - TSA lines have no rhyme or reason; They can be really long on quiet days, and you can sail through on the day before Tgiving (although Monday mornings always blow). - The pinheads (nonTSA) that manage the TSA line will shut down the frequent flyer line if they feel like it, putting you hundreds of people back when you least expect it - There are a few USAir and Delta (nee NW) gate agents that are among the best anywhere; however, the rest of them are rude (sometimes outright hostile) and mostly slothful - If you're thinking about checking a bag, make sure you have at least 45 minutes to wait after you get to Bag Claim; the longest distance between two points is the route a suitcase runs through PHL - Likewise, it's not uncommon to wait 10-20 minutes (particularly on a Friday night) for someone to bring the skybridge out to the plane If they improved the staffing levels - or at least loaded them to reflect traffic - and actually hired decent people who understood "service", this would be a great airport. Food is good, shopping is excellent (awesome Brooks Bros. sales/service/prices), USAir club (and general waiting) is mostly comfortable. Needs a Wawa!
alhaddad 10-28-2012 5:21 PM Worst airport on the east coast. Pilots hate it too! All staff (services and airlines) are very rude.
szharris 09-3-2012 3:02 PM Extremely unreliable to make connections; takeoffs/landings at peak times are scheduled way over airport capacity; leave at least 2 hours to connect at PHL - 3-4 hours if you have to make an international connection; 45-60 minute delays at peak time departures so plan additional time (90 minutes) if you are making a connection from a departing PHL flight. Very slow baggage handling - plan 30 minutes extra to get your luggage after you get off the plane.
MarsReeeves 06-24-2012 12:51 PM Flight got canceled because it was raining. Really? Over rain? I flew in from PDX where all it does is rain. Ended up getting stuck there for 5 hours before I was able to catch my flight to MHT. I'm not sure what was worse; the mislabeled gates, the constant gate changes or the half an inch of water that was on ALL of the bathroom floors. I will avoid this place at all costs.
Jesus_Christ 04-12-2012 7:31 PM Worst airport in the US!!! No matter what airline you take it is a horrible experience. My advice if your flying USAir is connect through Charlotte and avoid this airport.
c6h5oh1 05-16-2011 5:06 PM PHL is a dirty airport with poor customer service no matter which airline you are using. TSA lines are always long.
cfc0d3r 05-4-2011 5:56 PM Worst airport I've ever traveled through, and I travel through PHL at least twice a month. USAir made the worst decision to make PHL their northeast hub over PIT. Countless delays, and unreasonable weather conditions make this a horrible experience for all travelers.
labatarelle 02-6-2011 12:13 AM NO free wi-fi. NO Starbucks. Must take shuttle to go from terminals A, B, C, D, to terminal F; shuttle is never on time. If you are connecting to terminal F, make certain to allow an extra 30minutes MINIMUM to your layover.
Dublin_rfk 02-2-2011 8:45 PM What can I say, It is a 1.5 billion dollar rat hole, but I fly out of here every week.
dtcjem 01-31-2011 4:56 PM I fly through Philly on a weekly basis and there are TONS of delays and cancellations. Worst airport in terms of delays and cancellations I encounter. Not a bad airport to spend the time in though.
wired7234 01-30-2011 3:51 AM No internet? seriously? Keeping your customers happy should be number 1 on your list of changeable items. Basic internet is complimentary in many of the larger, and in some cases, much smaller airports (BTV), yet, you don't even HAVE an opt-in for even a paid service. Get with it please? many people would rather be industrious while we are endlessly delayed. Children could be watching a movie instead of driving everyone around them insane. WAKE UP PHIL- there is modern technology out there, even if it does not exist in your airport.
flohthzg 01-27-2011 1:37 PM One of the worst airports I know. My flight was cancelled due to snow - and a nightmare started. Slow, incompetent staff, chaotic handling of the situation, no information - I didn't know that it can get this bad in the US, I would have rather expected this in a third world country.
kbyrd400 01-18-2011 11:57 AM The airport itself is kind of a dump and is difficult to navigate. As a Delta flier, I am now stuck in Terminal D which has much more limited services than A-B-C (though security at this terminal is generally pretty quick) and the layout of the Delta gates at the end of Terminal D is congested and doesn't have enough seating or proper pedestrian aisles for boarding or deplaning passengers. I used to think that the employees at PHL were rude... then I figured out it is mostly just USAir and TSA employees at PHL who are rude. The Delta folks are great.
byrnesdl 01-3-2011 8:28 PM Worse airport in U.S. by far.. Would LOVE to see an Undercover Boss episode done with whomever runs that airport. U.S. Air in particular would be good to see also.. Problem is, they'd probably lose their CEO(s) someplace in the airport.. Travel through there a lot and probably only 30% of my flights ever leave on time. Sat in there one night after 4 gate changes. Had to go to another terminal to find someone to ask what was going on. 11pm and all the U.S Air employees had left and no one had told us the flight had been canceled.. No reason as to why. Lost the pilot probably.. Which seems to be a common excuse also..
bpriest58 12-27-2010 4:03 AM The inmates have taken over the asylum here! Obi Won Kenobi we need your help!
mjszeliga 12-27-2010 5:52 PM By far, the worst airport in the United States. Whoever runs this place should be ashamed. Security lines are the longest and most inefficient I've ever seen. Employees are rude across the facility (no surprise -- this seems to be the status quo for the people of Philly, too). Traffic control "officers" are unbelivable power trippers. I went to pick up my family on Dec. 21 and pulled up to the curb to wait for them. I could see them walking from the terminal to the door to walk out of the airport. The security officer came screaming up to me with lights flashing and told me to circle around. I said, "My family is right there," and pointed to the doorway, which my family was just coming through. She said (with a whole lot of Philly attitude): "You can continue to talk back to me, or I can just write you the $119 ticket." I said, "I'm not trying to talk back. I'm trying to explain that my party is right there." I pointed again. They were crossing the street. She said, "If they're not standing at the curbside when you pull up, you have to circle around. Now MOVE!" and she waved her ticket pad threateningly. I hate this airport with a passion. This is just the most recent example of many, many, many mishaps we've had with PHI. We moved here almost seven years ago because of a job transfer and go to the greatest lengths possible to never use this airport. We'll go to EWR, JFK, LaGuardia, Atlantic City, Baltimore or D.C. before we use this airport. When my family comes for Christmas every year, though, they insist on using PHI because it's closest to our house. Avoid this airport at all costs! 12-25-2010 2:34 PM Always setting a new standard for sloth and arrogance for employees, the training must be centered on how to make passengers angry and late. It gives Usairways a black eye and turns off more people to the airtline than any amount of bad flight experiences. 11-7-2010 11:56 AM The organisation and reception of international travellers is THE worst in the world, I have 3 times witnessed the immigration staff being rude beyond belief to other travellers. A high handed and arrogant manner runs through all the staff supervising international arrivals. You could send the staff to any other airport in the world to learn how to do it better. Fire everybody and start again.
imac80 10-18-2010 6:18 PM I have the unfortunate task of flying out of PHL weekly. Security lines are the WORST I've encountered and have the rudest TSA employees. It typically takes between 40-60+ min to get through security in the morning. Once through security, you'll find limited seating within the gate area for terminals B and C (UsAirways), very rude employees, and dirty bathrooms. If you're unlucky enough to have checked a bag, have fun waiting for it. Don't worry, though, you won't have time to encounter any of this--you'll be running to your plane after standing in security for over an hour. Baggage claim is equally bad: I've had my bag delivered between 15 min and 2 hours from when I've deplaned. Even the USAirways baggage claim office staff tells passengers not to report a lost bag until 2 hours after the plane landed! Amazing! One plus side--Terminal A (international) is pretty nice. Plenty of seating and architechture that appears from this decade! Avoid PHL at all costs!
limoduck 10-18-2010 4:07 PM PPA SUCKS
nsfindit 09-16-2010 2:47 PM This is the most filthy airport I must travel through. I do not believe that any surface in this airport is wiped annually. Even the concrete slab walls are filthy. The staff for the airlines and well as the airport are also extremely rude and certainly seem to take for granted their job security because if you do a brief survey, at least 3 of 5 employees are messing around with their cell phones. I avoid this airport as much as possible. US Air should not use this airport as a hub and should look for employees that value their job. With an unemployement rate at 9% I can't believe that they tolerate this behavior from the staff. I would have fired all of them quite some time ago or a least a few. As my Dad used to say "fire one and put three to work".
mtf419 08-4-2010 8:34 PM Quite possibly the rudest employees of any airport. It's almost as if they take pride in perpetuating the typical Philadelphia stereotype. Unfortunately, having grown up and lived in Philadelphia for most of my adult life, I can assure you it's a stereotype with merit.
srose1210 07-23-2010 5:38 PM I'm not sure what it is about PHL, but I can't stand it. I have access to EWR, JFK, and LGA, and I prefer all of the above over PHL. I've narrowed it down to the location, which is past the city of Philly on a very busy, congested, ugly route, I-95. Everything about it is average, but not great. The parking prices are ridiculous, the lack of public transportation to and from is infuriating (when compared to EWR, which is a BREEZE!), and the people are hit or miss on friendliness and helpfulness. This is also the only airport where I've had luggage lost three times (two different carriers from three different destination cities). And the airport is just plain ugly. The one good thing is accessibility to both Philly and NYC and Baltimore, so you can sometimes get a good price.
jchab3859 07-15-2010 2:49 PM This was our first time and hopefully last time at this airport. We encountered many US Airway personel and received very little assistance even though we traveled through the Make_A_Wish foundation with our child who had a heart transplant. Our flight from tampa to philly had been diverted and then delayed causing us to miss our international connection. We had to ask for assistance since none was offered and then we were directed different directions and after a lot of run around we ended up having to deal with Toufen Okem with US Airways. He was a very RUDE and UNCARING individual. Due to his imcompetence our luggage was not available to us for 3 days. US Airways and the Philidelphia Airport Made the once in a lifetime MAKE-A-WISH trip a stressful and unenjoyable trip. Especially since we knew we had to travel back this way on our return home. The Chaboudy Family
Cairo John 07-6-2010 8:36 PM Worst Airport I have ever Been to and i have been to a lot. Staff lazy with a terrible attitude especialy immigration security I was detained for 1 hour after my landing had already been delayed 2 hours on A flight From France. Will never land there again if i can help it.
FREQFLY14845 06-15-2010 9:07 AM This is, by far comparison, the worst airport in US! If it was't required for business travel, I would NEVER again travel through this airport. Weather delays are no fault of the airport, but recovery from delays is a joke at this location. Delay every incoming plane with ground holds, and let all the connection flights leave ontime. Nice! Even with a two+ hour layover plan, I still miss my connections!! FYI...nobody wants to book 5+ hour layovers at a dirty facility with rude staff. For extended travel, I have no choice but to check baggage. BIG MISTAKE!!! I NEVER RECEIVE MY BAGGAGE WHEN FLYING THROUGH THIS AIRPORT!!!! Currently in France and on day two with NO baggage! Don't worry though, I'm going shopping on the airline...all because the PHL baggage handling is a joke. I've actually been sitting on a plane and watched my luggage fall off a cart to the tarmac...and they left it there! Of course, to no surprise, I arrived home without it!
jbmeans 05-29-2010 7:33 PM Worst in the Northeast.
mariannpal 04-24-2010 3:54 PM The Philadelphia International Airport has made tremendous strides toward becoming a first rate airport. With USAirways establishing Philadelphia as a hub, the number of connecting flights has increased. The service and courtesy of the employees is quite good and the fast food and restaurant prices are reasonable. Public train transportation to center city is available. This affords the traveler the opportunity to transfer to Amtrak trains offering destinations New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C., and beyond.
buell22 03-20-2010 10:10 PM People working there seem to be more interested in doing anything else but what they are doing!!
bjnibbe 12-25-2009 8:20 AM The only airport worse than this airport is the one not built yet. What a horrible, horrible experience...dirty facilities and nasty people. I purposely avoid Philadelphia.
jakohan1 12-20-2009 1:50 AM There seems to be no accountability at this airport for staff behavior. No lessons in customer service, no initative for doing a good job. I have spent so much time at this airport, I have decided that the people who work there really come to hang out with each other for the day. It's not bad once you learn the how tos, but God help you if you've never been in this airport before, be prepared for rude. The airport does offer great selection of flights. The parking is hit or miss, and no way to call ahead and check on the parking status. The garages have been under renovatons for at least a year, closing off whole sections to parking. I think Mayor Nutter would like to think of it as "first class", but it has a long way to go to get there. The WORST is that you have to walk outside between gates, it's far, and not designed for foot traffic. You're negotiating poles and curbs.If you can park near your gate it's fine, but if not - YIKES. OH yeah - and if you hace to pick up arriving passager on F gate, you have to follow signs for departures to get there. I think they like making people circle the airport multiple times.
theshrops 12-20-2009 4:57 PM Worst airport for service. ALWAYS under construction. Always dirty.
gmabarrett 12-20-2009 4:06 PM Seervice is terible, airport staff horrible, location and amenities prehistoric, flights are generaqlly late with little explanation, airline service is nonexistant. and that is just this week.
the-tine 11-13-2009 3:25 AM P:ros: Very clean and well designed. Friendly staff. Easy public transportation to city center via the SEPTA R1 Regional Train (although the price, now at $8, keeps rising). Nonstop International, domestic, and regional flights available. Giant, beautiful hall for international arrivals. Cons: All the food is behind the security checkpoint, so if you're dropping off someone, eat before you leave. Parking is expensive, like every other airport. At least the shuttle to the lot is free. Wireless isn't free.
phardy 08-24-2009 1:55 AM Aside from the delays that are an unfortunate consequence of the airport's lack of room for runway expansion, PHL is not as bad an airport as some suggest. Baggage handling with US has improved dramatically compared to a year or two ago. The amount of space at the gates in many terminals is limited and can be uncomfortable if there are delays. The B & C concourses could use some freshening, though the food court and mall area in between them is quite nice. Living in the Philadelphia area, I've found the train to be the best way to get there as it avoids the expensive parking. I also appreciate the large number of direct international flights available. It saves me from connecting through another city for trips to Europe.
hazzywayy 08-24-2009 8:18 PM This airport is HORRIBLE for flights - NEVER NEVER on time.
memargie 08-2-2009 6:17 PM This airport is okay as long as the weather is good. If the weather is not clear and sunny, you can expect delays, even with just a little light rain. In heavy rain or snow, the airport almost shuts down completely.
stoob0 07-6-2009 3:19 PM Sucks
Angry business man 06-28-2009 1:06 PM Angry Business Traveller:
dennishale 06-12-2009 7:52 PM The people are very rude
maryehill0812 03-2-2009 5:59 PM I am a road warrior and have to travel in/out of Philly every week. This is the worst airport in the country. Dirty, absolutely awful facilities, unfriendly and unhelpful staff, lousy security(are they kidding???), and miserable on-time records. Some of the rudest TSA employees I have ever encountered. My favorite game is to count how many of them are either (a)sleeping, or, (b)talking on their cell phones. If you have a time sensitive connection, forget it. I have seen cleaner restrooms at gas stations. Avoid PHL at all costs.
jimbohva 01-19-2009 12:14 PM Sloppy , no consideration for passengers. US Air has some sadistic employees working for them
sawank 11-8-2008 11:24 PM Seems like there is some bias in who is rating PHL here: I fly a lot, and through PHL most of the time, and I can honestly say this airport is no worst than most, and has many good features. The physical plant and amenities are well above average for US airports. The baggage handling and delays cause the greatest problems. The former problem is improving but needs more work; the latter problem is a consequence of geography and flight volumes: what major airport in the Northeast is not prone to delays?
joyfriese 11-6-2008 2:11 PM As a first time flyer I connected through Philadelphia twice on my trip to DEN and have to admit that both experiences were pleasurable. On one occassion I needed to ask for assistance and I found the worker very helpful and knowledgeable. All flights were on time (even early). Perhaps it was beginner's luck but I wouldn't hesitate to connect through PHL again, in fact I would prefer to!
WilburW 09-10-2008 11:53 PM The International Terminal is an embarrassment for a supposedly world-class city. Long, spartan corridors without many direction signs; doors that lead to dead-ends or passageways into support areas; poor seating in the arrivals area; difficulty in getting flight information, etc. etc. The train system to Philadelphia is slow and only runs every 1/2 hour, vs. other cities with service every 10 minutes or so. It's also a rip-off: there's no place to buy a ticket before getting on, but the operator (SEPTA - Systematic Elimination of Public Transit Altogether?) charges a couple of bucks penalty if you don't have a ticket beforehand. Gotcha, visitors! Plus, it's cash-only. No credit cards - if all you have are euros or pounds you're stuck.
pmlambert 08-11-2008 2:10 PM The black hole of the airline industry. Avoid at all costs.
cmabe1555 08-5-2008 3:27 PM Absolutely the WORST airport in the United States!!!!!!
wmichael01 08-5-2008 2:38 PM This airport outranked every other large North American Airport in JD Power's 2008 North America Customer Satisfaction survey. It won Best Overall Satisfaction. Using it frequently as I do, can't say I'm surprised. It's not the most cutting edge architecturally, but it's well-designed with a lot of light and has so many amenities that being in it is a pleasure. I mind airline delays least in this airport. (
lark00law 05-19-2008 8:03 PM This is the only airport I have been to where trying to pick up someone with luggage is a nightmare! Even if you are at the curb with your luggage ready to go into trunk before your ride even slows down for a second to let you in the cops are screaming at you to move on! Seriously! And the few times I have parked my car in the parking garage I have had to drive around at least 10 + minutes looking for a spot--and if no spot the garage still gets a min of $7! What are people in wheelchairs and older people supposed to do? Like everything else in PHL getting out of the airport is extremely difficult.
hamhock245 05-17-2008 3:31 PM PHL is the worst domestic airport. NEVER connect here! One drop of rain can mean hours of delay.Terminal is dingy, bathrooms are absolutely filthy, employees are often rude. Food choices in terminals D and E are poor. Any one who has patronized Burger King at PHL will tell you to stay away. Rental car employees are the rudest Ive ever encountered. A second class airport for a second class city!
mamaandpapabear 04-13-2008 8:49 PM We have been in and out of airports in the USA, Europe and Asia and Philadelphia is the worst airport we have ever had the misfortune to use. The employees are the rudiest, nastiest people we have ever come across. That includes eveyone who works there, TSA, USAir and even US Customs, they can all be summed up with one word.....nasty!
727stretch 04-9-2008 4:56 AM Don't ever make a connection here or you'll risk missing it. Even if your flight pushes back on time, plan on a half hour at least before you take off due to one runway in use at a time for the big jets. That means a lot of taxiing around ("scenic" tour of the airport basically). This place is affected by one cloud in the sky due to its position on the East coast, so plan on plenty of ATC delays. I avoid PHL at all costs.
gbuspa 03-12-2008 6:25 PM Flying every week all over US and PHL is the worst airport in the nation. Here some problems: 1. Security lines very long. 2. When going thru security check you have to go bare feet on concrete floor. No floor covering. 3. Economy Parking Lot buses (especially on Friday night) running with 20-30 min delay. Buses running the way the want and sometimes don't stop for pick up at all). 3. No terminal informational displays on Economy Parking Lot buses. 4. On SEPTA rail stations, tickets machines are not working (completely closed). You have to buy ticket on board of the train and they will charge you extra ($4.00). That's the way for SEPTA to make extra revenue. 5. No train schedule on train stations. 6. No information about train delays.
bigdogpete43 03-1-2008 5:27 PM This is the worst airport in the US. It is ran by a bunch of gang bangers who dont care if anything ever leaves or takes off . It is crowded, nasty, and just plain butt-ugly.
PFBabz 01-17-2008 10:15 PM dirty and unfriendly people, flight almost always delayed arriving or departing.
Tetrini 01-6-2008 12:30 PM Mostly I'm just passing through waiting for connecting flights. This airport is subject to a lot of weather delays. I wish the baggage handlers weren't so rough on the bags. The one time I did pas through security the wait seemed forever (35 minutes). Availabilty of parking was good but expensive and it was only a ten minute drive to the city center. But in general I would rather be anywhere else than in Philadelphia. At least the people are nice.
tchartman 01-5-2008 2:26 AM Arriving at certain terminals in this airport is like entering a very poor third world country.
Honorable 01-2-2008 6:10 PM Luggage Handling and PHL are two things which don't fit together....Worst airport I know (Flying 350k miles a year I know a lot of airports). US-Air personnel is incompetent and mostly unfriendly. I often see people un- or -repacking their suitcase due to 1-2 pound weight difference (even envoy and first customers) . Avoid PHL if possible.
SWFloridaAl 12-31-2007 3:46 AM Friendly Employees and a very pretty airport
gbfowlerjr 12-16-2007 12:21 PM Using this airport on a regular basis is not a fun experience
RLaurenceDavis 12-15-2007 8:22 PM What a nightmare. A single cloud in the sky and everything is held up. I don't blame the airlines, they're at the mercy of a completely incompetent airport management team. However, airline employees are surly, arrogant, and reluctant to give out the slightest bit of information. Where else would a plane have to wait inbound at the ramp for someone to come out and guide them in the last few dozen feet?
teresa8880 11-21-2007 5:10 PM This airport is the worst in the country....worse than ny airports, ohare, detroit. The lines are long, long, long, with cramped space, and you can be guaranteed delays every time. It is horribly laid out, terrible signs, no places to eat, dirty and disorganized. The so-called improvements a couple years ago amounted to zilch. The A/B terminal is nice but NO FLIGHTS go there. D and E terminals are horrible. Avoid if at all possible.
glenmarshall 11-20-2007 10:53 PM Truly awful parking situation.
pokey 11-20-2007 5:05 PM airport is terrible
jlantolf 11-20-2007 1:13 PM Avoid this airport at all costs !!! Please USAir reopen your Pittsburgh hub.
joebevan 11-15-2007 12:27 AM Most disgusting airport in the USA - if you absolutely positively have to get their on time - don't fly through PHL
skate8 11-9-2007 8:21 PM Absolutely the WORST airport ever in my 14 years + of weekly travel. Rude, clueless agents both ticket counter and gate agents. Filthy airport, and ridiculous waits on tarmac. No communication whatsoever from gate agents who constantly bang on a keyboard, stareing at the screen, and totally ignoring the customer standing right in front of them, and never board on time. Avoid this airport like the plague if at all possible.
autophile 10-26-2007 3:23 AM Very easy to get lost in the car and on foot. Avoid if you can. 10-25-2007 6:53 PM The employess are the worst I have ever encountered
Yilancio 10-24-2007 4:08 AM Baggage claim horrible. Very rarely do the monitors update showing what flight # baggage is on what carousel! Cellphone waiting/parking is literally the SHOULDER OF i-95 OFFRAMP! They try not to let you park what are you to do? Drive in a freggin 8 mile CIRCLE around the ap? Finding the proper SHORT TERM PARKING will make you take anti-vertigo pills and xanax. Some ELEVATORS do not have buttons marked! SECURITY CAMERAS ARE INOPERATIVE!!!!!!! HELLO???
ferrellt 10-18-2007 12:56 AM One of the dirtiest airports in the country. Nasty, nasty, nasty. None of the electrical outlets work to recharge those mobile devices. I felt like I needed a shower after passing through there.
flyboy123 10-18-2007 12:53 PM The place is physically disgusting. I avoid sitting the in dirty ripped seating. The staff is rude, apathetic, or simply absent depending on the day. The flights on Wednesday noon may be on time but forget about the business times Monday Thrusday and Friday. Great airport for loosing your luggage. Avoid this airport like the plague.
ibkidd37 10-15-2007 5:53 PM Massive rennovation going on, regional termian very nice, terminal B run-down, every flight I've been on through there has been late (US Airways).
jgoltz 10-10-2007 11:28 PM THE WORST AIRPORT EVER! And even worse now that USeless Air has moved so much traffic from PIT to PHL. Pittsburgh was so much better. PHL is a GHETTO DUMP! Dirty, old shack with SLOW and not always friendly service. NEVER CONNECT in PHL!!! You will be sorry.
jalinsgs 10-9-2007 8:46 PM I moved to Harrisburg because I could not longer stand PHL. Mayor Street has done his best to ruin whatever was left of this airport by handing out employee and service contracts to his cronies. The result is a service level that has become a laughing stock of frequent travellers.
wmichael1 09-28-2007 10:58 PM Many travelers love to malign the travel experience- from the airport to the airline. For travelers who frequent a particular city, it becomes easy to only see faults because there is only one frame of reference. I believe this to be particularly true of the Philadelphia International Airport which has more than its share of frustrations- delays being the biggest of them all. Yet, as far as airports go, it's actually an excellent airport. I live in Philadelphia and fly between 60 and 80 times per year. I see dozens of international airports each year. By far, PHL has the highest number of high-quality amenities of its peer group. Restaurants, concessions, shops, ATMs and places to lounge abound. It is well-designated with signage and has some of the most impressive art programs of any terminal in the world. That's not just my opinion. PHL was ranked number 2 in overall customer satisfaction in the 2006 JD Powers North America Airport Satisfaction Study. For two years straight in 2002/2003, it was honored as having the best airport concession program by Airports Council International. The Wall Street Journal has consistently named it as one of America's best airports giving it credit for making one of its faults an advantage naming it "the best airport to be delayed in" because of its many restaurants and shops. The airport's many other advantages include closeness to downtown (15 minutes by car, 25 minutes by rail) and number of places it serves. Could it be a bit cleaner- any airport could (except Pearson in Toronto- it's spotless). Could it benefit from an unground shuttle to connect the terminals- absolutely- but so could San Francisco, LAX, Boston Logan, Charlotte and a whole host of US airports. What about baggage handling? Well blame to airline, not the airport. Air Canada, United and US Airways have all lost my luggage more than once. Does it surpass most other airports in terms of convenience, utility, clarity and comfort- without question. If we could just do something about the air space congestion over Philly and New York, PHL would be just that much better.
padams89 09-27-2007 5:15 AM Terminals D and E are disgusting. The roof in terminal E leaks when it rains and it is constantly dirty throughout the terminal. At PHL, you can expect at least a 20 minute delay if it's just raining outside. It horrible.
kothapally 09-17-2007 2:20 AM I travel in and out of Philadelphia airport every week and I have to say Philly airport is one of the absolute worst airports in the country. Philly airport is not equipped or designed to handle any where near the traffic it is currently handling. Great city, but, absolutely, the worst airport.
dougpatricks 08-26-2007 3:12 PM The worst baggage handling hands down of any airport. It takes at least twice as long to get your baggage than any other airport. I do like their price fix policy that does not allow a like store to charge a higher price in the airport than what it costs in the city.
longnest1 08-21-2007 11:25 AM Probably one of the worse airports I've ever flown in and out of. The city employees are apathetic and lazy. A number were observed congregating and socializing in "hiding spots." Requests for assistance or directions were met with "I don't know." Baggage claim area is a disgrace. Remote parking and shuttle service is horrendous. Cellphone pickup area is a "no parking" exit ramp from the interstate. On the plus side...the employees in the private sector were helpful and courteous. The airport is going through an expansion...hopefully this will alleviate some of the confusion and congestion. I will avoid flying in/out of PHL as much as possible.
jcjeffries 08-20-2007 1:53 PM baggage claim times are ridiculous on USAir, and often come out on a different belt to the one shown. Monitors are not always readable. Security staff attitude is rude and lines are excessive. Not all security lines are staffed so lines can snake back to baggage claim escalator over the footbridges. A poor representation of a great city
creepymcgee 08-10-2007 3:16 PM I believe PHL and USAirways should part ways before everyone on the Atlantic seaboard has a panic attack. Every single time I have flown this combination, either my luggage is lost AND the flight is delayed three hours. Not a bad airport if you fly Southwest and carry-on only!
wwwilkie 08-5-2007 7:54 PM Poorly designed and poorly maintained. One of the worst airports I have ever been in.
jerseyfinn 07-28-2007 5:04 PM This is my home airport. PHL's problem is that it's in Philadelphia. The in-you-face attitude starts at the door and continues until you're in the air. Customer service can be gnarly. Bad weather will make arrivals/departures grind to a halt. Not PHLs fault per se, but a traveler's nightmare. Physical faciities improving. A-West terminal is nirvana -- clean and cozy. Food service has improved as well as shops. But remember, you're in Philadelphia, don't expect much
kschendel 07-25-2007 4:18 PM The worst large airport in the US, and I refuse to fly through it. Grossly overloaded, terminals too far apart (especially international!), subject to fog and bad weather, mean and nasty employees throughout (worse than JFK and that's pretty bad). The shopping selection is nice but prices are high. I pity the people who live there and have no choice but to fly though this hell-hole.
mes5n1 07-24-2007 1:54 AM I travel out of this airport for 40 or more weeks per year. The tarmac staff is lazy, nobody seems to be able to answer customer questions. You can arrive on time and can almost guarantee that there will be nobody to marshal the aircraft to the gate adding at least another 20-30 minutes to your agony. The Airport facility itself is ancient, the gate areas are filthy and about 85% of the chairs in the gate area are torn and tattered. The vestible area for getting from gate to gate is extremely narrow and the overall appreance of the terminals is dirty and drab. This cannot possibly qualify as an International Airport. They ought to put a wrecking ball to this facility and start all oer again and get it right this time !!!! Avoid this nightmare if you can .....................
weji13 07-2-2007 8:45 PM This poor airport... There is evidence of effort, and the people seem nice (for the most part). There are rocking chairs dispersed throughout -Nice touch... BUT (1)"On-time" flight departure has now become a joke. Further, flights are judged in terms of "if" rather than "when." We consider it good if our scheduled flight is in the air within 60 minutes of its scheduled time. (2) Airport security -especially for continuing flights of international origin- is redundant, and the system is just plain weird. (3) Many of the waiting areas are SO dreary (gray-on-gray), and about 1/3 of the seats are ripped or worn out.
ulysses1pa 07-2-2007 11:50 AM Been to 58 Airports. Most originating from Philadelphia. Have not found one airport, in every sense of a travelers expectations, worse than this one - by a w i d e margin.
msheils 07-1-2007 1:21 PM Overall, a nice, clean airport.
derussi 06-25-2007 12:42 PM Frequent delays, long security lines.
erikmollo 06-22-2007 5:40 PM This is the worst airport in the country. Hopelessly overcrowded gates, hopelessly over-scheduled planes, dirty terminals, virtually no customer service. If you fly here, add 2-3 hours for standard delays, and never even think of checking bags. The taxiway and runway layout is pathetic, it's common to be number 25 in line for take-off. US Air's dominance for 30 years should have given them the leverage to make the city improve this dump, but it hasn't changed in the decades I had had to fly there. The worst.
i014046 06-18-2007 7:15 PM Absolutely the worst bagage handling in the US
joannab07 06-13-2007 4:20 AM Worst Airport in the US
bibelot 06-11-2007 12:07 AM had the misfortune to spend 9 hours in the Philadelphia airport through delay upon delay - the only thing worse than the lack of seating, poor temperature control and amenities outside terminal B is the stonefaced, unprofessional and thoroughly infuriatingly uninformed and unhelpful staff. big thumbs down for the whole place.
cmklp 05-31-2007 12:17 AM One of the worst airports I have seen in nearly 20 years of frequent travelling
devilsfan71 05-23-2007 3:25 PM I don't have any problems with Philly's airport. Security usually goes pretty quick, and it's pretty easy to navigate to and from, whether by car or train. Rental car returns can be a little confusing, as to where to go.
HARIVERA 05-9-2007 12:17 PM It's about the worst airport in the USA!
hholt01 05-6-2007 6:26 AM Ok it could probably be worse, but honestly this is the Job of airports, if it can go wrong in commerical aviation its happened (or will happen) in PHL this year.
p23442123 04-30-2007 9:29 PM I cannot begin to describe how many bad experiences I have had at PHL. The employees bring new meaning to the words rude and lazy (this extends to the rental car agencies as well). Flights are often delayed. If you can avoid this airport, by all means do so.
kaskarx 04-16-2007 1:10 PM USAirways would have been better served to keep Pittsburgh as a HUB over this poorly planned and outdated ancient facility - always delayed avoid if possible!
dgmrph 04-4-2007 3:13 PM I've flown out of PHL once a week (or more) for the past 10 years. You would think I'd be used to the inability to get a flight out on time, the general incompetence of the gate agents (Oh, look. There's a great big shiny thingee with wings sitting out there. I'll get to it when I get back from my break), the average 40 minute wait for luggage (assuming you were dumb enough to check your luggage), or the Bataan Death March of the security screeners. Best advice? bring your own food, bring a book, never check luggage, and avoid PHL like the plague if you have to change a flight.
ryan.haydu 03-22-2007 5:38 AM The gate agent staff, the communication between operations and the gate agents and the scheduling of flights is ridiculous and pathetic. The "departure board" is never updated or accurate (even when flights are cancelled hours ago... it reads "on time"). The cancellations are last minute and unprofessional.
valeriemoore 03-19-2007 1:28 AM Pros: You can catch a train from the airport into the center city terminals (including 30th Street, the Amtrak station), which allow you to get anywhere in the city and to most of the suburbs. It is easy to get to by car, right off I-95. The new international terminal (A-West) is great. Cons: If you're not in the A-West concourse, it feels like you're in a 1970s airport. It is somewhat difficult to navigate between terminals. SEPTA, the regional rail service, is inefficient and outdated, with it's only redeeming quality being that it will get you from A to B and the train is easier to navigate than the buses.
krebswm 03-17-2007 1:55 PM Too many flights + not enough runways = constant delays for arrivals and departures. Even minimal weather events cause immediate delays of 1 hr. or more. Having come into phl on late flights, it's common to wait 10-15 minutes after engine shutdown until they can find a gate agent who's not asleep.
ardebevec 03-17-2007 12:28 PM don't check your baggage. you'll never see them again, or literally hours later
mdyczko 03-9-2007 9:15 PM a bear to get in and out of. Unfortunately my home airport, definitely have my share of baggage mishaps. The newer portions of B/C terminal with the shops are nice, but so hard to get to from other terminals. D terminal is dismal. Security is terrible (long lines, poor quality, not nice). Does service a lot of routes, sometimes it worth the delays. Don't fly here with a time restriction, especially on US Air. Continental is a pretty good bet here, but they don't very many places direct.
businesstravelr 03-7-2007 7:43 PM horrible, small, dirty, uncomfortable. flights are always delayed getting in or out of this place. how US Air can continue to use this place so heavily is beyond me. I refuse to book a flight that connects through PHL.
tyler1 03-2-2007 3:50 PM Baggage handling remains poor. Regardless of what you read in the paper about improvments, I did not see any in the last six monthes. You either wait for it (like hours) or it gets lost, or damaged. My last experience with staff regarding lost luggage staff was extremely poor. It was as if we were bothering the individual. Imagine that! Poor attitude. What is missing? A lack of communication. If staff would simply communicate what is happening, delays, etc. life would be so much eaier at Philly Airport.
trtawil 01-23-2007 3:54 PM I've been traveling for business for the past 10 years, and after relocating to Philadelphia a year ago and traveling 60% of the time, I can say that Philadelphia may be the most poorly designed, maintained, and run airport in the country. Terminals are not connected in any way, leaving passengers to walk outside with luggage to reach the proper check-in counter. Insufficient airport parking is designed with the layout of a bowl of spaghetti. The airport is unkept, dirty and depressing. Eating at the generic-name concessions is like taking a nutritional leap of faith--drink your coffee beforehand because the Philadelphia airport knows no Starbucks! Baggage handling is slow, sloppy and risky, with your baggage receipt bar codes being "for the future" and otherwise useless, with no process for scanning bags in place (specifically for US AIR). Gate areas are tattered and grungy, and the overall feeling from the agents is hopelessness. Delays abound, making all that extra time spent in the airport that much worse. The only positive thing I can say is that the airport is only 15-20 min from Center City Philadelphia, so reserve in advance and take a cab!
skikat9 01-19-2007 2:35 PM If you use PHL airport you can pretty much be assured you will not take off or land on time. Every time I use this airport we sit and sit and sit on the tarmac, waiting in line, like we're at the supermarket! It's ridiculous. Plus the amenities here are very poor to say the least. I know this airport has been upgraded in the last year but it just doesn't seem any better. Baggage handling and finding out info at the carousel is horrible as well. The sad part is I have to use this airport or move!
toscajo1103 01-3-2007 7:38 PM THE worst airport with Delays. With only 1 runway taking off and 1 runway for landing. Its amazing how this is still an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT!!!???
dgreene99 12-15-2006 7:49 PM Poorly run operation... probably 70% okay, but the bad times are really bad... once the parking garage literally a parking lot... didn't move trying to get out for 30 min, parked my car and hopped the bus and got a rental car... had to pick up my car the next day. Landed, waited 1 hour and 20 minutes for a gate???
connek1 12-4-2006 5:54 PM The baggage handling is pathetic and the area is dirty, especially if you are flying USAir. There is no supervisor in the area to tell you what is going on and the customer service is nonexistant!
janeymcd 11-27-2006 3:14 PM Directions and helpfullness of staff is very poor. The distance between terminals is also poor.