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mattw1009 06-14-2012 3:51 AM They could use more seats but there's food and it's a pretty airport
vladsinger 07-22-2011 1:37 PM Do NOT switch carriers at this airport. Landed on US Airways Flight, left on Delta flight. Had to ask three people where the Delta flights were - in a different terminal, accessible by shuttle only. Not that any of the signage anywhere in the terminal where I landed would have suggested that. I had to run around, barely catch a bus, go through security again, and just make it to boarding. Every other airport I've flown through, this sort of thing is routine. Not here. Exceedingly stupid layout and no signs to help you navigate it.
julianc007 12-18-2010 4:45 AM Miserable, gloomy, depressing, inefficient. Dopey, un-intelligent staff throughout. Home to US Airways - enough said!!! Avoid this Hell-Hole like the plague!
Kathleen21 10-14-2010 8:46 PM There is nothing wrong with terminal 4. Very quick check-in at BA. Security staff very friendly and made you feel at ease. Departure area a little crowded but moved quickly at south west and US departure gates. Shopping area very good at passing time till departure. Brian UK
SEAFREAK16 09-28-2010 11:25 PM Overall, I think Sky Harbor is a great airport! However, parts of Sky Harbor need major upgrades! There is a ton of walking involved so this new PHX Sky Train they are building will hopefully help alot! Also, the international routes are A JOKE!! Seriously, British Airways is the only nonstop service to Europe?! US Airways operates huge ass hubs in Philly and Charlotte, they need to do the same in PHX. And thanks to this SB1070 bill...Travel to/from Mexico sucks now! Also, if you look at Phoenix's population and Las Vegas's population, Phoenix wipes Vegas off the map when it comes to population, however, McCarran Airport in Vegas has way more domestic and int'l routes!! BRING THOSE AIRLINES AND ROUTES TO PHOENIX!!!! Also, Sky Harbor needs a new place for int'l arrivals...I'm really looking forward to the new 33 gate terminal they're planning! Other than that, I think PHX has a good "on-time" flight rating and baggage claim is usually pretty easy other than the fact that it takes a while.
jmichael1001 07-23-2010 6:38 PM By far the friendliest airport in the U.S., and the art galleries are incredible. They even have volunteers standing around waiting for you to ask questions. Terminal 4 is beautiful, and the food and shops are fantastic. I wish all U.S. airports were as clean and friendly.
wwwilkie 05-17-2010 3:04 PM The airport is centrally located which is a nice change from most airports. Terminal 3 is small with not many amenities past security but would still consider it to be average.
landmstein 02-1-2009 2:59 AM Only been here as a layover passing through to final destination airport. Never been overly impressed with anything but the air-conditioning (105 degress outdoors last time through).
feedback07 06-12-2008 7:29 PM All around never had much of a problem at Sky Harbor Intl. Clean airport, nice staff and good flight service. Only problems I've experienced are weak amenities and that Phoenix has never had strong public transportation.
Marc Hannemann 06-10-2008 11:15 PM Nice and modern airport, but unefficient organization. Why the big PHX don´t offer nonstop flights to the most important European countries? No smoking areas behind security check, that´s ungracious. Staff from car rental has work slowly and was unfriendly, maybe they don´t need customers? Or was this only an exception? This airport is a great, but have to much sleeping capacity.
aclendenen 01-27-2008 6:17 PM The time it takes for bags to get to the baggage claim is quite long and often doesn't match the boards. Getting to baggage claim is easy in all the terminals. Terminal 2, which is Alaska airlines is out by itself and finding something to eat can be a challenge when you are there early in the morning. Terminal 2, Southworst and US Air have plenty of small shops and eating places to choose from though. Terminal 3 is at the opposite end of the building as terminal 2 so you have access to almost all the same shops and restaurants. Although some are inside the security check points at each terminal. Finding an outlet to plug into is not that difficult but I have found at least one that did not have power to it. TSA lines are always fast, they are very through however so don't bother trying to get through without following all the rules plus some of their own special policies. The TSA staff are generally helpful but not very courteous. But they are not as lazy as the TSA staff at other airports I have seen. They are working to expand this airport and to make it over, there are some really nice areas and some old areas. They just finished getting cell phone lots in for Terminal 2 and 3. Make sure you know which side your on, North or South, when someone is coming from the cell phone lots or you could have a long wait as they will have to circle the entire terminal to get to the other side. It is actually quicker if you just go back through the terminal to get to the opposite side.
kschendel 07-25-2007 5:48 PM EVERY time I've flown thru PHX, the pilot comes on and says "we're in a slowdown, ATC says it looks like a stampede out there". Gee, don't they give ATC the flight schedules? Duh. Aside from that silliness, not a bad place to connect thru, but nothing particularly special about it either.
nboblie 06-20-2007 12:48 AM Overall Terminal 2 is outdated, and needs modernizing, and I can't wait for the new 33 gate terminal for it. It will give optimism for airlines other than Southwest and US Airways (former America West). Terminal 3 and 4 are fine, with exception being in terminal 4. Find a new space for the international terminal
devilsfan71 05-23-2007 3:21 PM This MAY be one of the worst airports I've been to. Good luck if you have to go from one end to the other for a connection.....
KMD 04-30-2007 7:55 AM Car rental was a nightmare as was security.
DeanP 04-13-2007 10:47 AM A very smart, clean airport. Terminal 4 is very cool and calming - just need a few more decent international routes now. The usual problem with US airports - their international services are pathetic. Hundreds of flight to the same destinations........
prowe 03-1-2007 4:32 AM This airport needs an upgrade! The addition of Security has cramped the open space once considered a plus in this place. Terminal #3 is second class as compaired to terminal #4. Ground transportation between terminals is present but runs on a 15 to 20 minute schedule. So if you need to connect fast, Consider extending your time between flights because you cannot count on makng tight connections if changing terminals or even wings of the same terminal... Since Sky harbor was here long before the city was, the city has grown up around the Airport. Roads are very crouded during rush hours and interchanges can be confusing to first timers. The TSA people seem to be very nice and friendly unlike other airports in the US. I hope youu find my comments helpful, I like the desert south west and improving or even replacing the airport would make it even a better experience!
Verzy 02-26-2007 5:59 PM Terminal 4 is a zoo. Southwest and U.S. Airways are the top two carriers and the aisles are at times packed from side to side. Security is usually quick. Terminal 2 (United) is old and falling apart.
Saralee 02-21-2007 3:22 AM Too much walking!! Where are the shuttles or people movers?
hiflier 11-24-2006 3:30 AM Airport seating areas were not clean. Wrappers and newspapers laying on seats and on the floor; food particles under the seats. This needs more detailed attention. Car Rental location was a long, long way off the airport proper and it was hard getting to the car rental return. However, great wireless internet access! That was a real bonus.