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EMTDON279 07-15-2013 4:43 AM This a nice airport. Its a shame the stores close so early. I would love to see more international flights and airlines here. And as for "Guaranteed mall pricing" that's not true, Prices on stuff is a bit high here.
Centurions 03-7-2013 11:32 AM Warm and friendly atmosphere
Tyson422 05-27-2012 9:23 AM This a great airport to fly out of. It's clean the staff are friendly and the security lines are always short. It's to bad there are not more international flights offered here. Highly Recommended!
rollercoasting 05-16-2012 2:54 PM As the closest international airport to me, I've been to PIT quite a few times. It's always clean, and it's very organized. Traffic is sometimes so low, though, that it's actually eerie. Arriving 20 minutes before my flight began boarding, I was the only person on the moving walkway through the terminal to my gate. The only others who followed were on my flight as well. It's a shame that US Air pulled out of this airport as a hub because it could surely move many more people than it currently does. WiFi is speedy and, more importantly, free. Pittsburgh is a little bit of a drive from the airport, though, so if you're just visiting, be prepared.
cfc0d3r 05-4-2011 6:02 PM Great airport to fly out of and through. I highly recommend flying through PIT whenever possible. USAir should have chosen PIT as the preferred Northeast hub, over PHL. Biggest mistake USAir has ever made.
JoAnnJenny 02-16-2011 3:36 PM This is my favorite airport. Lots of airlines and low fares. Very friendly employees and TSA screeners. Excellent shopping and dining.
greatrock109 07-20-2010 2:25 AM overall a nice airport but needs to work with airlines on increasing flights as there is almost a whole terminal with no planes at it. went downhill after us airways removed it as a hub. southwest is the way to go out of da burgh. clean airport due to low passenger count. easy ride to city without traffic.
lloydmw 03-16-2010 8:33 PM Baggage claim at Pittsburgh International Airport is the worst. I've waited up to 1.5 hours for bags to arrive. I'm not sure if this is the fault of the airport or of the airlines, but it is never quick if you check a bag into Pittsburgh. Carry on at all costs!
r_d_c 12-24-2009 5:41 PM Outstanding Airport, best I have been in
wwwilkie 05-23-2009 4:58 PM Nice airport starting to show its age a little bit but still solid. Dining options are excellent as is price. The drive to downtown is further than I expected. It is too bad that no airlines have setup a hub here(USAir pulled out a couple of years ago).
jondefazio 08-3-2008 5:47 PM I love this airport and it is the best airport in the WORLD!!!! I am a resident of Pittsburgh and always love flying because of PIT. I am greatly disappointed at all the decisions made by US Airways. The fact that we only have less than 200 flights a day and no service to Eurpoe is bad. We do have service to four international destinations but less that 40 all together. This is a great airport but it is a shame that it can't be enjoyed by as many connecting passengers that once connected here. The airport which once hosted many connecting passengers a day is now deserted and the airport authority has already shut down a third of the airside terminal becasue of US Airways and the airline's stupidity. Wonderful airport though and very east to get around.
wrbennett 06-27-2008 4:39 PM A nice, mid-city airport. Never too crowded, and all the staff (retail and security) have always been very friendly and pleasant. I've lived in Detroit, Atlanta and Philly, and this is my favorite of those three, by far. Minneapolis... well that may be the best in the US!
vpango 03-29-2008 10:49 PM This is a really great airport. The only real drawback is the low number of flights. I don't think it's a hub for any major airline right now. On the other hand, it is excpetionally well laid out (read intuitive), has an incredible air mall, and offers free wifi! Also, there are a number of food and beverage options at all price ranges. I've had great "on time" success here, too. If you have the option of making a connection here, I'd definitely recommend it.
tchartman 01-5-2008 2:21 AM Excellent airside services, especially for long layovers.
cwhite 12-15-2007 6:37 PM NO STARBUCKS !!!!
LUVsouthwest 11-23-2007 3:22 PM PIT is excelent but way to deserted
jlantolf 11-20-2007 1:18 PM Best airport east of the Mississippi. USAir needs to reopen this as a hub and stop using Philly, which can't handle the traffic.
phadkevarun 11-9-2007 5:13 PM best airport in wold . more flights and best in universe
mah 10-30-2007 3:55 AM this was my home airport for years, and as someone who travels much more that i would prefer, i really came to appreciate this well designed airport. so few simple things left in life...it was really refreshing to drive up, park for $6 a day, use a covered, indoor walkway all the way into the terminal, and get where you need to go on time, in a clearly marked facility, with minimal drama. the only blight is usairways, the worst thing to happen to pittsburgh since the steel mills left.
GenoLee 09-5-2007 4:58 PM This is the second worst airport I've experienced - first (worst) is still Chicago.
deswwk 08-30-2007 6:40 PM I am a roadwarrior and have experienced many airports in this country. I really appreciate Pit airport more as I frequent many other airports. The terminal layout is fantastic, never have to walk miles to connect / other terminals, clealiness is top class compare to others and if your flight ever delayed, Pit airport is one that makes it less stressful. There are plenty of places to sit, relax and work in the terminal. Two key drawbacks are USAirways baggage handling and virtually no international flight out of Pit but that is the stupidity of USairways. Go figure why USairways management prefer to pack all their flights in Philly knowing it cannot handle the traffic and luggages. On the upside, there are more discount carriers fly into Pit and hopefully another major carrier will expand at Pit International. If JetBlue is listening, perhaps use Pit as a connecting city to your west coast destinations! I love JB but it does not make sense to fly into JFK or Boston to connect flight to the west!!
coachhorse 08-30-2007 12:32 PM one of the most efficient airports that I have been to.
johanschoneveld 08-18-2007 9:58 PM Flight arrival and departure information is extremely poor. Monitors in terminal (and website) show flights as being "on time" even after scheduled arrival time and flight has not even left other airport.
cvamee 08-3-2007 3:22 PM Wish other cities could use PIT as a planning guide. One of the few airports that "got it right". Too bad US Scare Ways is the "only game in town". Would make a great hub for a better airline. Lines are not long, easy to get around. Very little delay. I connect through here at least once a month.
kschendel 07-25-2007 4:12 PM The more I fly, the more I appreciate PIT. Plenty of runway and taxiway capacity, fair-price shopping, and a nice terminal. My primary annoyance is somewhat slow baggage-claim service (VERY slow if you're arriving on USeless Airways, but that's US's fault, not the airport's).
usAir 05-30-2007 1:58 AM great airport, just needs more flights
hholt01 05-6-2007 6:33 AM Great mid-sized airport with lots of room to grow/expand easily, since its redesign in '92 probably the best overall airport I've been too, free Wi-Fi is fantastic and you get the real sense that the leadership here is constantly finding ways to be on the cutting edge of the services and efficency offered at world airports
kaskarx 04-16-2007 1:19 PM Perfect Airport - double the runways of other US airports so you're never delayed here. Clean and well maintained facility with plenty of shopping. One Negatative - Since USAirways laid off most of their OUTSOURCED baggage handlers (while their CEO still got his bonus) you are left waiting a long time for your luggage. sometimes over 45 minutes if you arrive later in the day. Perfect Airport Facility - Poor Staffing on USairways part.
flywithjud 03-21-2007 12:31 AM Love this airport. Should have more flights because it is an excellent airport. The shopping and tax-free is great. Definitely allows those layovers with many options to shop.
VERZILLI86 03-19-2007 10:47 PM Very Clean airport! Great design
Jim.Brown 02-26-2007 5:42 PM except for delays in delivery of arriving luggage - this is an excelent airport - too bad US AIr decided PHL was underservered and moved so many flights out of this airport to an airport that just can't handle it