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CraigS1214 10-18-2014 8:17 AM Generally small poorly managed airport, probably meets the city's needs . But for international travellers who generate the tourism income which is 40% of the regions income the airport is not a good first impression. However leaves a lasting no return impression.
SteveBurgess 07-12-2014 7:45 AM This is a small airport that is inadequate for a city this size. It would be busier if the airlines were not padding prices to subsidize competition in larger metro markets.
EHNewman 06-30-2013 12:44 PM A small Airport with a lot of charme, clean and friendly. I am flying a lot to/from PLZ with SAA and never ever a plane was late!!
ellie42 07-4-2012 4:52 PM Poor overall management, To be rated lower then East London airport, Need a total management revamp
CraigS 07-3-2008 10:05 PM Staff really need to stop thinking they doing passengers a favour and actually do there work with a smile on there face. This seems to be a trend in South Africa, remember we dont owe you anything. Be glad you get visitors at all, friendly city ? I dont think so.
HESM 12-12-2006 1:47 PM The staff can be more friendly in this so called friendly town.