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trinijem 08-19-2011 22:50 Nice airport but for someone who depends on the internet for work purposes "IT SUCKS" I would expect in an interntional airport this is something that should be A 1. Hope next time I travel therre is some improvement
guyryan 08-17-2010 19:24 mostly beautiful airport, most friendly staff and delays are mainly due weather at the airport or the flight's destination;overall it deserves a 4 of 5 star performance rating.
tevin_dudley@yahoo.com 06-12-2010 02:05 love this airport
shawna1981 02-10-2010 20:38 Very lively and active airport! Soon to have a great variety of restaurants within premise.
WACKIEDON 08-24-2009 20:57 Why all the issues at this airport if it aint 1 thing its another a real POS that it is. Rude people workin it is like they are workin the bare minimum Great concept but lackin overall
giacomocasanova 06-21-2009 18:53 be carefull the employees are very rude and the security that searches the bag will try to steal things.
vip 01-16-2009 21:36 Quite comparable to Other international Airports
burgplatz 01-6-2008 22:43 there is always a problem with POS, if not security, then it is run way lights not working or controllers on strike. We should change POS as the hub.
Liliana Nicorescu 08-20-2007 21:22 305 min DELAY?????????????????????????????????????????? What is wrong? Why don't you explain what is happening?