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tom.hull 02-10-2014 7:34 PM The new terminal is a vast improvement. Still a ways to go, but going in the right direction. China ATC cannot handle the amount of air traffic going through the airport. Rarely do flights leave on time.
wudi_richard 06-6-2013 1:39 AM greatest airport in China mainland
hongjia 08-19-2012 4:46 PM some good but not clean
snowpeas 08-7-2012 11:08 PM depressing and dead
harrykemmer 07-22-2012 6:12 AM Nearly no English speaker on the Airport! Never are on Time! toilettes allways full of piss on the Floor! never Correct Infos to the Passenger1 If you ask, they lie in to your Face!
baekyongchoi 12-18-2011 7:53 AM Never fly on-time from PuDong airprot!!!!
cherryp 01-19-2011 6:43 AM Left laptop and Ipad in bag on a trolley at the gate, did not notice until arrival at overseas destination 12 hours later, thought each other had the bag. Contacted PVG site that day, bag and all contents had been found and recovered from Lost and Found when we returned 1 month later. Wonderful
suhailizan 07-25-2010 3:51 AM 1. Illegal taxi need to be monitored. I was nearly duped by a guy in tuxedo who tried to charge up to 5 times the normal rate. What worse was they only give the fee after the taxi moves. Passenger surely afraid to be dropped elsewhere if we refuse to pay the ridiculous fee they tried to charged. 2. The airport is not muslim friendly at all. No muslim food available and no musolla (place to perform prayer) for muslim passenger. Please note that muslim must pray 5 times a day. Thus, we need at least a small space for us to perform our prayer. 3. The person who should assist passenger at the counter need to polish their english language. It's hard to get any assistence if they don't understand english.
absoluc 03-28-2010 1:17 PM a far cry from acceptable standards of an international airport of a city of 20 or so million people. Hope I never have to spend more than an hour there .. at best. Would spend a week in Changi airport anytime...
mats8888 08-27-2009 4:40 PM It is severely lacking restaurants. Having a few expensive "Acting Cafe" tasteless smoky eateries about does not = food. You need to walk SOOOOOOOOO far to get to your boarding gate sometimes. With so many great airports around (Singapore, HK, KL, etc) this should have been a LOT better. Even Hongqiao and many other domestic airports in China is better once you get past the big and impressive facade.
Ahrentoft 08-3-2008 11:35 AM Probably the worst airport recently build. Everything sucks except getting your luggage....and now China customs request that all luggage needs to be scanned before leave the airport leading to long waiting time. Trolleys are inconvenient located by end of terminal not smart at all....
mongbei 07-2-2008 12:59 AM Two longitudinal terminals, tends to be a lot of walking. The new T2 is better than T1. T1 poor connection to parking garage T2 long walk to parking - over complicated parking access layout. T1 poor/expensive food aeras (though a bar has recently been added). T2 has better food areas T1 shopping - just a few duty free, gift shops, post office. T2 has more shopping, larger duty free. T2 business area is above the main floor, it's ok. (120RMB to go in if you don't have a business ticket). Both terminals are clean, staff are helpful. Maglev situated between the two terminals - a bit of a walk, though still the quicker way to get into Shanghai if you have not so much luggage (50RMB to LongYang road, then get 4RMB Line 2 Metro to Peoples Square
ycl1978 02-2-2008 3:14 PM This airport just plain sucks. From the unimaginative architecture to the rude staff to the inconvenient location, you'll be hard pressed to find anything you like here. Still, it's a step up from the other airport here in Shanghai. Don't even get me started on Hongqiao...
ymoeller 07-29-2007 4:35 AM to walk to the gate you need a good pair of hiking shoes
bowers.china@mac.com 04-15-2007 12:24 AM No access with trolleys to parking. no short-term parking for departing or arriving passengers. Toilets in dep. lounge require going downstairs. No usable internet site for update of arriving flights. The maglev station is a long walk and once arrived at other end still requires min 30 minutes transfer via either taxi or underground (not connected to maglev station).
JackG 04-7-2007 6:18 PM Great airport. The mag-lev train is worth taking. Cuts the trip to Shanghai by 30 minutes; plus it's a great experience.