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ldemenocal 02-23-2014 12:12 AM Need smoking lounge at boarding area.
dmjdpp 07-31-2009 7:21 PM Remember anything of VALUE can be taken from your luggage. I have had levi 501's taken. DO NOT PUT THINGS of VALUE in your checked baggage. I hate to say this but there are dishonest people and theives all over the world..
Fogoros 06-24-2009 3:38 PM The PVR airport is brand new and large. It's a kinda long walk from the plane to luggage and to your gate when leaving. They don't have WiFi in the terminal. When arriving, to bypass all the timeshare people make prior pick up arrangements with PuertoVallartaTours to get to your hotel or whereever. There is no smoking in the terminal now.
broxburnboy 09-2-2007 3:37 AM Beware the timeshare salespersons who swamp you as soon as you exit the baggage area.
ron goetz 04-20-2007 10:22 AM Long line up at check-in, gates are changed a lot, on arrival you are met by people on everyside trying to sell you something.
HollyPV 03-20-2007 7:17 AM 1) On a 2 hour delayed direct red eye flight to Vancouver my camera was stolen from my checked baggage along with 5 packages of cigarettes. The first time in numerous trips but nonetheless disconcerting. If baggage handlers in Puerto Vallarta will steal how difficult would it be for them to be bribed? 2) Security is inconsistent and has gotten much worse. (March 10. 07 Transat 602 arrival 10:50 PM) Upon arrival there were 2 women who were to collect claims forms for money/arms etc I tried several times to give them the form but I was ignored as they chatted with each other. I then proceeded to the red button that randomly stops passengers for security checks. No one was manning it so entrants didn't bother and walked right through unchecked. Spotty and inconsistant security, lacks information kiosks. Unable to get internet connectivity- 1 bar for wireless. No n24 hour restaurants, bars or coffee shops. $3 US for a can of Coke.