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M M Rensen 02-25-2014 5:15 PM Overall they have friendly staff, they were fairly well organized considering their in the middle of upgrading and improving the airport and it was clean. However, they have a thief and, or thieves in either their security check area or with the luggage handlers. I travelled with a group of 22 of my Canadian friends and our flight was slightly delayed. This was the only time available for a person or persons to have gone through luggage and stolen things, apparently others in our group had items taken as well. The airports reputation is now at stake and I suggest they take action to find the culprit or culprits before it ruins other travellers vacations and ruins the airports reputation for ever, as well as the tourist industry for the city of Roatan.
motagua 11-5-2011 3:00 AM Its an Island airport, therefore is more relaxed and simple but efficient. International connectivity is slowly rising.
LBRaymond 03-22-2007 6:21 PM No air condition, LONG 2 hour + lines for arrivals and departures through immigration, airline ticket counters, security, departure tax line. Airline ticket counter/check-ins unable to handle the volume of people and are completely unable to help with cancelled flights for re-scheduling. Very limited food & drink options. Seating virtually non-existant before clearing security (outside seating only).