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S727flteng 03-8-2014 5:23 PM This airport is absolutely disgraceful. I think the only other one that is actually worse is Jeddah, also Saudi Arabia and that could actually be termed un-rateable. Immigration is a joke, in fact the whole affair is a joke. Sorry but there is absolutely nothing good about this airport. NO REDEEMABLE QUALITIES! A bit like the people who work there.Need more be said?
wang.steven1 01-7-2014 12:03 AM For an airport that is supposedly the entry point to the holy kingdom, this airport sure is Hell on earth.
andy padley 11-16-2013 6:50 PM Badly run overcrowded and dirty Terrible checking in process departure screens incorrect or out of service. Disgusting toilets beyond belief for an international airport. Immigration is almost as bad on the way back in. Long delays the norm won't miss it hope to never return. 10-16-2013 11:46 PM Immigration officials are the worst, they don't want to work at all.
0503461821 08-24-2013 2:34 PM A very bad expereince. Especially with the attitude of the people, it becomes even worse.
T2001 06-24-2013 5:00 AM This airport has good layout, gates are very close to check-in counters, baggage handling is very quick with average damage rate and low loss rate. This airport has few major problems: it is not clean, it is very outdated and not maintained, people are not friendly at all, no respect for priority boarding or the que This airport has the worst passport control in the world outside of the KSA, wait time can be as much as 2 hours or more, or you have 12 counters open and no one in line
qamarzahid 06-24-2013 7:14 PM poor immigration service, people there are dumb, don't understand any language other than Arabic, and treat other nations as there servants.
ahye 02-13-2013 1:22 PM Very bad airport of world. immigration staff is manner less idiot plus sort of animals
hejer 09-28-2012 12:05 AM ugly and not organizied airport for the most rich country ever
reinerkl 03-22-2011 3:40 PM Don't come 3 hours before your flight, because you cannot enter the check-in area, before it's open. Sitting in the international waiting hall is a nightmare. After you go through is acceptable in the Gate waiting area or the lounge. 09-4-2010 5:49 PM One of the worst in th eworld, no tourism in this country, expact workers treat like slaves here in this airport
abuabod 05-1-2010 10:14 AM Have to improve the check-in counters to avoid crowdness.
KevDC 08-11-2007 11:52 PM Riyadh can do alot better than this airport.
maricar 06-21-2007 6:41 AM This is the ever best airport for the Female and families to go freely without fear, but only one, regarding about the customs and emmigration the saudi people's very strict