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antracasno 11-16-2006 6:54 AM Not too bad, but quite ugly. Although they are starting to renovate it. Bit strange to walk through the arrival gate which is covered with metal mesh. In cyclone season most of the outgoing flights get delayed. As it's a small airport, usually all things go fast (the luggage arrives right away), just sometimes get stucked at the customs, as there are many non-EU citizens who arrive. And if You get one of those ladies who are covered from head to toes and only eyes can be seen, be sure to wait a bit, as they might need time to find a female employee to check if her passport photo corresponds to the person. And if You come from not a well known country, You should learn what's the name of Your country is in French, as here they almost don't know english at all. But all these little inconvienences will compensated by the nice weather, lovely nature and blue water on the beach.