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maltasr69 12-22-2013 3:58 AM With the opening of the expanded Terminal 2, SAN has become a most desirable airport. The variety of food choices, the new and renovated airline clubs, and the newly designed seating areas have been a breath of fresh air. Why can't the same improvements be made for Terminal 1, even though what was renovated was a major improvement. I recommend building a separate terminal for SOUTHWEST at the area that is now known as Jim's Air. This would be a giant step forward and help to eliminate the at times terrible congestion plagued by the Terminal One roadways. Southwest reportedly carries between 40%-60% of the traffic into and out of SAN; the move to a new terminal would pay for itself in landing and takeoff fees.
danlmarmot 06-14-2009 7:40 PM Compact - easy short walks to get from the check-in desks to the gate. Security lines can be wildly variable, from nothing to 20 minutes. Very close to downtown and major attactions. And free wi-fi!
phil2000 01-11-2008 6:31 AM Very poor prices 2.95 for bottle of Coke NO free Internet Baggage claim is a mosh pit it takes 30-40 mins to get the Luggage
chrismcclennan 01-3-2008 6:46 PM Flew into San Diego at 1:30am, so the place was diserted for the most part. Baggage was not a long wait, and taxis were in good supply. Flew out, again, at noon a few days later. Although the waiting areas are well set up for viewing the runways, they were much to small for the number of gates the area serviced.
SWFloridaAl 12-31-2007 4:21 AM Small airport those short runways make for lousy landings..More english speaking workers would help. North County residents probably would hate the noise if it were to move to Miramar NAS.
magnaridersd 12-23-2007 3:14 PM Simply one of the best mid-sized airports in the US
anshjain 11-24-2007 8:02 AM Very unorganised, no security at all, wait for luggage for about 20 min.
philbaker 10-22-2007 1:59 PM While limited shopping and good restaurants, the airport is compact with easy access to gates (particularly terminal 1), frequent schedules thanks to Southwest, and close to the city center. It's well kept up and now has free WiFi, although not the speediest, The best thing about the airport is the location and the huge number of Southwest flights.
wwwilkie 08-5-2007 8:15 PM Nice airport. Shopping and diner could be better but not bad. Security lines can get pretty bad. Need to factor in that all car rentals are off site and it can sometimes take quite awhile to get from the car return to the terminal.
memikl 07-30-2007 2:03 PM Outdated, poorly run, nothing but fast food, no internet wireless, security is horrible at peaks, great location for going to the beach but horrible for an airport.
babysteps 07-8-2007 6:39 PM So close to downtown you can walk (well, in 15 minutes). Security lines either wonderful or terrible, no in-between. Cruise ship schedules impact volume @ airport. Takes 30 minutes from dropping off rental car to arriving at last terminal on bus - v frustrating. John Wayne/Orange County is good alternative
pdlat154 06-7-2007 4:08 AM I don't know what you people are complaining about - I fly in and out of SAN every week and nowhere else in the country will you find a cleaner, more accessible airport with such fast moving security lines. It is head and shoulders above any other airport I've been in recently, and I have been in quite a few.
first44 04-21-2007 12:49 AM "America's Finest City" -- as San Diego likes to be called, has "America's Most Outdated Airport." They have spent multi-millions on consultants to figure out what to do with this dangerous airport (well, ask any pilot and they'll tell you that next to DCA where you descend and turn simultaneously), SAN is next in line for a hazardous descent. Having a marginal runway length is not comforting when the "marine layer" -- what San Diegan's call fog -- keeps the runway obscure until they are 1/4 mile from touchdown -- any less and you take off again and fly up to LA. I've done this multiple times. It is disgraceful that the city can't get a joint use agreement with the USMC to use Miramar, but that will never happen because of the noise. SO, "America's Finest City" will continue to enjoy America's "Most Outdated and Second Most Dangerous" place to fly in and out of.
flymke1200 03-10-2007 4:39 PM I would give everything a below Average. You have to walk a mile to get your lugguge.Alittle two crowed. For T2. Seems the gates are all crowed together. The Transportation is great. Even better to get outside..(if you know what i mean) :) :)
Verzy 02-26-2007 6:06 PM What a dump. Old and out dated. Security checkpoints are a joke. No free wireless internet. Boo! The runways are nice and short giving you the added excitment that you might end up in the Pacific Ocean.