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Neeperando 06-21-2010 3:05 PM The airport itself is pretty nice, but the on-time peformance is SO BAD. You're almost better off driving to Chicago and flying out of O'Hare.
wwwilkie 05-23-2009 4:47 PM Small airport, not too many routes. Very clean and kept up to date. Good speed through security checkpoints. Dining selection is terrible. 2009 baggage handling has been VERY slow.
teresa8880 11-21-2007 5:06 PM This airport doesn't fly many places and the restaurants are horrible, but you canNOT beat it for the short security lines and very rare delays. I am quite a fan of flying in and out of here. Parking is very easy as well and the airport itself is well laid out. NEVER any lines.
tenofhearts12 10-20-2007 2:12 PM Very, very poor baggage handling after arrival! I come to South Bend several times a year on either Northwest or United and the average wait time for your luggage once you get to the baggage claim area is 30 minutes!