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sean1967 11-19-2011 7:29 PM I love this place
Ivor Biggun 11-10-2011 10:49 PM Awesome
JeanMassie 04-6-2011 6:51 AM As the previous reviewer stated this is a small local airport which supports Sullom Voe Oil Terminal and offshore helicopter flights and is maintained by the oil industry. It is perfectly placed for the job it does and is anything but a joke. I fly in and out on a regular basis and the staff are helpful and friendly. The amenities are limited but understandably so as most passengers are in and out within an hour so. The bad tempered comments of the previous reviewer are not supported by most people who use this airport. I can honestly say that having this airport nearby is a ideal and flying in and out of it is a pleasureable experience. Also I am fairly sure that the people who use it to travel to and from Sullom Voe would not be happy to add on another hour of travel to each end of their journey particularly as many come up for a day of meetings and leave again the same day.
Sean1966 12-18-2010 12:40 PM This airport is used solely for chartered aircraft to & from Aberdeen & for helicopter transfers to & from offshore oil rigs. The standard of the service is abysmal yet there seems to be an unatural willingness to promote the use of this airport over its main rival (Sumburgh). It is time it was realised that this airport is nothing but a huge joke & the only thing that would improve it would be to close the thing all together & stop this taxpayers drain on resources through the continual funding it receives from the British tax payer to keep this open. In times of strife where government spending is under the micro scope surely it is time to reconsider the need to support an airport that has no benefits whatsover over the alternative.