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dougedoug 01-11-2011 11:39 AM Nice, if small; passenger waiting areas bright w/lots of windows but very small, walkways quite small in waiting areas. Shopping is decent for a smaller airport, and the location (for a business traveler like me) is fabulous--a hop to downtown, university is around the corner, right at the interesection of major N/S/E/W highways. Overall a good experience.
FLROADWARRIOR 11-24-2010 5:50 PM Service attitudes awful. Security staff a little overzealous. Waiting area for arriving passengers abysmal. if Louisville wants to become a first class city, it should do something to improve this airport
wwwilkie 07-19-2010 3:56 PM Nice airport, the seating areas are small however. More routes through this airport than I expected.
kregkeni 04-25-2007 4:09 PM Will do my best to avoid this airport. Poor communication to travellers to updates; delays, gate changes, etc.... The appearance of laziness is everywhere. Pathetic reflection of commerce and business traveller accomodation. This experience was a first and last - if I can avoid it.