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seahurst2 10-8-2013 11:06 PM SeaTac is a large airport that feels like a small one.
wen81 10-24-2012 8:28 PM It wasn't a really pleasant flight
grandpenn 07-23-2012 3:27 PM I have used the general rule to arrive at the airport 1 hour before your departure time. On Saturday, July 21st my flight was schduled to leave at 11:10am. I arrived just before 10am - giving me a few more minutes. However, I just made my flight. The line for checking my luggage took 30 minutes. I waited in the outside checkin line as it was shorter than the inside full service line. The security line looked like it was going to take longer than 30 minutes. Luckily, my daughter was with me so we were able to go through the family line. (which we couldn't even see the sign for until we waited in the main line for 5 minutes). Because we were traveling across the country I planned to buy food to take on the plane with us. When I tried to get something quick I discovered that food needed to be cooked to order - fresher taskes better. Well if you miss your plane to get the food or you skip it becuase of time - it sure doesn't taste better. Horrible experience!! While everyone was very nice along the way, it was the most inefficient check in/security I have experienced since changes right after 911.
Retired Army Engineer 09-27-2011 8:03 PM Seattle-Tacoma airport (A-) is almost like arriving in Shangri-la after departing from airports like those in Miami (F+) and Los Angeles (C-). It compares favorably to Dallas-Fort Worth (B+). Getting there by flying certainly isn't romantic or "half the fun" it once was in the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's & 1980's (before deregulation). However, that's just the way of it nowadays. From time to time, I've thought about taking a freighter (that takes passengers). But when one must get somewhere (and get back) in the least amount of time, going by sea just isn't feasible.
romrozumnyy 12-24-2010 7:49 PM the airport is very nice and clean, easier parking then in some us airport.
SEAFREAK16 09-28-2010 11:42 PM SeaTac is a very nice airport! It tends to be pretty clean and comfortable. Their on-time rating isn't very are frequently delayed due to congestion and/or available gates. Continental frequently arrives at the South Satellite Terminal b/c gates at the B Concourse are in use and/or removed for whatever reason I don't understand. The terminal layout kind of sucks, although consideration has to be taken in that there isn't much room for expansion and it was designed 50+ years ago. Security lines fly by, never wait very long (which is nice!) With all considered of Seattle's population, the int'l routes are pretty good...can't argue there; and they seem to have a good number of domestic routes and frequencies! Travel between Seattle and Anchorage is awesome...keep it up Alaska & Continental Airlines! Baggage seems to take forever, also the C Concourse for Alaska and Horizon Air gets so fricken packed, it's like waiting in line at a ticket booth! For now, the one thing I can suggest to SeaTac is they need to move some airlines around to different areas/concourses to aviod a lot of congestion.
sp4301 07-24-2010 11:08 PM SEA could use a few more chairs in the seating areas, especially in the crowded Alaska/Horizon Air hub terminal. Otherwise SEA is a really nice airport, easy to navigate, clean, well marked.
ponciostr 05-10-2010 8:43 PM i had a good experience at SeaTac, a cool airport! you will not have a bad time in it
rchilde 03-19-2010 4:11 AM SeaTac is the largest airport in the US Pacific Northwest. It is the 2nd largest International gateway in the Pac NW (Vancouver being larger). While SeaTac does have some positives, the negatives to me far outweigh and thus lower it's rating to "just average". The new light rail link is 1/4 mile away from the closest entry to the terminal (way to go Seattle, Vancouver just built a new SUBWAY to their downtown with much easier access to their terminals). While rental cars is a breeze now, that will change soon once the new "intermodal" facility is built one mile away from the terminal. Elite fliers have a marginally faster wait through security as it is poorly managed (meaning they don't really check everyone) and you can enter the queue behing the United Check-in Area (isnt that a security fault in itself???). Food options are horrible (IMO) considering the price and lack of variety - it seems as if every store is selling the same darn thing (again, learn from Vancouver about this). Other than that - this is a fairly nice airport that with some tlc could be much better.
wwwilkie 02-10-2010 2:38 AM Be warned that if you are in the elite flyer/first class security line that it doesn't move much faster than the regular line.
seansundquist 10-9-2009 5:03 PM If you have to pickup a rental car in Sea-Tac, be prepared to have to ask where to go. Once you get to where you think you need to go, be prepared to ask again, worst signage at an airport I've seen. 10-12-2008 7:33 AM Sea-Tac International is the best airport I've seen through many year of US and international travel. It just gets better and better. And, it's one of the busiest airports in the USA.
jlowry 08-19-2008 10:21 PM Quality of food at most restaurants is mediocre at best, charge a fee for WIFI access, restrooms are rarely clean and often out of service, wait for coffee at Starbucks was 15 minutes (after placing order) and they were not that busy. Compared to PDX which has good food, free Wifi, and great shopping...Seattle has some catching up to do!
casadehuhs1 04-21-2008 4:11 AM Parking vs. Check-in. It is difficult to park in the parking structure or arrive in parking van and transport your luggage to the check-in counters. You have to manuver your luggage onto two escalators. Baggage Claim. Baggage claim is always slow, and SeaTac always seems to send multiple flights to the same carasole, instead of utilizing unused carasoles. Parkings Rates. Parking rates are excessive. Drop-off and Arrivals. It is almost impossible to circle around the airport for arrivals and to enter the parking structure. SeaTac has routed traffic to the north about a mile and then you have to turn-around and fight the lines approaching the airport. Design. SeaTac has failed in customer convenience -- especially for the elderly or anyone with a disability. Whoever designed and approved the site plan had minimal concern for those who may need assistance. You have to walk a concer Food. It is very average, and there are few options at the satellite gates.
KDUB 01-25-2008 4:26 AM As airlines themselves, I love AS and QX. I absolutely hate their baggage service at SEA, though. (it's outsourced to a contractor.) Long, long, LONG delays, confusion about where oversized luggage will appear, etc. And if it's a Sunday night - forget it!
hkennedy29 11-30-2007 7:26 AM Terrible security with long lines. The concourse layout and traffic flow are poor. Food service limited in the gate area and what was there, closed too early. Not an airport I'd want to get stuck in. Faster and easier to take the train between Seattle and Portland.
jnialil 11-7-2007 4:38 AM TSA agents are so rude! It's actually a rare occasion to talk to someone nice. Parents need to be granted a security pass easier in order to accompany teenagers to the gate, please. Love the new terminal with the wall of windows . Seating areas throughout the airport (before and after security) need to be improved and enlarged.
dykesak 10-12-2007 4:19 AM The security process is AWFUL. The TSA employees are often rude, frequently screaming the rules regarding the correct way to do the liquids-in-a-baggy thing. The lines don't flow smoothly or logically from the queing area to the actual conveyor belt/metal detector area. The C-gates are very crowded and noisy. Difficult to hear announcements.
oreolee 08-6-2007 3:53 AM I don't feel that an airport can call itself an international when it does not provide Wi-Fi access paid of free. The restaurants in the B terminal were lacking. Security lines were long and not designed well.
cvamee 08-3-2007 3:05 PM Nasty security lines. The center security check point runs out into the ticket counter space most times. Most of the time (day and night), not enough security people and lanes go unused. Last week when I came through customs, the wait was 1 hour. You claim you bags (45 minutes to get), go through customs, and have to send them on a belt to another part of the terminal (you take the subway) and reclaim again in 20 minutes at the main baggage claim. Poor design system for international flights. Hotel shuttle is good if you are staying within 1 mile of the airport. If not-forget it. Cabs are $$$$ and you may get lucky to find a driver that can speak broken English. My ride to Redmond was $50.00 and thank god I live here as the driver tried to take me into downtown Seattle. The main entrance needs to be enlarged as the ticket counter ques are long and slow. People spill out into the main walkway or out to the street.
FlyerGuy 07-31-2007 1:43 AM Traveling through the FIS was a joke. Poor design, dark, dingy and old. The subway system is also intersting as I needed to use 3 different trains to get to my AS gate - Interesting because the journey isn't that long as SEA-TAC isn't a really large airport. Poor subway design. The B, C & D gate areas are average, although there are no moving walkways. The food court offers a decent view of the airfield and Horizon Airlines operations. Overall, a very average airport, leaving much room for improvement but offering the standard typical fare for a US Airport.
weji13 07-2-2007 9:56 PM Nice for an airport
DixieBelle 04-30-2007 10:53 PM Much easier layout than DFW, relatively simple to navigate through...will most definitely use this airport when we travel to Seattle in the future.
zivodal 02-26-2007 7:43 PM Nice and clean airport, definitely better than most US airports.
keegmick 12-15-2006 10:44 PM Need free wireless internet in the airport. Unfortunately, SEA (home of Microsoft!) does not offer, like it should. Great dining/shopping area - very well lit with natural light and tremendous windows/views of arriving/departing aircraft. Awsome! Directions in airport need improvement. Subway system is good. Location to city center/Boeing field very good. Great assortment of airline service and direct and int'l flights. Above average American airport.