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jgoo052@gmail.com 09-5-2014 5:30 PM I have used SFO mostly for international travel, between the West Coast and NZ/Australia. There are basically two choices and the difference is stark. SFO is much easier to navigate, has much shorter queues for everything and is much more accessible to interesting places, in case you have an extended layover. Very easy to get into and around the city. I would always choose SFO over LAX -- no contest.
Peppermint123 03-3-2014 4:54 PM SFO routinely shuts down half the airport when there is a cloud in the sky, causing delays and cancellations. It is poorly situated for a major international airport. Airport staff in other countries speak better English. Generally,. most workers are unhelpful and not even nice to weary travelers. Rarely do they have the correct answer. The airport is pretty from the front, is architecturally pleasing and has the mystique of SF, but that’s where the charm stops. Some portion is always under construction, causing confusion. I avoid it.
aaron1116 06-30-2013 9:10 PM Not the best airport but it's getting better. The thing that bothers me the most is that the terminals aren't connected to each other post-security so if you are switching airlines in different terminals, you have to exit the terminal you arrive in, go to the terminal where your next flight is and pass security again. (except the united terminal and international terminal)
Born1974 06-25-2013 4:46 AM I've encountered some of the most incompetent people working at this airport. Especially those TSA agents who are responsible for the gate access. One of them was so stupid that he looked at my German passport and said it's Russian .... WITHOUT even looking into it. Then he called another stupid colleague to check that with him. Obviously they are either complete illiterates or dumb by nature. Horrible experience! And those are the people who can shoot at you, if you don't comply ... with their stupidity.
ggwhale 06-21-2013 3:42 PM SFO is a really nice airport. As with most, it has its busy (bad) days and it good. I don't mind flying SFO because of the airline I use and destination availability.
James T-ville 03-3-2013 10:19 PM Customer service in this airport consistently bounces off the floor. Rude, uncaring, and uninformed personnel from both airline staff and airport employees (let me repeat UNCARING) make this my LEAST favorite airport in the USA. Additionally, the airport has horrible signage for "where you are" and "how to get around." C'mon SFO, this is the 21st century! Signs have been around for 100's of years. Try 'em! I'm a US citizen who travels internationally a LOT, so I can't imagine how FRUSTRATING someone would be coming to the USA for the first time and having the misfortune of having to land at SFO. What a horrible first impression of our country they must have.
orenride 04-15-2012 12:52 PM new terminal 2 is awesome
cid4houses 10-19-2011 4:35 PM The United terminal always has excellent Art exhibits along the electronic sidewalks and in the connecting spoke hubs.The are always great food stops as well. Gift shopping or simple sundries are available, too. However, I do not believe they sell chewing gum. See's Candy for hostess gifts if visiting/staying with relatives etc.
Raidersrule 12-23-2010 4:38 AM This airport is pretty good, but REALLY REALLY DELAYED!!!!! Seriously, they will delay you whenever there are clouds in the sky (75% of the year). It's amenities are pretty good, but it's really not worth it, because of all the long, excessive delays. Use Oakland instead
westone 12-14-2010 11:24 PM The main problem (vulnerability to poor weather) is a bit beyond the airport's control. Wish there was a nonstop to TPA and that VX and Jet Blue could get beyond red-eyes for almost 1/2 their transcons.
SEAFREAK16 09-28-2010 12:05 AM I really like SFO! Never had a rough time with security/baggage/etc. Not a whole lot of signage but not a tough airport to navigate through and I like that I can sit and see almost the whole airfield! However, due to whether usually (which is uncontrolable), SFO frequently has a crap load of delays.
JesusW 08-18-2010 11:44 PM Great to have the BART right at the airport. Food options at the international terminal are not too bad, not cheap, but it's an airport and that is normal. Security lines very slow, and extremely long.
toddchitt 04-1-2010 6:17 PM Archaic best describes the place. The food - wonderful, many options, but weather and two inbound lanes from the south often are reduced to one due to weather and there isn't any thought to expand them - as the land is all absorbed already.
kevincahill 03-3-2010 3:14 PM I generally find SFO an excellent airport to fly in & out of except WHEN its fog bound and thats where your problems start. I generally fly in here from LHR or ORD and its never been a major concern or bad experience with the fog but all in all it can be quite annoying at times when your flights are ether delayed, diverted or cancelled because of SFO's weather patterns but the only problem that I have ever experienced was when I had my children with us and it was really chaotic and confusing trying to negotiate the airport to catch a connecting flight to HNL. I have also at times found the staff within SFO to be somewhat arrogant in how they treat you when you have children travelling with you but don't be put off by this as you sometimes meet people like this on your travels so its far easier to basicly just ignore them and try to make the best of a chaotic situation. OVERALL, I like SFO as its quite relaxing at times even if you have children with you but it all depends on the weather as this throws caution to the wind.
brewsbee 01-28-2010 3:21 PM I avoid booking SFO connections between November and March. Just too may weather delays, due to fog/clouds and proximity of main runways. I'll pay a bit more more and take a longer itinerary to connect in LAX, SLC, DEN etc.
jeffk 08-20-2009 7:08 PM Overall, SFO is an excellent airport. As long are there isn't fog, your flight is likely to be on-time. However, if there is fog, you will almost certainly be delayed :(
oztraveller 05-26-2008 4:26 AM SFO was a welcome airport to come into and depart internationally. I had minimal problems coming through customs and security. International staff are very friendly and eager to help. Domestic wise, it's crowded, but not as congested as ORD. Staff were pleasant and organised. Easy to navigate through, and easy access to public transport, hotel shuttles etc. Overall a good airport.
madawaska2 02-14-2008 1:15 AM Bay Area Rapid Transit (www.bart.gov) is the best way to get downtown. BART trains are modern, fast and affordable.
Guinnessgrrl 12-19-2007 1:44 AM The International terminal is excellent -- very clean and well run. In the domestic terminal, United Airlines is a mess -- they are slow with everything and most of their help is rude.
BRNF 09-27-2007 8:46 PM Way the best airport I fly to (3 flights a month), both domestic and international. Excellent eating choices in both terminals, although unfortunately the international terminal restaurants are largely before security. Security lines usually very fast. The real problem is with United international check in which is a mess because they don't use the self service machines - they claim they don't work (but they work perfectly well at London, so it's probably a union thing).
ssinai 09-2-2007 5:59 AM Hardly ever crowded, though lines through security sometimes long. BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) train station right in the airport. Flying through international terminal is very easy...much better than Los Angeles.. Domestic terminal is run-of-the-mill. The airport is apparently registered as a museum, and they usually have some unusual, interesting displays in the concourses, like the history of surfing, or an exhibit on African barber shops, which I found fascinating.
wwwilkie 08-5-2007 8:39 PM Nice airport, comfortable place.
bobber 08-2-2007 12:05 PM An excellent airport, and good model for others to copy. Always clean, always helpful staff, great views when you can see anything across the Bay.
rdods 07-27-2007 12:45 PM There need to be a way to walk from the domestic to the international terminal without having to go through security. The shuttle is the only way to do that now and with long lines for that, it's quicker to walk. Then security at the international terminal was poorly laid-out. The line was split into 4 lines to have ID checked but then merged back into one line again. On the way back from international to domestic was the same problem... long lines at domestic security probably due to the latest piece of equipment - the puffer. I had the pleasure of experiencing this device which takes an inordinately long time to make its measurements. Plus the security officer lied about radiation from said equipment - we had a former homeland security employee traveling with us who said there was indeed radiation used and I do not appreciate having my health jjeopardized by equipment which will ultimately do nothing to protect the traveling public.
kschendel 07-25-2007 5:43 PM Generally above average for a large airport. Don't make tight AM connections; the fog, you know. Except for fog, seems to operate well.
toby.jeffery 07-21-2007 1:16 AM SFO is not a very busy airport, the number of routes domestic and international are very good, it is a perfect airport flying in and out!
hsgk 04-13-2007 12:45 AM Overall, this is the best airport I seen so far.
ilovepetch 01-19-2007 7:08 AM It was great going to see how America's Airports work.
scoday 12-28-2006 9:18 PM SFO is a pretty good overall airport. The international side of the airport is like another entire airport so its hard to rate. For instance Bars and Restaurants on the international side are great, on the domestic side average. Hard to give one blanket statement, I have never really had a bad time flying in or out of SFO except for the very regular weather delays.