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Wurlitzer 04-28-2013 12:52 PM Best in the world
p_stha03 10-24-2012 4:07 AM Best Airport so far I have travelled
bdebnath 09-2-2012 7:39 AM The best airport in the world. No doubt about it.
mpm 08-6-2012 2:16 AM Great airport. Get some sleep in transit hotel, or easy to get into the city. Great service, incl free internet and free city tours. Lots to do for children. 05-19-2012 5:30 AM Absolutely the best airport in the world
matsellah 04-14-2012 11:29 AM No exaggeration: BEST AIRPORT IN THE WORLD
Traveller007 02-11-2012 7:44 PM One of my favorite airports, very clean and efficient, well trained and friendly staff, clean bathrooms and toilets, it's always a pleasure to fly via SIN.
ArtifiedMe 11-20-2011 11:13 AM In my opinion, it the best airport in the world!!
gemsdare 04-21-2011 8:47 AM Singapore Changi Airport is very good.
simbasonie 03-29-2011 10:14 PM one of the best airports
thirafi 12-22-2010 7:39 AM SAYA SANGAT SENANG
wwwilkie 12-3-2010 12:33 AM Very nice airport. The only disappointing aspect of the airport is the shops and restaurants are not open for the early morning or late evening flights. I would say that HKG is a better airport but not by much.
cjtan 12-2-2010 8:28 PM A very well managed business, excellent service. One of my favourite airports in Asia.
max1816bd 11-13-2010 12:47 PM Best Airport in Asia
henwood 10-6-2010 6:20 AM Now that is what one calls a good airport experience, Western developed world airporst should be made to do compulsary training in how to operate and manage a passenger friendly airport at Changi, where every passenger and airline feels secure and is secure without the arrogance one finds in European airports. Well done, please take over and operate all European airports and model them on Changi's operating lines
AM1026 07-24-2010 11:35 AM Amazing airport, best I have seen sofar. Clean and efficient overall. Love to go there anytime.
Mark4211 07-23-2010 3:34 AM SINGAPORE Changi International Rocks!!!!! Terminal Budget, 1, 2, 3 so pro very clean also got police patrolling. Terminal 3 very modern looking inside got butterfly park and can see the plane parking at gates or taking off. Rated Excellent for all. :)
Namibalex 05-13-2010 9:35 PM one of my favorite airports in Asia, phantastic organized, friendly people, very good shops, good tasty restaurants what we wanted more.....
midwayvalley 10-5-2009 1:51 PM one of the best airports i've been to. don't mind staying there are little longer everytime
DavidRHunt 09-25-2009 10:15 AM Excellent airport. Easy to work out and get around,clean and a lesson to many others. Does what it has to without fuss.
jacktsao7892 11-7-2008 5:43 AM best stop over to be at
Leonard. Y 10-9-2008 2:45 PM Good Airport! But security check for public buses entering the terminal are poor.
michaelwks 05-12-2008 8:13 AM overall GOOD
ganbei 04-24-2008 1:55 PM Best airport I've been to
scpemb 04-12-2008 8:45 AM Delightful in every respect. Don't like Terminal 3 quite as much as the others - a bit big and impersonal, and all the shops are top-end rather than having a mix - but certainly the best airport I've ever visited.
sunil_kelkar 03-25-2008 7:19 AM A beautiful airport, but a little overused. Found everything in perfect working condition except an electric massage chair in the Oasis lounge. Efficient and helpful staff. Good shopping and eating. Ample restrooms and seating areas. The A/C becomes unbearably cold in the night when the place is not crowded. Better to keep a warm garment handy if you are going to stay overnight here. :)
paulauyeung 03-10-2008 9:40 AM One of the best, if not the best, airports in the world. Very efficient, clean and well organised.
kingbaby 02-23-2008 10:13 PM Changi is beginning to show its age and it is overburdened with shops selling everything under the sun. In typical Singapore fashion, they've managed to convert a very easy to navigate airport into a shopping mall - with all the attendant confusion. Mercifully, the efficiency of immigration, customs, and security has not been sacrificed for the profit taking - yet.
railways 01-23-2008 9:22 AM The SMRT metro service is relatively fast and super cheap at about S$2. It is a bit hard to find, but perservere: far better than buses!
ab0si 01-2-2008 5:06 AM best in the world 12-5-2007 6:33 PM Singapore's Changi Airport has got to be the most efficient, beautiful and relaxing airport in the world. The orchids are breathtaking and the decor clean and upscale. Why can't other airports learn from Changi?
anshjain 11-23-2007 1:30 PM Nice and wonderful
jpreid 11-4-2007 5:33 PM I used the SIN Budget Terminal Very Nice even free Internet
evosix 11-1-2007 3:21 AM Hong Kong (HKG) is much better, still is a very pleasant airport and easy to get around.
shivaagarwal 10-13-2007 4:13 PM my most favorite airport!
cavazos 09-24-2007 9:09 AM Love this airport! It has got to be the BEST airport in the world, bar none!
nitta78 08-28-2007 9:40 PM Definitely one of the best airports I've been to. Great service all around.
CRoigk 08-7-2007 1:59 PM For me the best international airport next to Copenhagen
deknatel 08-1-2007 5:02 PM One of the best airports I have ever travelled to. Amazing staff and service.
Andy Simpson 07-30-2007 5:06 PM Still the most relaxing Airport in The World.
yashawantbasu 07-14-2007 4:21 PM it is one of the cleanest and best airport i have seen in my life
arnoquinet 07-13-2007 5:32 PM The best...beautiful, views on the planes,shops, light, free internet, free games(playstation, etc...)...
kwfliew 06-14-2007 10:47 AM Staff Service very poor especially Baggage Handling
mike8057d 03-23-2007 8:20 AM The gate security for arriving passengers from Bangkok & Jakarta is unneccessary.
maesydderwen 02-14-2007 10:59 PM It has to be the best airport in the world. Where else would you look forward to being delayed.
tushugars 02-11-2007 9:44 AM The place is quietly getting a bit tired, a brilliant terminal but I guess the millions of feet treading the carpet take the gloss off eventually.. I transited late last Saturday night and went to the upstairs open smoking area.. The Sunflowers had me smiling and I must say every transit in Changi is pleasant... The coffee available there is decidely average...
Buckra 12-7-2006 5:54 AM Wow. Kuala Lumpur was good but this airport is nothing short of amazing. Just everything about it is wonderful although trying to find the connecting mini-train between terminals was a real task but the only complaint. Wonderful advertisment for Singapore for incoming travellers.