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mlouwinters 08-24-2012 8:22 PM After rebuilding Alexander the Great airport in 2011, I visited twice so far and am very impressed with the new building. Very modern, spacious, clean, and fast and friendly service. Lots of flights out of Skopje, especially compared to previously. Now a regional Hub for low-cost carrier Wizz Air, flying is much cheaper. New connection announced for Dubai - direct flight starting Sep 2012. New double-decker bus route from airport to downtown Skopje is already in use - costs 1 euro and makes a stop at the city bus/train station as well! It's no surprise that traffic us up so much at this airport!
Celestial Teapot 08-11-2012 9:07 AM New terminal is a bit cavernous but quite nice. Like night and day compared to the horrific old terminal.
fstaneke 12-17-2007 12:08 AM 2007-12-17: Skopje Airport "Alexander the Great" is a very small in a developing Eastern Europe Country. It seems an airport that was solely used by the Military Services (still used for that function at least) which was converted for civil aviation. The airport has almost no facilities, 1 bar / coffee counter in departure / check in area, one shop, many airline counters however. Check in counters function very efficiently. After customs upon departure / security there is one coffee counter again, one duty free shop. Upon arrival passengers will have to walk to the building. Arrival customs have four counters, two for Macedonian Residents, two for other residents. Baggage claim is just aroud the corner, with an almost open connection to the platform. Very handy is that you actually can see if your luggage is coming or not. After customs, one directly leaves the building where a lot of taxi drivers and other people are awaiting, at the parking area. Parking prices are very good. Overall, because of it's size the airport functions very effective and efficiently, but still there is room to improve comfort, without loosing the advantage of effectiveness and efficiency in the operations. A new building is under construction for which the destination is unknown to me yet. Big disadvantage of the airport: Sometimes the foggy weather conditions prevent aircraft to land or depart for periods of up to 3 days. Possible diverts for 737's The nearest Macedonian divert airport is Ohrid (200 km) The second divert could be Belgrade in Serbia (500 km), Other possible diverts: Tirana? Budapest (1100km)? Thesaloniki (700km), Athens (700km)? Maybe smaller aircraft like Turboprops could divert to other small airports in Macedonia (there are several as far as I know) but I don't know if that is true. Airlines flying: MAT Macedonian, Malev, Austrian, Adria