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kate333 08-31-2010 5:21 PM Avoid this place like the plague. CONSTANT, EXTREMELY LOUD banging on the walls and buzz saw noise from construction INSIDE the airport terminal. I had to wait an hour for a daytime flight in the lounge and thought I would go mad (they can't work at night when fewer flights, passengers???). Security lines are glacially slow. Rental cars are underground in a dark garage and rental car staffers are indifferent (or ignorant) kids. Once it is upgraded, repaired, etc., it will probably be better but, for now, unless you are stone deaf and can't hear, be bothered by loud noises, you are probably better off flying into Ontario Airport or sucking it up and enduring LAX.
kschendel 07-25-2007 4:40 PM Don't fly into SNA on a 757 if you're afraid of flying, landing on that twinky little runway will do you in. (the takeoff is fun though!) A perfectly decent small airport that handles a lot more traffic than one would expect (I guess the good weather helps). Dunno what it's going to be like as orange-co traffic keeps increasing, though.
babysteps 07-8-2007 6:45 PM Small, convenient (esp. rental cars - right in attached parking garage). On incoming flights, avoid checking bags & late evening schedules (to avoid diversion). For departure, limited shops but otherwise quite pleasant.
redawg2118 07-3-2007 5:10 PM I fly into and out of this airport multiple times a year. With the exception of SanDiego, probably one of the cleaner airports in Southern California especially if youre used to flying into LAX. RIght in Orange County makes it easier to get into and out of than LAX or driving all the way out to Ontario. Airport has pretty interesting noise abatement procedures with high performance takeoffs and restricted hours for airline flight operations. Jets are only allowed into and out of the airport between 7AM and 11PM due to local orange county rich folks getting upset with noise and what not. So if you need much much shorter security lines, much less overall congestion and the convenience of a smaller airport, I'd fully recommend SNA. Just note the hours of operation, and the fact that it consistently takes ages for them to get bags from the plane to baggage claim but other than that no real complaints.
marysdogs 01-17-2007 6:05 PM This is, in general, an okay airport (I've been going there since the '70s, and it's grown a lot). However, be forewarned that if you're on an evening flight you may find yourself diverted to Timbuktu, or LAX, which is probably worse. On December 21, I was on Alaska 470, which was weather-delayed from its 10:30 scheduled landing. According to the pilot, an agreement with the Port was in place to let the plane land as long as it was in position to do so by 11:20, despite the official 11 p.m. cutoff. However, when we were in position, WITH THE GEAR DOWN, at 11:17, the tower announced that it knew nothing of any such agreement and the airport was "closed." Thereby forcing us to LAX and a series of debacles. Bottom line, hell will freeze over before I so much as buy a cup of coffee in that terminal and give aid and comfort and revenue to those jokers. I have to fly into this airport, it's where my family lives. But if they're going to take the unconscionable position of refusing landing to regularly scheduled, weather-delayed planes, I'm certainly not doing anything I don't have to to reward that behavior, and I warn the unwary traveler of what appears to be considerable tower intransigence versus customer service.