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furstyferret 02-6-2014 12:31 PM Sofia seem to be operating the "enhanced patdown" security procedures where women are publicly inappropriately touched by security when anyone can watch. Security were also rude and unapproachable. There were no airport staff available apart from a couple of shop assistants closing up after going through security at night. wont be going to Sofia airport again, felt like I had been assaulted.
ikroumov 09-10-2013 4:47 PM Sofia AirPort is the national airport of Bulgaria. The connection between the airport and the city is really poor. One BIG ADVISE ! IF YOU ARE TAKING PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION FROM AND TO THE AIRPORT AND YOU HAVE A BAG BIGGER THAN A BACKPACK OR LAPTOP EXECUTIVE CASE, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A TICKET FOR THOSE BAGS. The people who are controlling the tickets into the public transportation are arrogant and not friendly. On Top of that they either DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH or THEIR ENGLISH IS NOT BETTER THAN YOUR INTER_GALLACTICAL_LANGUAGE!!!
nightcustard 01-28-2012 7:39 AM Very Spartan airport although staff are friendly & helpful and the place is clean and airy. Very little in the way of food past passport control, mostly sweets and crisps. A western style burger concession would make a fortune. Free WiFi is excellent.
nikdoynov 08-20-2011 5:53 AM A very nice and tidy airport. Arrivals were on time, and so were departures. When I landed at Sofia, we went through the airport in less than 10 minutes. Very well organized, very clean, a lot of variety, quick check-in lines, quick customs, security and amazing gate areas. The only thing this airport is missing is that there are no direct flights to the US. Everything else was top-notch.
em4o 04-23-2010 1:07 PM +enough taxis +clean +seating areas in terminal +cheap bus +(sometimes) friendly check-in agents -unfriendly and sometimes rude staff at customs/security -no free WiFi -cheap quality of building -no self check-in machines (yet) -slow aircraft handling
melarcky 03-31-2009 2:21 AM Terminal 2 is the best thing they have done for the last 30years, over all not that bad
drjmarkov 11-15-2007 12:35 AM Very nice airport ,especialy Terminal 2-a ot of space for the passengers.The airport is in the city limits and there is a regular comunal bus line going to the centre.You must buy tickets for the bus before taking it from the newspapers shop in the airport.The taxis are organized very well -there are offices of the two biggest taxi companies-OK Supertrans and 91280 and you can hire the car before going out of the airport.Never use taxi,without hiring it from its office!.In Bulgaria all prices are in BULGARIAN LEVS.The rates are poor in the airport ,so use the ATM to get local money!