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Bombardier Beki 10-2-2014 7:34 PM The most disgusting toilets I have ever seen!!!!!.........I fly to SSH at least twice a year and both terminal toilets are filthy at all times.......and I do not appreciate someone asking for a 'Tip' to lift my luggage onto belt to go through security.....
ahmedhakim 05-6-2013 3:22 PM hello everybody,first i would like to inform u im one of staff working at Sharm El-Sheikh, and i would inform u about important thing tht not everyone u will see at the airport consider from ( airport staff ) cus u will see the travel agency staff,immigration staff,cleaning staff,custom staff & airport staff and every staff have different uniform , airport staff wearing suites ( Gray and Dark Blue ). also i would inform u about internet connection will be soon at our airport this my personal e-mail:- also u can see our Facebook official page to get all information about sharm elsheikh international airport this page the only way to get official information about Sharm El-Sheikh airport finally, i would like to say sorry for my bad English cus im not very good in english
Wraggy27 01-21-2013 6:25 PM Awful check in experience. 1 check in personnel for a whole plane, just a disaster. We got through check in, and accompanied by "please hurry up" announcements we waited for the 2 immigration officals - 4 flights - and 2 security lines. Pathetic - Sharm - I won't be seeing you any time soon
nclflyer 08-4-2007 8:30 PM For a new, up and coming airport they are trying, but this place needs to pull itself to international standard and fast. Mainly GET RID of everyone who is just there for a tip - the guys who try to push your trolley, lift your bag, tag your bag, open a door for you, etc. Clean up the whole place and add in seating and facilities for cool drinks. Getting there but vast improvement needed.