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weco 08-26-2012 2:23 PM Lambert Airport is a great airport. Maby lost in his old times with huge unused terminal areas and a total of 4 runways (!), but after the Tornado renovation concourse c looks pretty nice again. Really like flying there.
leverich 04-25-2011 12:47 AM Only hours after disaster, STL is back to work!!! Lambert has done an absolutely amazing job of getting back in service after devastating damage from a tornado. Of the passenger gate areas, Concourse C was hardest hit, but American Airlines has incredibly moved and reopened their entire passenger operation in Concourse D -- complete with schedules, service terminals, everything ready to go! Kudos to the amazing folks at AA. They really show how to address adversity. The mothballed D Concourse was put back in full service less than a day after the airport reopened for passenger service. Restrooms were clean and stocked with TP and paper towels. The shuttered food service operations were not yet opened, but deliveries were being made the the food service and the newsstand sites. Amazingly a few folks actually complained about the lack of food! Zero stars to these passengers. Anyone who travels knows that that the tireless Lambert STL workers and our friends at American Airlines have provided first class service to their passengers.
Dianemtn 02-2-2011 12:08 AM I grew up in St Louis and remember my family going to the grand opening of Lambert. Sadly, after 50+ years of poor support, maintenance and neglect it is now the WORST of airports I use. (average 10+ airports yearly) The garage is ready to fall down and the commercial vans for car rental, hotels etc create havoc in the drop off area. Millions were spent on runway expansion, now unnecessary. The airport in Providence RI was torn down, rebuilt and already has a second major remodel in less than 20 years. Cabs are VERY expensive if you use the vendor inside the garage(political graft) Call an outside company like county cab instead.
boldenburg45 08-26-2010 2:16 PM This is my originating airport every week and is without a doubt is the most rundown and dumpy looking airport I fly into/out of. In the main terminal (terminal 1) on A concourse, there are only 3 sets of bathrooms each with only 2 stalls. Only a couple of restaurants. No McDonalds, Subway, Wendys.. Terminal 2 (Soutwest) is a newer terminal and not near as bad.
oztraveller 05-26-2008 4:22 AM A very pokey airport that is in desperate need of an upgrade. It was dark and depressing, and it felt like I was in an airport in a remote area! Staff were okay but ignored me for the most part.
dkstl 02-3-2008 7:03 AM A good but not great airport. Security Lines can be long but going thru B entrance can save considerable time. Best USO in country here. AA club nice for an AA club. Still below international standards. Good connecting airport with ample runways and decent weather. Better than Chicago worse than DFW.
SWFloridaAl 12-31-2007 4:28 AM The loss of TWA has hurt STL sad not a bad airport.
JacBnimble 11-18-2007 10:30 PM STL is in the middle of a massive remodel project. The airport is easy to navigate and the terminals are clean and have a good selection of restaurants and shops. The baggage area and main terminal after security are where most of the work is being done. Still, it's a great airport and supremely easy to use.
wwwilkie 10-3-2007 6:28 AM I don't fly through St. Louis anymore and that is fine with me.
United737522 09-30-2007 4:42 PM I arrived on Southwest, and their terminal is very nice. I was making a connection to United and that part of the terminal is sh*t! There were loud announcements every minute all night! There were no comfortable seating areas and I felt like I could get mugged. The terminal was sooo dirty and old looking. I did not want to touch anything. I would have stayed on the secure side, but to get to terminal A, you have to out of security. The actual A concourse is fairly nice. Overall, STL needs a lot of work!
FlyGuy1971 07-6-2007 7:50 PM I fly through STL whenever I can avoid O'Hare or DFW also. Great airport. Strolled down D concourse where TWA used to be. It's like a ghost town down there past Frontier's gates. The rest of the airport is always pretty busy.
jhwnmo 06-2-2007 1:54 AM I miss TWA. Lambert International has made a lot of upgrades and is still doing so. The airport is insanely under-utilized, especially when considering the mess that is ORD or DFW. If you can connect on American through STL, do it. You'll save a lot of time and a lot of hassle!