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brainej 06-8-2011 1:24 PM Parking is now very expensive
danielfenton 02-16-2011 5:25 PM Stansted Airport has a program called Stansted The inside Story Stansted is one of my favourite airports
dominosafety 07-13-2010 12:11 PM they are making it harder for drop off or pickup of passengers with barriers and super inflated prices for short term parking it is regular to see people walking along roads with baggage as they couldnt get to terminal. after a 2hr drive to find traveller on delayed flight and further delayed by huge queues in immigration and be presented with a bill of £10/hr to wait before driving for another 2hrs GRRR Other than hourly trains to central london no transport out of here after 7.30pm
Brigata 09-17-2009 3:32 PM I used to hate this airport... Now It's getting better...
gallivant 08-1-2009 4:46 PM How does one answergeographical location or proximity to city centre? We live 45 min way so Stansted for us it fantastic, but its certainly not London as in London Stansted. Would be nice if it offered a few more International flights especially to main hubs round the world.
wanaka 07-12-2009 9:10 AM Poor geographical location to London .Because its on one floor Check in queues and security can merge.Security and baggage reclaim were a nightmare.It took nearly two hours to clear all on arrival.Staff generally were unfriendly but this is common at most uk airports these days.
KMD 11-20-2007 3:41 PM Best airport if you're hobby is queueing. Check-in can be a real scrum. Takes ages to get through security. Never enough staff. Unfriendly security people. Poor reputation for food standard is deserved.
bob-in-dav 11-19-2007 9:52 PM A well planned airport with excellent access routes. Loads of on-site parking (at a price) with good shuttle service from car parks. My preferred UK airport in spite of being 100miles from home.
simonipswich 10-24-2007 11:33 AM Nice airport, can be long walk if flying with RyanAir. Layout is excellent, the airport is very clean; it's getting busier although expansion is on the cards.
follower 07-23-2007 8:54 PM Terrible security queue
andrew3000 07-22-2007 4:07 PM Good airport if you live nearby (as I once did), but can be a real pain if leaving central London for an early morning flight. Stansted Express train is expensive and crowded at times. Arriving is easy unless the baggage service is on strike. Also, if you are flying Ryanair, be prepared for a very long walk. Other airlines use satellite terminals which can be reached by a shuttle train.
grahamje 01-23-2007 10:06 PM A budget airport, mainly serving low cost airlines, which is becoming overcrowded