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jim96.milis 05-24-2012 3:51 PM Once you got inside the building, it was comfortable. At airport tax charged same rate as CGK, it better be good. At least check-in counter includes airport tax payment. Must be less cheating than CGK in the old time.
EurasiaFlyer 02-3-2009 10:19 AM small and cramped SUB was a nightmare before its renovation. it is much much better now, though not as good as it could be. before you enter the actual terminal building, its still an unpleasant experience with plenty of taxi-touts, narrow walkways (particularly if you have a luggage-cart) and its DAMNED HOT as this area is not airconditioned. once you have done your check-in and proceed to the waiting lounges, things get better. the international airport tax is a hefty 175.000 RP nowadays, up from 100.000 before. they want the international passengers to pay for the entire renovation costs, me thinks..... if you arrive at SUB without a hotel-reservation, go to the small KAHA office (turn left when you leave the terminal building, then you will see a blue and red KAHA-sign after a few meters). there you can get by far the best hotel rates all over Indonesia (they have counters at Jakarta airport and railway station too, as well as at some other provincial airports)