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Julia Nelson 05-30-2011 8:46 PM Worst airport I have ever been to. Please do not flight through SVO: save money, time and nerves.
mimohodom 12-27-2010 9:35 PM this airport is extremely disgusting. I prefer DME to it when flying to/from Moscow
riofromkz 10-10-2010 6:27 PM Very rude staff. You can be stack at border contraol for hours without any explanation. Hopefully I won't use it any more.
neviemkto99 04-20-2010 8:59 AM I just don't like it. Now new terminal D is open but the access to the terminal – catastrophe!!! If you arrive with Aeroexpress train that has very big capacity there is usually only ONE small bus that goes to the terminal D. And also frequency of these buses is not sufficient. Still long queue to get into the terminal. So be prepared to wait outside and freezing until you get in. This is the first security control. Then long walk to international check in. After check in, waiting for passport control. Then again security check. Terrible. I don't mind all the security check but if they don't have enough machines to do it, it's painful to wait and wait. 05-5-2009 4:36 AM Sh*tyemetovo.
celerycelery 05-29-2008 11:57 AM Same name, same code but 10 km apart - madness
maabdou 03-4-2008 6:48 AM although the russian airlines make strong efforts to improve thier reputation . but the airport is operated by very close minded government agent. they still living in the old times. even for transit passengers , they deal with people in very rude way.
dgrier001 01-6-2008 10:58 AM Many airlines are jumping from SVO to Domodedovo and for good reason. Tons of problems here, still a very soviet mentality of the staff, not very friendly or helpful, long check in lines, and just overaqll an unpleasant experience. New Terminal C for CIS flights is an improvement and actually not too bad. The main problem with this place is the location, traffic problems and lack of efficient public transport mean that you need to leave very early for your flight, especially on fridays, and coming into the city can also be very loing depending on your arrival time. Best to avoid this place if at all possible!
Stephen52 09-3-2007 7:46 PM Overall this is a very poorly laid out airport. The restrooms are substandard and you better take your tissue paper the floors are not very clean. What little public seating that is available is far below what is needed for the amount of traffic in the airport. There are to many duty free shops and to few restaurants. This could be a very nice airport if a little money / time could be put in to its upkeep.
flyme2 08-2-2007 1:57 PM Arriving at SVO is hell! You will wait up to two hours at immigration if you hit a busy time.Departures are just as bad, wretched service and filthy conditions make it a place to avoid.
zivodal 02-26-2007 7:27 PM This airport, built for the 1980 Olympics, requires a bit of refreshing after more than 25 years of operation; in particular the passport control area at the arrival level would give a better impression of Russia if it had more light. This said, on the functional level Sheremetyevo works much better than many other well known jammed Western airports.