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oscar294 11-27-2012 6:16 PM Huge rip off!
aixichen 06-10-2012 4:53 AM Big city's international airport huh? How come there is NO FREE Transfer between International Terminal and Domestic Terminal?? 1 stop train costs $5. I PAID AIRPORT TAXES!!
Spaz1971 06-10-2012 3:17 AM What a joke of a airport, I have been in 3rd world country's that are better. And this is Australia's main airport!!!!!! Again what a joke you only have one lane to get dropped off at international departures, Bangkok has 6 4 lanes.
Amjen 05-22-2011 2:25 AM Had an awful night sleeping there because we were obliged to go to one awful place next to the train terminal.
williamson smith 12-4-2010 4:49 AM G'day and pls Wake Up AUSTRALIA,i wonder,have you ever been to other International Aports?san francisco?LA?singapore?hongkong?New york?how many Int Aports you have been?....1?....or 2?or none?the custom attitude is.........wheres the smile? pls enrol them to a customer ervice management class.there is many places to visit beside Australia,i agree with you Mr P Hogan.and.....wheres the decoration for xmas season in sydney?wheres the ambience this season?you have lost touch to tourism.what have you got to offer beside opera house,rocks,h'bridge and the ocean view?
Alys48 09-4-2010 11:25 PM I have never come across more rude and arrogant female staff than the one found at Sydney Airport International Departures. Customer Service is more like Customer abuse. What a way to either start or end your holiday in Sydney. Perhaps before running major ads inviting people to Australia, one may want to look into training or removing burnt out staff from people contact.
jacktsao7892 11-7-2008 5:45 AM food wasnt that satisfactory : (
oztraveller 05-26-2008 4:30 AM Nothing says "Welcome to Australia" like Sydney Airport. Staff and security were very pleasant and very friendly. Security was a breeze internationally. Flights were on time. Great idea to have free internet availability thanks to Optus, and I wish that that option was available in the USA too. Keep up the good work Sydney!
johnmalian 04-19-2008 6:28 AM If you could rate airport pick up, this airport would get 0. You have to park in the car park, walk half a mile and pay about $12. If you try to pick up kerb side at Arrivals drop off, you get fined $120. Place sucks.
railways 01-23-2008 8:59 AM Thnak goodness for ythe rail link to the city - so much better than taxis or buses (yuk!) No wonder patronage of the rail link is rapidly increasing.
Andy Simpson 01-10-2008 10:38 PM Landed here last year on several occasions QF,GA,And SQ International Terminal, and Virgin Blue Domestic. Immigration is Painfully slow if you get two or more widebodies at the same time! It Looks more like a small regional airport when you see how small the imigration is! Also public transport is dire, You can pay the extortinate train fare, $10.30 just to get on the platform! Or if you check the train and bus details with a microscope as I did You can actually get a public bus to Banksia railway station ( About 10 mins away), Or in the other direction it runs to Bondi and get the train from these places to virtually anywhere, At a very reasonable cost.There is no way of finding this out without being a mini detective, As this is advertised NOWHERE!, In fact 3 bus drivers in Sydney told me that no Buses run to the Airport! All wrong. Also parking at the International terminal is extortinate! Still it's better than Perth International as that Airport has absolutely No Public transport! But the domestic does! You would think that the Aussies would remedie this as it is swamped by budget travellers, Not really a fair crack of the whip mate!
slowlane 11-17-2007 6:14 AM Well overdue for substantial maintenance and upgrading.
gypsyjohn 10-22-2007 9:08 AM This airport is getting very 'tied' its in need of an update/grade to international standards plus.
Chris Weavers 10-7-2007 3:35 AM Leaving from this airport is ok these days arriving here is a disaster when ever times are busy - such as early mornings until 9 or 10. The immigration queues are long and slow and now the bureucracy of the customs clearance is even worse - what a horrible, horrible site the long snaking queue for customs - go to Australia via any other gateway if you can. In addition the owners of the Airport a MacQuarie Bank led consortium specialising in wringing dollars from customers and consumers by leveraging the monopolistic position of former state owned assets have raise parking prices at the airport for welcomers at the domestic and international terminals and for for travellers at the domestic terminal to totally extortionate rates. Privatisation did not bring improvement it has brought exploitation
yotmojo 09-5-2007 4:14 AM Early morning International arrivals are a nightmare. The staff are courteous and helpful, but the facilities for customs/immigration/quarantine processing are woeful! Congestion resulted in nearly 3 hours to clear and very nearly missed connecting domestic.
CCook 12-10-2006 7:50 AM early morning incoming flights are a nightmare to get through customs, inability to drop of & pick up passengers is terrible.
jmackay 11-29-2006 4:32 PM This is a very user friendly airport.