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korikher 12-28-2010 2:38 PM Staff is very unfriendly, rude, and not very helpful at all. We got to this airport and reported a lost luggage. The staff at LIAT could care less. Their don't care attitude and "you're bothering" me look, was just not nice. They sent us all over the place trying to find the correct person to talk to about our luggage. They are very disorganized over there. I will stay far far way from this airport. The one thing I don't understand is that, one person from another airline will come and help you, if you're flying on a different airline. Very confusing.
piltopete 12-28-2007 1:18 PM I love this little airport!! you could still be swiming at the beach and see your flight arriving! with more than enough time to book out of your hotel!! Tobago! very special place. Check out Mike's Apartments next to the airport. Avoid James's Resort near airport perimeter fence, terrible place and service!
maesydderwen 02-14-2007 10:21 PM Small airport but handles a number of international flights. Very relaxed atmosphere, even to the extent of being able to check in your baggage in the morning and then returning back to the airport in the afternoon when you see the plane coming over Crown Point ( end of runway). Very useful if you are staying at a beach hotel near the airport. Facilities at the airport are very limited and departure loung is not great. but overall a good airport..