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ilonae 08-10-2009 9:29 PM Lots of improvments since the new terminal was built. The architecture is modern, there is much more space and resting areas, the security queues go faster. Considering the overall size of the country the size of the airport is fair and I never had a problem on finding a parking space there.
Italiaph69 03-18-2009 10:44 PM Good international airport to reach out, very modern architecture style.
angelapovic 09-25-2008 5:55 AM this is not capital airport!!! this is bus station....
alboy 04-2-2008 12:49 PM A very good airport if you consider the country. There operate some the most important aircompanies of europe suc Alitalia, British, Austrian ect. The new terminal is a very very nice place.... well there still things to do but i think that until now they have make a very good airoprt with good services
newkidtown 01-18-2008 3:55 PM The new terminal is nice; much more spacious than the old one and pleasant
zivodal 02-26-2007 7:39 PM One of the least developped airports in Europe.