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Flatliners 12-15-2011 2:26 PM I rate their security excellent as they don';t let the solo traveller pass through without a thorough check.Compares favourably with Damascus airport.
scheilman 12-13-2010 4:53 PM Too mucvh walking from gate to Terminal
david_k 09-14-2010 3:59 PM This airport is badly let down by the total lack of a decent restaurant. OK if you want a hamburger and chips or a light snack, the non-meat cafe opposite MacDonald is pretty poor. A proper pharmacy would also be an advantage. I visit many airports over a year and this is my home airport. It rates a little above average but no more.
nuritfr 06-1-2010 8:15 AM This is a beautiful airport! Even in peak business time It does not feels too crowded. Spacious and very pleasant. Signs and direction are well marked. All employees are polite and helpful EXCEPT those who handle lost luggage; All airlines and airports lose luggage occasionally but the wolrdwide standards of dealing with lost luggage are much higher.
mishpaha 04-29-2010 2:57 PM Contrary to reputation, a pleasure. Got to departure middle of night. Benches were all taken. Floor was available & clean (& the natives still smoke). Unpacked & repacked without being bothered. At security, asked about finishing some sewing & was ok'd. They did check out my plastic crochet hook (a very wide one, so it could have been a problem). The profiled at this ungodly hour & the flight felt safer for their efforts. They also unobtrusively kept watch until flight was fully boarded. The only other place we had seen this level of security was AMS twenty years ago. For forty years i have been begging for this type of security that WORKS 03-25-2010 11:14 PM great airport! good service, excellent public transport (TRAIN), great architecture, clean, very friendely personell
markleventhal 03-6-2010 7:15 AM Just a great airport
mololo 06-17-2009 3:49 PM very poor
mamit 08-16-2008 10:03 AM great new airport; beautiful architecture; efficient design; spacious and well lit
roei 12-31-2007 2:43 PM best airport by farr!!
AlexeyMK 12-10-2007 10:12 PM Much improved, beautiful airport. Operating at far below capacity due to Israel's situation.
Mogens 12-6-2007 7:40 PM Once you are through the hassles of check-in & security it's not that bad. But not much better than the old terminal. Very little improvement.
iloveisrael 11-18-2007 6:26 PM staff very frendly only 15 km 7 miless to tel aviv great airport
ryue65 09-9-2007 7:17 PM Spacious, Clean. Security is not as bad as feared.
emgo 08-30-2007 6:24 PM Most plesant airport by far
hatayas 07-12-2007 9:11 PM Great airport! easy, friendly and comfortable. Very good parking and access, very efficient. Love it.
golanjoe 02-7-2007 12:45 PM Greatly improved since the new a/p was comissioned
centurasun 12-27-2006 8:23 AM void...void