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LongHaulLynn 10-18-2014 9:20 PM Brilliant design! This airport is super convenient in all ways. Parking is a breeze, and so is check-in, baggage, etc. A great airport. 12-22-2012 11:54 AM I travel a fair amount both domestic and international and TPA is one of the easiest and most efficient airports I have ever used. Fortunately I live in Tampa and this is my home airport!
dlotz55 11-12-2011 3:40 PM I travel frequently, and often brag about The Tampa region having THE best airport!. Keep up the great work!!
glassfan 07-31-2011 6:10 PM Nice airport. Have used it many times. Roadways in and out of airport will confuse the heck out of people not from the area (not the airport's fault). No light rail to downtown Tampa or St Pete. Expensive cab fares in the Bay area. Airport is overrated by the locals. Parking rates are very high and more expensive than other airports in larger cities. Very poor availability of international flights. You have to use Orlando's or Miami's airport for international flights. Restaurants are nothing more than average.
barbeern 12-20-2010 10:22 PM I live in the Tampa area and we have THE BEST terminal in the world!! The ease of access is outstanding! You can park and be in the security line in less than 10 minutes! It is clean and beautiful inside and out. When you leave the airport the toll road and interstate are very easily accessed! If only driving in Florida in general were this easy! Barbara
nickmarconi019` 08-13-2010 7:40 PM This is one of the nicest, if not the nicest airport I have ever been in.
wazee13 07-2-2010 3:14 PM Best Airport in America!
anomalousclouds 04-23-2010 7:48 AM My parents moved down to this area, so I've used this airport often. As an airport, it's probably my favorite along with Bradley Int'l in Hartford, CT. Some of the cleanest and best public facilities I've ever seen. Some of the quickest security checks and great staff in the lounge/bar areas. Things that aren't so great: Although I think I just got a couple bad apples, the Delta staff in the ticketing area didn't rub me the right way - I shouldn't have to ask for service at a vacant counter while three or four ladies chat away and I'm trying to check a bag with time running out, and also telling me to use the machine while they weren't busy was a little rude. (I had special questions, as well.) The parking prices in short-term here are actually steeper than that in JFK, and obviously public transit seems virtually non-existent in the area, but that has nothing to do with the airport. Landing here and disembarking is a joy.
Marcel TPA 02-27-2010 5:36 PM Have been to many airports, so far none compares to TPA, just to mention " passenger delivery/pick-up 4 lanes thoroughfare" "cellular waiting area" "free WiFi'" "one hr free parking" all this in a superbly planned layout. Once you leave the ticketing area you enter a first class mall ambience then board a comfortable shuttle "no walking" to comfortable departure lounges.
Leathers 01-18-2010 3:50 PM Simply the best airport in the U.S.
Dalydalo 09-4-2009 5:03 AM There is a lot to like about this airport. If you are picking someone up (or someone picking you up), really can't beat the parking set up. ONE TERRIBLE THING ABOUT THIS AIRPORT AND IT'S IMPORTANT FOR PEOPLE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE AREA - THE ROADS IN AND OUT THE AIRPORT ARE INSANE. YOU CAN GET LOST EASILY BECAUSE OF THE CONSTRUCTION GOING ON (AND IT'S BEEN GOING ON FOR 8 YEARS). They have the trams to take you to the gates, so it helps with a lot of walking. It's obviously not handling the loads of a major hub airport but it's a very efficient place. It took a while for my bags as I recall - I generally don't travel with more then a carry on. The design is great though. 08-15-2009 6:04 PM Overall, the best airport in the U.S.
JoeThornton 08-24-2008 1:58 PM Great airport, undoubtedly the best I've seen in the US. Only downside would be public transportation, which is not the airport's fault, as the Tampa public transit might be the most underdeveloped in the country. +++ Location ++ Cleanliness + Business amenities - International destinations -- Parking prices --- Public transportation
geracek 08-19-2008 1:52 AM Super airport. Very easy to navigate. Traveler Friendly...Free WiFi
USFBowler 03-18-2008 7:22 PM Tampa is a great airport, very easy to fly in and out of. Have flown out of each airside besides D, short lines and nice and big and open everywhere. For any airplane spotters, the roof is a great place to get a view of the action. Never had any ground delays here, overall a great airport.
cnctrainer 03-10-2008 10:59 AM I fly out of TPA every week and just love this airport. Easy in and out of the airport and by the time you are down to pick up your luggage, most of the time it is there already. I fly to most major US airports and wish they were all as efficient, clean and user friendly. Great job TPA
N1CM 03-3-2008 1:46 AM AWESOME AIRPORT!!
SWFloridaAl 12-31-2007 4:24 AM Nice airport prefer to use RSW
dude500 12-27-2007 3:07 PM My only gripe about the airport is that security lines take awhile to clear, upwards of 45 minutes, even though the volume of people isn't large (MDW airport could clear the line in 10 minutes). I guess its the relaxed Florida speed of doing things in their blood =) But otherwise this is one of the most comfortable airports anywhere. Bright, very spacious, clean, new, comfortable and well laid out. No flight delays unless its caused by another geography. Staff are very friendly (but slow!). Public transportation doesn't (truly) exist in Florida but that's a given. Free wireless internet everywhere, even works at the road curb and the bathrooms.
kothapally 09-17-2007 2:29 AM I fly out of Tampa Intl. airport every week. Not just because, this is my home town, but, Tampa airport is one of the greatest airports in the country. Except when there is severe weather, you will hardly ever have delays, great restaurants both inside and outside the secure areas, parking is easy to get to, baggage handling is fast. Without any doubt, Tampa airport rocks, I wish all airports in the country are this good.
ccacioppo 09-11-2007 3:54 AM Its an airport done right. I am proud of TIA and the impression of my visiting relatives that have arrived there. They love it !!. Great place and represents TAMPA, FL well.
Allie 08-26-2007 10:45 AM Great airport!!! Easy to navigate around - impossible to get lost because of all the signs telling you where you are going. Bagage claim was very easy and car rental located across the pick up area was so easy to find (you couldn't miss it). Clean and the train system transporting you to the gates is just amazing because there is security people making sure you don't take the wrong train! Interior design is very good - bright and clean! GOOD AIRPORT! Best I have ever been in.
wwwilkie 08-5-2007 8:23 PM Free wireless internet. Very nice Crown Room in airside E. Food selection past the security lines could be better. Located in between Tampa and Clearwater gives it a nice central location. There is major interstate construction near the airport enterance which can slow things down and be confusing.
FLguy96 07-25-2007 6:35 PM I never used their Public Trasportation or car rental or taxi or shuttle I live in Tampa
amcmba 07-11-2007 6:29 PM Tampa is the the design model that other airports should work from. Signage is good and it's easy to get around, security checkpoints are quick and efficient, drop off and pick up are easy - there is a cell phone lot for people waiting to pick up incoming passengers, the hotel is integrated into heart of the complex. All this and it's easy on the eyes!
bcami860next 07-7-2007 3:39 PM Very Relaxed
steve123456 06-26-2007 7:34 PM Great Service - No Complaints
uggb123 05-15-2007 6:14 PM Great airport. Easy to navigate on plenty of runways to ensure quick departures and landings. Terminal configurations with tram connections should be the model for mid-size airports everywhere.
JackG 04-7-2007 6:11 PM Best airport in the US
ronptasiuk 03-31-2007 11:23 PM love this airport
JesusW 02-27-2007 7:49 AM Great airport, the distance to your gate is not too bad, and their internal transportation is excellent, you don´t get lost. The division between arrivals and departures at the main building is excellent as it is clearly differentiated but you are not excluded if you need to change levels. Information is very clear and the layout of the terminal is easy to navigate. The arrivals area is excellent as the carousels are just in front of the pickup area. That is fantastic as there are information boards for the drivers and you can wait in the area as long as you stay with your vehicle.
gcpjohnson 02-17-2007 8:05 PM No need to take shuttles from one terminal to another. Rental car facilities are on-site. Truly one of the best/most convient airports in the US.
trtawil 01-23-2007 4:00 PM A fabulous airport-beautifully designed with thoughtful attention given to layout, drop-off, pick-up, parking, concessions, cleanliness, baggage, and transportation. A real gem of an airport and a pleasure for both business and leisure travel.
griffind 01-17-2007 6:10 PM The best airport in the US to travel to and from.